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Love this film!
Cried when all the dogs got taken by the animal control.
Good Movie! I love every movie with dogs haha!
In 2004, Don Cheadle made us take a hard look at our sheltered, western lives with Hotel Rwanda. In 2009, Cheadle surpasses anything he's ever done before with Hotel for Dogs. Hotel for Dogs has all of the emotional poignancy of Hotel Rwanda, but with the added relevancy of taking place in our own country. This triumph of the canine spirit will certainly be remembered as the most emotionally powerful movie about a hotel ever made.5 out of 5 stars.
great family fun.. my grandkids loved it... I liked it a lot too....
:fresh: Today, this movie turned out to be another one of my favorites. So why do the critics have to be picky, this movie happens to be delightfully charming about helping dogs.
Hotel For Dogs is a good premise and the acting is actually pretty good, but Hotel For Dogs should have focused a little bit more on a strong plot and character development instead of cheap gags and visuals. It is a movie that has charm, giving the dogs attitude and some good conflict for the brother and sister, but fails to seperate itself from the other Disney happy ending movies. The film is predictable from start to finish with no suprises. The adults will see the many holes in the plot, but the film makers know that the kids just want it to be like flipping through four years of dog calendars. The movie does have good intentions though providing a message of the importance of a family and a community. Overall, Hotel For Dogs is a charming movie with an enjoyable cast and some interesting gags, but fails to be different from the other hundreds of Disney movies and is very predictable.
I saw this with my little sister and brother. My little sister laughed the whole time, and so did my brother. This movie hit the mark with their target audience. Although it is like many other films, it is still very good.
What the!? Hotel for Dogs more like "Hotel for Socks" Hotel for Dogs is a suckish movie, now who will see that piece of crap. Not me I guess. I think dog lovers, and dog molesters will watch it. Hotel for Dogs is the gayest movie in the universe.
Hotel for DogsInitial Reaction: Pooper Scooper, anyone? Main CharactersAndi, Bruce: Two siblings played by Emma Roberts and Jake T. Austin.Bernie: He's Andi and Bruce's legal aid played by Don Cheadle. Plot Summary Andi and Bruce are two kids living with foster parents. They also secretly keep a dog as a pet. They try to get some money by bamboozling pawn shop owners into buying junk. But their tricks don't last very long, and Bernie has to bail them out of another arrest for fraud. But Bernie can't keep on keeping Ani and Bruce out of trouble; it won't be long before the foster agency breaks them up, and neither sibling wants that. It's not long before they and their dog witness guys making off with stolen goods. But they're afraid to get arrested again (with their rap sheet), so they hide from the police and end up in a run down hotel. They find two other dogs and decide this is the place to keep their pet so it won't be discovered. But an idea sinks into their minds; what if we do make a hotel that takes care of all the stray dogs in the area? It would be better than being in the pound. With the help of three other kids, Andi and Bruce set out to make the Hotel for Dogs. They just have to keep it a secret from everyone else -- most notably, the adults. SCORING Main Characters These three have some potential; Andi and Bruce are two kids stuck in the foster care system trying to make the best they can, and Bernie's trying his best to give them everything they need. It's just that Andi and Bruce's crime spree really makes it hard for me to root for them. SCORE: 6 Supporting Cast The rest of the cast I didn't care much for; the other three kids are bland, and the other adults are annoying (most notably Andi and Bruce's foster parents). Besides, I can't believe none of the adults noticed all the dog food and building materials these kids were buying. Or all the time they spend in the hotel building elaborate gizmos SCORE: 3 Plot Guys, we have a problem. How is it that these five kids can refurnish and renovate a run down building all by themselves? How can Bruce build all these techno gadgets like a shoe vending machine or an automated meal server by himself with almost no materials? Where do they get the materials to make those machines in the first place? And how is it that all the dogs are well-behaved, healthy, housebroken, loveable creatures? This is one film firmly planted in fantasy. SCORE: 2 Originality There have been many films about kids taking care of dogs, horses, and other animals. Just because the film features many dogs doesn't make it special. SCORE: 5 Violence Factor There's a big chase though the streets where dozens of dogs run wild. I find it hard to believe that none of the dogs were hit by a car. SCORE: 5 Other Moral Issues This film is supposed to be about caring for stray dogs, but the heroes commit crimes and aren't ashamed they commit crimes - not people I'd look for in caring for animals. SCORE: 4 Final Score (out of 60): 25 % Score: 41.67%It's got a lot of heart, but not a lot of brains.
:fresh: I'm 58. Divorced, Dad of two older kids. I have to say I enjoyed this pleasurable movie experience with all the furry friends tonite. Yes, the script and plot are average to poor, but watching the dogs doing wonderful things, and grateful that the dogs did not talk, left me happy and contented with spending a pleasant evening out, and enjoying all the wonderful doggies. You must be a dog lover to enjoy the movie. I give it thumbs up.
We enjoyed the movie a lot. Although we arn't dog lovers, the family went to check this movie out and it was great fun. Lots of laughs and well produced. The directing and editing made the film look more than a standard offering for kid's and so the adults enjoy watching too. Leave your cynical mind at home and go see! SteveE
The film's look is great and I liked the sharp editing, camera shots and gifted directing. Cute doggie japes but the humans don't inspire a lot of praise. I laughed many times and my 7 year old bust a gut. Gotta be worth try! Torry Berlin
"Hotel for dogs" was great fun to watch and my 2 kids loved all the action and doggie stunts. I smiled a lot and admired the tight directing and liked the visual look of the film. Not boring for adults. Go see! Cannuckie Kreuzberg
Great family movie. The children's laughter in the audience was as precious as the movie. If you like dogs and lots of them, and admire well-behaved canines... wait till you see!
Harmless fluff for children. Movie eventually goes to the dogs. Rating - 1 Paw
This movie is a cute fun family film. It's not going to win any awards, but the movie is lighthearted and fun. How can a movie about abused and abandoned dogs and young kids rescuing them not tug at your emotions? This movie made me want to go and adopt another dog!
Saw this movie with my 8-year-old grandson, who is a dog lover. Movie theater was packed with kids and families. While the plot was predictable, you have to remember that this is a movie directed towards kids. Very family friendly and enjoyable. Several times towards the end of the movie, kids were actually standing and cheering for the dogs, plus there was resounding applause at the end of the movie. DO bring the kids!
How can you resist these dogs?! They are so cute and vivacious and funny! I went to see this with my cousin and she was trippin' out....she was so excited to see it and loved every second of the movie. The main dog...named Friday was her favorite. She loved the treadmill scene and laughed so hard I thought she might hurt herself. I loved the bulldog, Cooper the best. It was rad that he had his own vending machine filled with shoes to chew on. This was a fun, light and entertaining film. Great for the family!!!
Adorable childrens movie, but there's barely a plot. I found it predictable, but it's one of those movies that you like anyway. Strange...
See this movie with a kid and you will laugh with delight! It takes a little suspension of disbelief, but it's well worth it for the heartwarming message of this film--that families are made, not created, and they are worth fighting for. Oh yes, and lest we forget, dogs are irresistably cute!