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Idle Hands 1999

Lazy Anton's right hand becomes possessed with murderous intent...

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Solar rating:8.2 /10


Imdb rating: 6.2 /10

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wouuuuhuuhuhuhu havent seen that for AGES, still very funny and nice animation for that time.The bottle thingy is still unbeaten, the correct ending of any College-crack-the-beer-can-on- your skull.
Good fun watch 7,3 / 10
@melissah lol, I just might dare to watch it again after all these years
@ItsAshBae Yea, I still laugh at this movie. "Look at leatherface"!!!!
Wow! I owned this movie at one point. It's a 90's classic! I've seen this more than 20 times, at least twice in a day during my teen years. It's stupid funny! You'll enjoy this for a one time watch and as many times as you dare to watch.
This is a fun little go. 19 year old Jessica Alba panty shot at the end makes it even more worthwhile.
Ok so the reason I titled this Tomorrow is cuz i'm listening to Tomorrow by Lillix, so thats all i could think of! Hahaha!So my ratings up there ^ yeah there pretty good! A 9 for Idle Hands. Only because some stuff was really not necassary. But other than that it wasn't as bad as some people think it was. I think it was interesting and different. The Movie that has no reason. We need more of those in the world! Hahaha!And a 10 for Devon Sawa. DUH! just look at him, read about him, see him in movies! Seriously, who woun't give this guy a 10! Hahah! Ok I laugh too much so i'll stop laughing!The Sims Hot date fun game! Its only an eight cause it would be nice to have a little difference now and then right? But besides that the game Rocks! You get glued to it! Alright I'm in a lousy sick mood so I'm done for now!Peace,Frenchie
"Idle Hands" was neither scary, nor funny. It was just bad. Very bad! 3.00/10
This is one of those films that isn't good, yet you still can't seem to help enjoy. I know I've seen it several times and it holds up rather well in its cheesy goodness. The Story-Your typical hand possesion film. Boy's hand get's possesed, Boy lops off hand, hand goes after girl, boy goes after hand to save girl. There is your plot with a few little twist thrown in for good messure. The Acting-Everyone gives solid performances in this flick. Even though some of the dialouge and scenes are just cheesy as hell. Devon Sawa IMHO does a great bit of acting in this film. Overall-A film that I really enjoy, despite the fact that it is not good. Its brilliant in its cheesyness and it makes me wonder if the director and writer of this film actually did it on purpous? I know that my sides hurt most of the time after I watch this movie. Probably not a film that everyone will enjoy, but many like myself with find it to be a fun filled ride. And it never hurts to have the lucious Jessica Alba on screen either. If your looking for something fun to kick back with check this film out.
- also a french film not in the vine. called Martin Roumagnac (aka. The Room Upstairs, 1946). I'd say it was worth...mmm...first half 6, second half 8. I'm not entirely sure I didn't rate stalker already before my "break". Haven't watched The General yet. Going to watch it right now. Update: felt bored, didn't watch it yet. I'm generally not very eager to give bad ratings to films, more like the opposite, but Idle Hands is easily the worst film I've seen in a long long time. You could hold that as an accomplishment of a sort I guess. I can't think of a single good thing to say about it. Horror comedy for three-year-olds. Except that it has some scenes that I just don't consider appropriate for three-year-olds, so even that doesn't work. It's fascinating in the sense that you can just stare at it and wonder how in the world they got every simplest thing in it done so wrong. I have no idea if Tarkovski had a proper budget with Stalker, but (spoiler alert!) if he did, he certainly didn't spent a penny of it on the settings. It's a science fiction film, but everything takes place in fairly ordinary, mostly outdoors surroundings. Nothing actually takes place, there's only the illusion of things happening. He uses the science fiction theme like as a one huge "McGuffin". A device to enable his other agendas. That's something I think is very typical to his other films as well, only usually on a smaller scale. On Stalker it's blatantly transparent but yet at the same time enchanting. My Name Is Ivan, Tarkovski's first proper feature film has a good number of great individual scenes, but as a whole it lacks real meaning or achieved purpose. Plus the little kid in the leading role is really really annoying.
:) I loved this movie it was funnier than it was scary.:)
Idle Hands (1999) -- "You can go back if you want to get a piece." -- Mick.Anton Tobias (Devon Sawa -- known for his celebrity porno fakes) has a problem. His hand is possessed, which results in murder, cat throwing, skill saw blade Frisbee, kinky sex, zombie buddies (Seth Green and Elden Henson are hilarious), power knitting, a beautiful girl strapped to a car lift (Jessica Alba - Woof!), and um... well, there's no easy way to say this: "reverse" necrophilia.
this flick was okay. i remember seeing it and thinking it was fun. plus, hey, alba in lingerie doesnt hurt it any. its a fun movie suitable for an evening of viewing amongst friends over a pizza.
Mean Girls was a lot of fun. I knew some people like most of the characters in the movie. Glad I'm out of high school... A Beautiful Mind was really good. It was sometimes hard to distinguish between reality and what was going on in his head. Very well put together and interesting to learn about a Nobel Prize winner. Monster-in-Law was hysterical. I really enjoyed all the horrible things that Jane Fonda's character was doing and her personal assistant, Ruby, was a fabulous character. I might have to buy this one... The Gift was an interesting drama/thriller. It had enough plot twists to keep me interested all the way through, even though I kind of predicted "who dun it" fairly early. Idle Hands was just pure fun. A horror comedy with Seth Green (who is severely underrated). Ok, get this, a slacker's hands get possessed and start killing people. There are zombies. Murder and mayhem at a school dance. All the elements to make a great "B" movie, pulled off with enough style(?) to make it better than a "B" movie. Another one to add to my collection (and I think I saw it at Target for $5.50)...
Idle Hands has to be one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It is definitely not conventional but that is what makes it so wonderful. I was watching with my friends the other night and I don't know if they were quite as impressed with the film as I was. The movie is definitely not for the faint of heart, there are some pretty interesting scenes, but the dialogue and the concepts are really quite good. I still think that Seth Green's "Catch you on the flip flop" is one of the best lines ever. So random, doesn't make any sense, and yet it works perfects and coincides with what is happening in the rest of the film.
Its funny and gory with good make up and also stars the sexy Jessica Alba. Its good fun.
One person made this movie and it was Seth Green. I absolutely love him! He was worth watching the movie. The movie itself was okay. Not the best horror comedy ever. I'm not a huge fan of Devon's acting but he was alright. I also thought Vivica was horrible in this flick. I own this movie but it's all because of Seth
:rotten: u got to be kidding me...u call this piece of crap film?.....:o
Now here is a guilty pleasure. If you want to laugh this Halloween, give this movie a try. It's completely stupid, but still something about it was hilarious to me. The jokes aren't really that clever and the storyline is actually very pointless, but the humor is dumb enough at times to make it worth a watch. None of the performances are very good, but we do get to see Jessica Alba in a role I'm sure she's proud of now. :p Well, everyone has to start somewhere. Anyway, see it for a laugh, but don't expect more.