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Hellboy II: The Golden Army 2008

The mythical world starts a rebellion against humanity in order to rule the Earth, so Hellboy and his team must save the world from the rebellious creatures...

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Solar rating:8.2 /10


Imdb rating: 7 /10

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I've always wondered if the bag-lady scene was a jab at Queen Elizabeth. It looks like her. xD

I have tried to watch this movie four times, and I have never once gotten over half way through it before giving up. The first one was great, but this one is just terrible. They should have never showed Hellboy as a child. Showing him as a child was the most visually embarrassing thing that I have ever seen; I had to literally avert my eyes and face-palm. Everything else just came off overused and dry, like chewing on a dirty sock that doesn't belong to you.

I give 1 point just for showing up to the party and flashing pretty colors at me; this movie offers no more substance than that, because I have never been able to finish it.

1/10 (You have better things to do with your time, like getting cancer)
Sci FI, action,adventure, and comedy. Plus a great cast. What more can you ask for. 10/10
@Biggin I totally agree we need another Hellboy. They left us hanging...
man when will they make a third, this was bloody brilliant!
Lots and lots of fun!!
Oh boy... this movie though classic hell boy Tom Foolery was super draped in fantasy... it would have us believe indestructible tin men would destroy the modern world.. even though hell boy pretty much makes light work of them.

