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Hard Target 1993

A woman hires a drifter as her guide through New Orleans in search of her father, who has gone missing. They discover a deadly game of cat and mouse behind his disappearance in the process...

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Solar rating:8 /10


Imdb rating: 6.1 /10

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One of best movies really enjoyed it!!
Critics be damned I liked this movie. Saw it again while I was playing with a DVD recorder, checking my work and wound up watching the whole flick again. Its the best movie I've seen Van Damme in (not seen that many) and The Woo puts his mark on the film with well done action and pyrotechnics. The supporting cast is also good especially the two main bad guys. Most of the action isn't so far over the top like movies today have way too much of, i.e., it's at least mostly plausible. Its a solid 8 in a narrowed-down rating system.
A Van Damme movie that I can actually watch and enjoy. Cliched and copies countless movies but Woo gives it enough pizazz.
"The result is without question is one of the best film Van Damme has ever made along with universal soldieri mean he is an underated actor but he is an amazing martial artist
*** (out of four)This is just about the only Jean-Claude Van Damme film that I think is worth seeing. For some reason things work here. The New Orleans setting adds to the routine story. Lance Henriksen makes a great villain here.
Ummmm.... What to say about this movie.... It's so bad.... It's so fakey.... It's got a LOT of action.... It's got a lot of bad acting.... Bad writing.... Come on, really, a snake attacking like a sloth? Slow motion attack, here I come.... And I could buy a more realistic looking snake at the Dollar Store!
I've not seen all Jean Claude Van Damme's movies, but here are a few of them.
(*** 1/2): A pure guilty pleasure. This film has it all: Van Damme with long hair, Lance Henriksen, Wilford Brimley with a bow and arrow, and a snake being knocked out with a single punch. Oh, and a bunch of violent deaths and explosions. An underrated action flick in my opinion.
Hard Target is probably one of van damn's better fims. I mean look possibly sudden death. I won't even touch that peice of shit with a ten foot pole. this is probably van damme's better film in my opinion. that and more so what stands out to me about this film, is probably the bad-assesness of lance henricksen. He pretty much steals the show as van damme's nemisis. If any actors got this role it would have failed in my opinion. for such a bland role, henricksen worked well with what he was given.
this is a film that could of been just another useless action film. director john woo brings some style to the film and saves this from another van damme kickathon. the film is a good action film that keeps the pace going until the very end
Hard Target was John Woo's first American action film, and it's pretty good. Van Damme isn't a very good actor, I know, but he really knows how to pull off stunts and be a cool action hero, so this is probably one of his better performances. The movie has a pretty interesting plot, involving Van Damme as Chance Boudreaux who helps a girl named Natasha find her missing father, who they don't know was hunted down in event of a dangerous, deadly game that Fouchon and henchmen play for sport. As they discover the truth, Fouchon and his men come onto them and soon they are both targets for assasination. This movie had some stunning action sequences, violence, and cinematography thanks to director John Woo. Though, people often criticize how Universal Studios sort of butchered the film as the studio found the first few cuts of the film to be too violent and were given an NC-17 rating. Therefore, a lot of material was cut for an R rating and therfore a lot of John Woo elements were removed, therefore making the film seem more like a Van Damme film. Having the pleasure of actually viewing the NC-17 workprint, a lot of great extra material was in this workprint, and I fail to see why a lot of scenes were cut or not included in the theatrical cut, and all this extra material contains a lot of John Woo elements that would've made Hard Target a better movie. Overall, I still like the final product of Hard Target. It's still great, but only after viewing the workprint, the theatrical cut feels more cut down. It stands out amongst the other typical action films though, and it really does have some cool kick to it. Give the movie a try, and if you really like it, I recommmend viewing the workprint for extra material (but DON'T watch the workprint first!). I give the theatrical version of Hard Target a 7.5 out of 10, but if it were to contain the extra worthy material found in the workprint, I'd give it an 8.5 out of 10. I know that rating may seem high for a Van Damme film, but I give it that rating only because I love the John Woo style that it has and that Lance Henriksen and Arnold Vosloo were actually great as the antagonists in the film..FINAL VERDICT: 7.5 out of 10
Wow. What an absolutely horrible movie. Questions: Is New Orleans a ghost town? Because there doesn't seem to be anyone living there in this movie. What's with all the meaningless slow motion? How is it that two men stand five feet apart, each firing handguns directly at each other, uh, miss? No, really.Watch this movie for the comedic value. Unless you're a film student. Then you can watch it and make comments about John Woo's genius (i.e. "the slo-mo sequences reflects the gravitas that Van Damme's character brings to the screen" blah, blah, blah). Just plain bad.
Van Damme acts very bad like he's consipated or something, but John Woo fixes that by making him fly through rings of fire with doves.MP Grade B-Going back to the action guys of the 80's and 90's
A pretty cool Van Damme movie. And John Woo throws in all of his trademarks. Pretty cool even with Van Damme's cardboard acting style.
Hard Target is an action movie lovers dream, as pretty much the last half of the movie Jean Claude Van Damme kills about 100 guys single handedly. Of course Van Damme's acting is horrible as always, but he makes up for it with his fight scenes, that are just so incredibly awsome and can't describe in words. Lance Henrikson makes a great villain as well, and his acting is pretty good overall. So, if you like action movies, this should be one of the films at the top of your list.