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Hulk 2003

Bruce Banner, a genetics researcher with a tragic past, suffers an accident that causes him to transform into a raging green monster when he gets angry...

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Imdb rating: 5.7 /10

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Rather than turn comment section into a remake discussion, one of you guys please - open a thread in Forum. =)
Fair enough, was only mucking around, your right. (last one) Casino Royale is better than the old one. Next stop; which sequels are better than the originals!!!!
@javalarc yup, and Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton is a remake of the live action tv series/movies
So, what you're saying is that this is a remake of Planet Hulk. Lol.
word for word "Also no mention of the previous Bana Hulk movie was ever mentioned in the Ed Norton version. I meant it was a remake of the ORIGINAL Incredible Hulk films. Making it technically a reboot of the classic, but changing a lot of plot considering the original movies were set after the tv series."
@Elfkin Did I say it was a remake of this film? No I said the old school 80's movies that were adapted from television.
Hi Van. Would you call The Incredible Hulk (Ed Norton) a 'remake' of this film? :-)
In my opinion, this particular version seems more akin to the original television series than it does the comics. They tried to make it seem like it was coming out of a comic book with the way it was edited with the panels, but the scene writing and overall storytelling felt like the T.V. show. Especially with the San Francisco scenes.
@VanScythe Not to mention the after credit part of Stark and the General. Plus in Ed Norton's version, Betty doesn't know he is the hulk until like half way through, in this one she finds out as soon as it happens. Kind of hard for the stories to add up in any way except how you mentioned
They are only half right, simply due to the fact that this one ends in Venezuela(?) or Brazil(?) and Ed Norton's starts in the same place. With this, I can see why it would confuse someone. Other than that, I see no connection between the two. The new Hulk, tied with the Avengers, is similar in the same way, as he also resides in the areas aforementioned for a time. But the new, however, is actually tied to Ed Norton's, as you can see at the end of Ed's film, when he learns to control it.
@VanScythe I already knew that, but I was making sure because yesterday someone tried to argue with me and say this is set before Ed Norton's Incredible Hulk. Obviously they don't watch movies
This film, like the original Spider Man trilogy, is completely unrelated to Ed Norton's Incredible Hulk, and the Avengers series that is being made presently. Don't watch this with the mentality that they are connected, as it is it's own entity.
Just watched this last night, and this can't be the first of two Hulk films. If it was there would be so many holes in the plot between both films. The other film I am talking about is The Incredible Hulk(Ed Norton)
no ure sooo rong
Art films can't center around gigantic, green CGI creatures. Nice try, Ang. Jennifer Connelly was very good, though.
Many people around this place seem to despise this movie. I found it to be quite entertaining, and easily superior to Spiderman. I actually cared about the characters, due to this thing called character development. Sure, Hulk doesn't show up until 40+ minutes into the feature, but when he shows up, he let's you know he's there. A nice little rampage later, and he jumps away. The fight between Hulk and the pooches was alright, but nothing extraordinary. However, I really did dig the scene right before it when Banner metamorphises and beats the Hell out of the azzhole, whatever his name is, it escapes me right now.... The rampage through the desert base and desert is an absolute treat to watch, and the final confrontation with his father definately raised an eye brow the first time I saw the movie, but makes much more sense after a subsequent viewing. In the end, Hulk is a welcome addition to the Superhero genre, ranking near the top of the spectrum.
This is strange to me. Anyways, I'm getting the Hulk tonight and hopefully watching it, so I rated it. I hate the 10 point scale...4 is so much better.
It's late. I watched the Hulk tonight. I thought it was pretty good, actually; the story was deep and thought-provoking, the actors convicing, the CG decent... the development got sloppy sometimes and the movie gets to be silly... but you all sort of get used to it. Since my video store has a policy that says you can get other movies if you brings yours in before midnight, I got The Good Thief, Courage Under Fire and American Psycho. Otherwise, my life is pretty bland... but the weekend is good for unwinding and cramming a lot of moviewatching. I had goose for supper. It's alright.
****/**** people werent expecting an artsy blockbuster.