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John Carter 2012

Transported to Barsoom, a Civil War vet discovers a barren planet seemingly inhabited by 12-foot tall barbarians. Finding himself prisoner of these creatures, he escapes, only to encounter Woola and a princess in desperate need of a savior...

Release Date:
132 min
Andrew Stanton
Lynn Collins, Thomas Haden Church, Willem Dafoe, ...
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, ...

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Solar rating:8.1 /10


Imdb rating: 6.6 /10

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WOW! Great acting, great sets, great budget, great story - extremely fantastic fantasy but a great watch. This one I could definitely watch again! The time flew by and I wish there was more movie, it is right up my alley and couldn't have been more entertaining! ENJOY this one, it is surely underrated for the genre in my own humble opinion.
what a great movie. definitely underrated, much like the DUNE series. i like to imagine what a DUNE remake would be, maybe similar to this. shame the sequel was axed. this is one that would make me want to read the book its based on.
I have a feeling there should have been subtitles to the alien dialogue, it didn't work for me without it, good actors though.
i couldnt finish it. a textbook case of why having a large budget doesnt guarantee a good movie. this was at best 4/10. dreadful in every area save the visuals.
Next to avatar this is one of my favorite movies
Inspired by the original book John Carter, written by Edgar Rice Burroughs(1875–1950)creator of Tarzan!, great for all Sci-Fi fans, full of decent CGI's, with some interesting and funny twists, it is in some parts a bit cheesy (disney studio), but overall a fun flick which does keep you entertained all the way. a cool 7.5/10. Tks to linkers.
nice movie to watch
@SaintLunatic Lol thanks for taking the stand. Yeah, still have my Carl Sagan collection. It goes nicely with my Stephen Hawking books. :D

@AAMIncarnated Why are you jumping on me? First I wasn't knocking this move, I loved it. Second, You assume much. I actually did all that OBE, Astrol Projection in my late teens, and no, I did not travel anywhere. I loved the movie Altered States and tried some of that too, along with Lucid Dreaming back in my pseudo hippy days.

As for your comments about science, do not assume I am 'dumb'. By the statements you made I'm pretty sure I know more about the actual science of the areas mentioned than you do.
Example: We've all seen the Astronauts skipping and jumping on the Moon. They did not fly great distances, and Mars is a lot more massive than the Moon. So launching yourself great distances on Mars is just not gonna happen. It was fun to watch John Carter leaping a quarter mile but, no, the velocity of his landings X his mass would tear his organs apart. It's for entertainment purposes only.

He didn't have 'special abilities', so that wasn't a factor. (Can't say more without major spoilers)

As for Disney, the Top Guy at Disney Studios was tossed out of his job when the studio lost millions on this movie because he believed in it and let it go way, way over budget, so...

As for your interplanetary travels, watch out for those alien anal probes.
@AAMIncarnated I don't get what your talking about. OhReallly loves this movie and stated as much. And Disney is not gonna p**p away almost 264 million dollars to make a movie and then NOT want people to see it. That is just Ridiculous!!! And I've gotten OhReallly birthday gifts,over 20 years ago, which were often the newest Carl Sagan books. And another thing, your comment is rude and insulting and then you end it with Namaste, when you are obviously NOT honoring anything or the place inside him where the universe resides,... so maybe you need to look up the definition of Namaste!
I dug it. Not quite Dune, but hit the spot. Nearly a 9.
Lynn Collins kept my attention, played a nice warrior princess.
Loved it! Amazing story!
WOW.. I Have to agree! I really loved this movie! I'd watch it again, anytime! I definitely suggest you give it a watch, I think you will be really surprised! I give it a strong 8.5/10 love love loved it!!!
Meh... Stopped it at 1:30
I think some people didn't like it because he doesn't seem to be nearly as tough as he was in Borough's books...but that's the old purist vs. entertainment value thing we see all the time... Still a good movie.
I love this movie. A lot of critics hated it, but i disagree with them. I thinks its great.
@Sir_Joe Yeah I don't get the ratings on this movie either. I had a great time. I've watched it a couple of times.

For me, the impossible stuff depends on the skill of the Director. Some can make it work, which it did for me in John Carter, Star Wars, Raiders etc... for example. If the movies good enough, and fun enough, and sets the mood for it, it's easy to overlook and it just adds to the fun.

Other movies have impossible stuff as part of the concept, or as an expression of art, like; Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Matrix, Life of Pi, so it works there too. I love those movies.

But when a movie is taking itself real seriously and realistically, and starts throwing in the crazy stuff, then I find myself saying "Hey! He can't do that. Or that's not how that works..." :)
@OhReallly Yeah, there are people who do not like films where impossible things happen. People who prefer Chuck Norris to crouching tiger hidden dragon, because they say nobody can jump so high.
Well. It is ok. People are different.
I just like THIS kind of movie. Impossible things.
I have enough reality in my daily life.
I am so disappointed that there will be no sequels.
I have just read it in wikipedia.
I cannot understand it.
Like for The Golden Compass, a wonderful movie.
Such a shame.
@Sir_Joe Ah Moebius! - Jean Giraud. He was so influential too. So inventive. His work was more pen and ink, while Frazetta's more painterly. Both did cover work and comic book illustration, but Giraud stayed more within the comic book genera, Frazetta moved more to book cover art, although Giraud also gets HUGE credit for design influence in the movies, especially in sets, spaceships and machinery, those desert-y environments etc... (Star Wars, Alien, Fifth Element) while I give Frazetta a lot of credit for costuming and atmosphere. The movie 300 was heavily influenced by his work. There are scenes that that just look like a Frazetta painting come to life.

Giraud probably had more influence in Sci/Fi and Frazetta more in Fantasy.

Two other illustrators I love are; H R Giger who did the actual Alien design and the alien ship interior, and Alan Lee who did the art design for the Lord of the Rings. Lee's work in Fantasy is just beautiful (check out his books 'Faeries' and 'Castles')

Now see, you got me going again. LOL. Just my opinions.

I agree with you about Jupiter Rising... I couldn't even finish it. And yeah, I've heard em' griping that Carter couldn't possibly make the long leaps he did... I know, but I don't care. It was fun.
Oh guys, this was AWESOME!
Exactly what I like!
Watch this, Wachowski, you and your horrible Jupiter bla bla!
This was so cool, it was Superman meets Indiana Jones meets Prince of Persia!
How can it possibly be that this is only rated 6.6 in IMDB?!
@OhReallly What about Moebius?