Yea.. ok... Anyway.. outside of the heavy unbelievability it was an entertaining movie... I enjoyed it to the very last scene. 8/10
just saw a sneak last night. never saw the first one. i thought it was easily the best movie i've seen all year. if only every superhero, fantasy, summer action flick was this good. humor, special effects, emotion...i was floored!
This seems very awkward.Never seen hellboy and got no idea until i saw this trailer and i though. "Wow this might not be bad" well when it comes i will know. Is it good or is it AWESOME or is TERRIBLE.We will wait......its STRANGE i am talking about HELLBOY...Yeah THE STRANGERS(2008) WAS HORRIBLE I AINT SEEING IT UNLESS I GET 50$ OR MORE.....yeah lets end by saying READ THIS DAMN REVIEW...I mean preview lol :D
I must admit I wasn't a great fan of Hell Boy 1, and in fact never heard of the Hell Boy comic before the movie but, being a sci-fi fantasy buff I found it very watchable and was very much looking forward to del Toro's vision for this next chapter. He did not let me down. His creatures and CGI were incredibly beautiful and his casting of Luke Goss (Nomak from Blade2) as prince Nuada was right on. Incredable action and acrobatic fight scenes left me wanting more when the movie was done. A must see movie!
:fresh: Hellboy II is another guillermo master piece!!!!It will keep you at the edge of your seet!
I guess since i'm on(but totally drained ) I'll give my non-spoiler review.This movie will knock your socks's totally different from what you expect.Different from the first film ,but totally in a good way.the plot's out there, so i won't go into that.Mignola and del Toro spin a tale that covers the world and the will be immersed into a world of familiar old friends and enthalled by some new ones.visually ,two words comes to mind spectacular and breathtaking..."eye protein" as del toro calls it...INDEED!!!to see the concepts in the "Art Of..." book come to life are a wonder in itself.(kudos to all involved).The performances...are stellar.Perlman gives his talent of comedic timing a work out.and kicks monster butt like no other"Hellboy SMASH!"__________________
I've been on a movie-watching tear lately...eventually I'll get around to posting my thoughts on all of them, but I'll just cut to the chase and tell you what two HUGE summer movies I saw last weekend... But Hellboy II's failures outweigh its triumphs. Those triumphs, by the way, include del Toro's infinite sense of whimsy, the Pan's Labyrinth-esque creatures that inhabit his world, and a cast that does surprisingly well with the storylines they're given, especially considering that Grandpa Bluth (Jeffrey Tambor) plays the boss, a former Brit boy-bander plays the villain (Luke Goss), and Doug Jones plays three different parts, all under prosthetics. (Jones also gets to voice Abe Sapien for the first time on-screen, having had practice in the animated series and video game. In the first Hellboy, David Hyde Pierce provided vocals.) The problem is, Hellboy is given precious little to do. He starts out an immature slob, and he ends up, basically, the same immature slob but with a vaguely renewed sense of responsibility. He's destined to destroy mankind, but has chosen to defend it; why, then, give him a mid-story ethical crisis that never quite plays out? Like Batman in The Dark Knight, Hellboy's story has little to do with Hellboy himself. In fact, there's really nothing unique tying him to the story and villain; it could be any fantasy-action hero saving the world here. What del Toro does nail here is in replicating the tone of the first film, providing laughs throughout and moving things along at a nice click. Those two hours (or however long it is) fly by, and though much of what's on paper won't make much sense or bear any real meaning, there's lots of eye candy to take in. All of which means that while Hellboy II is fine (hovering on the low end of Fresh for me), it's also forgettable - which means bad news for a superhero movie battling Iron Man, the Hulk, WALL-E and Batman this summer season. So ends my double-stuffed superhero weekend. Weigh in with your thoughts...
I haven't seen this movie yet, but my boyfriend said it's going to be awesome!
hate it hate hate it
Overall impression: not as bad as the first one. I still don't really like the Hellboy character, so that probably affects my opinion of the movie for the worse, but this movie is SO much better than Hellboy # 1. I could actually watch it again, maybe.The effects were 1000x better and the movie was just prettier...I suppose after Pan's Labyrinth, good old Guillermo del Toro has learned a few things about making fantasy characters more interesting.6 out of 10. Not a waste of time to watch. :up:
:fresh: "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" is a exciting movie portraying the less than optimistic super hero and his perils. The visual effects are very stunning and Guillermo Del Toro's mythical creatures add much intrigue to the story. The characters each have a unique feeling to them that sets them apart from other movies of similar genres. The dialogue supplies a nice comedic touch throughout. Perlman's sarcastic delivery gets many laughs. While this won't be considered one of the best movies of the summer, it is still an excellent movie and worth seeing. It only adds to the growing list of great summer movies. :up:
Del Torro takes everything from the first film and improves upon it both stylistically and visually. His perfection of creatures from Pans Lab and The Orphanage are on full display in Hellboy 2. Great humor is mixed into this story about they mystical realms exiled Prince coming to take over the Earth. Comic book movie are on a roll and Hellboy 2 keeps the streak going.
Too much romance albiet some of which are decent (usually between Liz and Hellboy) and others not so much (Abe and Princess Nuala or something). Just like the first one, it takes a little too long to get to the climax and has needless amounts of character developement from characters we don't care about because they are doomed to be killed off anyway. If you must see it in the theaters, don't see it on a packed night with DreDre and Bigs sitting next to you, they will hate the romance scenes more then you and make it absolutely unbarrable. You may need sunglasses for the beginning of this movie: Hellboy as a horrible acting little kid that will make you want to stab your eyes out because it brings back horrible memories of Anakin in Phantom Menace. Allot of the effects are incredible, when they are'nt bordering on excessive. The story is a tad on the tired side and it really seems that Guillermo is trying to proove that he can direct a Hobbitt movie and not a Hellboy. The saving grace was the atmosphere, witty lines from Hellboy and Johann Krauss, Winky aka BIG ASS TROLL WITH LAUNCHING CHAIN ARM, great directing, well orchestrated, edited and great effects. 7/10 Note: I may have to watch this again on DVD to truely appreciate it. The theater was packed with a bunch of opinions flying about from stupid people and black guys being loud and obnoxious...just speaking the truth, not racist.
Hellboy 2: The Golden Army really came through to better the attempt of the original movie. The metaphorical lemonade of it's direction had the same ingredients but this time the choice of execution and attention to detail made this drink not only easy to swallow but refreshing and delicious enough to warrant a second serving.In the beginning, a truce is struck between the human and mythical world in order to stop an onslaught of mechanical juggernauts known simply as the "golden army". The elves and trolls settle into the dark underground while the humans abuse the earth and her resources for self gain. This spawns some bitter sentiment from the younger generations of elves and a movement is made to retake the land and break the truce that had been forgotten by the greedy humans. With forces beyond human measures, the world is forced to lean once again on the mysterious Hellboy and his team of off-world misfits.My main impression upon seeing this movie was how beautiful and believable the cinematography and cgi were. Writer/Director Guillermo del Toro took this demon by the horns and made it into an impressive 2 hour journey into fantasy. We are treated to slimy trolls, beautiful elves and freakish mutants that all seemed more make-up and flash than computer generated. The dark scenes of the underworld could have easily been ignored but they were equally impressive in their detail and beauty. There was one scene when the elves are revealed in their natural home for the first time, that gave a feeling of royalty just from the rush of colors and lighting and another which detailed moss and foliage growing amidst the city was equally as memorable.Ron Perlman has really taken the Hellboy and transformed him into quite a character. At no time did I look at him as a big guy painted and horned for a movie role, I felt him as Hellboy the entire way through. His display of emotion, machismo and wont for acceptance is very believable and his love for Liz Sherman (Selma Blair) could easily be seen from the subtle gestures to big emotional breaks that occur between the two. The winner of the Charisma awards has to go to John Alexander for his role as Johann Kraus though. The German accent coupled with the iron clad confidence of this character had the audience laughing, cheering him on and marveling at him the rest of the time. It was hit after hit after hit with the characters and I haven't even gotten to the sibling elves yet... I will leave this awesome pair for you to judge yourself.All in all, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army was a solid, solid movie. It had so much emotion wrapped up into it, I could not grasp what it was that made it so good. What I came out realizing was that the movie is a tale about acceptance. Hellboy wants the world to love him for being himself, Liz wants the world to stop staring at her as a freak and Abe Sapien wants to be understood. In order for these emotions to be satiated, the necessity of love comes into play and all three of these massive hearts find it at one point and keeps the howling jeers of the "normal" mob at bay for a time. Love is at the heart of this movie and even though you will find the big red demon swinging from buildings and shooting the "big baby" into threatening bad guys, you will also see him vulnerable and more human than you can imagine.A beautiful film, a great soundtrack and awesome direction made this comeback a worthy one. This was one heck of a sequel.
A big improvement over the first film. Some of the best CGI I have see in awhile. The characters are excellent and so is the action. Holes a plenty in the script, but I rather enjoyed it.