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I Am Legend 2007

Years after a plague kills most of humanity and transforms the rest into monsters, the sole survivor in New York City struggles valiantly to find a cure...

Release Date:
101 min
Francis Lawrence
Jeanine Hill, Sara DeRosa, April Grace, ...
Drama, Horror, Thriller, ...

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Solar rating:8.3/10


Imdb rating:7.2/10

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the crazy thing is that they are actually doing this in real life check out this ...
Overrated movie is MEGA OVERRATED. 2/10, for quite possibly being the most depressing movie I've ever watched.
Made my sister cry.
Love it.
@Elfkin thanks for the info. I'll definitely checkout the same.
@sona_ami Read or listen to the book (youtube), It's different but it is more
I want more. Please make sequence.....
All around great movie!!
Of course it has Moses in it.
I agree that was the 1st fast movers I saw and whew no thanks shoot me now I'm not a sprinter.
The ending you're describing is the ending that I've seen. You're telling me that there is another ending. BTW the "crazies" in this flick scared the he!! outta me. I hate fast moving zombie things. Charleton Heston "Omega Man" never would have stood a chance with these guys.
rewatch value 4 sure

Great acting from Will Smith. Great plot. Everything is great.

Some of the best photography I've ever seen, not to mention very intense and very enjoyable.
A good movie! Good for the action part of the movie. What i didn't like was the sad piece with the dog. It had some suspense at certain parts.
I Am Legend. Now here's a film I've been anticipating. It's got a good premise and the story is told well, but when the hype is up, your expectations are rarely ever met. Seriously, I mean the acting is okay, it's just that the film felt so boring that I just really couldn't stand it. It didn't deliver on what it promised, and for that, it felt like a missed opportunity. I might be sounding negative, but the acting was good and the premise was awesome, but it did not nearly live up to what I was expecting. Overall: 5.7/10.
are you kidding . . . THIS MOVIE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

where are the two societies of vampires?

where is BEN CORTMAN saying "come out, Neville; come out?"

where are the vampires in general?

where the RICHARD MATHESON novel actually turned our "1950s" latent-psychotic-Two-Americas- society on its head, the "TRASH" of WILL SMITH'S I AM LEGEND totally DESTROYS the integrity of RICHARD MATHESON'S novel.

again the book is available on cds and as .mp3 files; you don't have to "read" anymore.

(kids today HATE reading--especially books)--kids today can read text-messages and e-mails but other than those: BOOKS ARE OBSOLETE to "kids today."

--It doesn't even appear that the screen-writer who wrote this "MUCK" of a movie read the source material either.

yet WILL SMITHS portrayal of a man separated from other human beings for half a decade is EXCELLENT!!!!

in studies its been demonstrated that humans held in isolation for years really do exhibit signs of autism.

because of WILL SMITH, I rate this HORRIBLE, ROTTEN, STANK, PIECE OF CRAP of a movie a 50% instead of a 10%;

but it should be a 10% . . . for being lousy science-fiction that "'dumbs'-down" the chief principles of the source material to retard-status.
what a shame.

actually I'll give this shameful piece of junk a 20% . . . because it ROBBED an entire generation of movie-goers the chance to experience the novel's magic.

will smith; blaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.
Butterflies, God, Bob Marley , Cheesy Zombies, put it all together and you have this movie.
LAME dont even bother
Will Smith's performance was phenomenal. Add Bob Marley and you get one good movie
Now this was the role meant for Will Smith. Not some asshole superhero with a tangled up past. Smith pulls off a great performance in what he's given and makes the film very enjoyable.