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Kids 1995

A day in the life of a group of teens as they travel around New York City skating, drinking, smoking, and deflowering virgins...

Release Date:
91 min
Larry Clark
Rosario Dawson, Leo Fitzpatrick, Harrison Freed, ...
Drama, Crime

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Solar rating:7.2 /10


Imdb rating: 7 /10

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Hey guys can someone put this on vod locker, vidspot or nowvideo for me please :)
This film took a while to get into, but at the end it just felt pointless. There was no character development and nobody learned any lessons, so what was really the point? IMDb says the movie is 91 minutes, but the putlocker link was 86 minutes, so was another scene cut out or what?
This film shows the true aspects of lots of teens. The director doesnt seem to soften any sides of what teens REALLY do, take drugs, have sex, and just do whatever they want, especially when they dont have parental advisory such as in this film.
Kids, a plotless mess of a movie, depicts cartoon-like teenagers in what Larry Clark aparently believe 'reality' to be. While watching a movie I plan to review, I always think of a leader to start my reviews with. Really, I don't need to write anything except the above leader; that sentence completely sums up my opinion of this 'film'. However, I do think I'll go into depth about a couple of topics. Credited as "truthfully portraying the disparity of America's youth," Kids is the story Telly, a teenager on a quest to deflower as many virgins as possible. Telly's friends and associates consist mainly of equally minded teens, only interested in drugs, alcohol, and sex. Interestingly enough, these characters have absolutely no other interests, and no redeeming qualities; the only difference between any two characters would be their skin color, their accent, or their gender. The cardboard cutout characters are completely polar, deviating away from anything socially accepted as good. And through all of the insults in the previous paragraph, the operative word was "characters." Let's be honest with ourselves for one moment; people like this simply do not exist. Admittedly there are teenagers that are infatuated with these vices, but real people are multifaceted; real people have other interests as well. Is this a romantic view? Am I being overly optimistic? I really do not think so. And I think I would know, having met some of the most base characters society can conjure up. However, more than anything, the movie simply failed to 'pull me in.' Since I could find no redeeming qualities in these characters, characters who rape friends that have passed out, I could not side with them. When it was discovered that one of the girls was HIV positive, I had no reason to care. She was shown as no different that any of the other stereotypical girls portrayed, girls only interested in sex. I regarded this as simple poetic justice. There was nothing in the movie to want these kids to live; why not let them all die of their own vices? They contributed nothing to their mates, their friends, or their make-believe society. All in all, Kids failed to deliver its very important message by using polar cartoon-like characters that had absolutely no redeeming qualities. Without any sentimental attachment to the characters, the gravity of circulating HIV among the group had little interest. Furthermore, with all of these flaws, Kids even dares to be almost completely plotless, a tragedy for a movie that had nothing to offer to begin with. One of the very few movies that I would never recommend. Also, this review is probably the worst I have ever written... the movie failed so much that I can not even write anything interesting about it... Kids: 3/10
:fresh: :fresh: :fresh: O OReal. The KIDS were authentic. Script was written by 19yr old, which translated with ease to the actors. All of the review I read, in none of them did anyone comment on the AIDS/KIDS similarity in the title, all caps spelling. Point lost I guess on most.The scenes were sexual, in a juvenile way, really seemed to be portrayed through their eyes. Unnerving, for parents I'm certain. They would be for me- if I were a parent. Kids are exposed to way more than any parent could ever imagine. Unless you can actually remember and revisit those moments in your own history. I wouldn't necces. recommend this movie, I think the viewer would have to make that decision on their own.
I first watched this film when I was a kid myself and I was shocked at how the lives of kids were portrayed. The film is very realistic and sometimes depressing as you watch kids throw their lives away by taking drugs, hanging out and having unprotected sex. The film is low budget and its unique documentary style makes the film even more gritty and the script by Harmony Korine should be commended because it is very accurate. Due to the film using unknown actors at the time the film makes more of an impact, which adds to the controversy. The film features good performances from Chloe Sevigny and the late Justin Pierce. I recommend this film to every parent in the country so they can realise the true extent of the lives of kids. As for Gummo this is an awesome and rarely told American story, the story of middle America and the plight of its inhabitants. Anyone looking for a backwoods expose will be very pleased. The characters that inhabit Xenia, Ohio are richly grotesque and the cinematography is first rate. Chloe Sevigny is a bombshell as usual and gives a great performance. The soundtrack largely comprised of black metal music is very appropriate and perhaps the most fitting to accompany the material within. Personally I found some of the sound quality to be rather poor and subsequently had a hard time understanding a good bit of the dialogue so I lowered my score to a seven. Recommended.
not for the squeemish is this real life gritty story about KIDS and their urban environment. from the drugs, sex, and risque lifestlye comes the inevitable chaos, WOW most adults can be shocked to learn about life on the flipside. message? it doesn't have a face.
A somewhat honest look at the life of teens. Too bad it tends to put shock value over realism. The movie also repeats its message once too many.6.7/10
Two movies, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Kids, show characters whose lives are driven by the need to get laid. My roommate rented Kids, then randomly picked Confessions from my collection to watch afterwards. I knew both had a fair amount of sex in the story, but I did not realize how similar they were. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is what happens if the characters in Kids go unchecked, and become semi-responsible. Kids was completely different from my experiences growing up. So I cannot even determine how much of an exageration this is on the lives of Urban teens. This could be nail-on-the-head acurate, but I wouldn't know. Overall I liked the two seperate storylines. One was carefree and relaxed and the other was disturbed and stressed. Throughout the whole movie I couldn't help but think how the movie would be reshot today. How certain camera angles and scenes, specifically the Club Scene with Jennie, could be enhanced to bring out more of the colors and show more of the loneliness Clhoe Sevigny's character feels. I just flat out enjoyed Confessions of a Dangerous Mind from the beginning. The angles and colors used to capture the action was inspired. Again, like in Kids, I have no clue how much of this movie is true. Only Chuck knows. The flatness of George Clooney's acting helps bing calm to the movie when it could get caught up in Sam Rockwell's antics. So two unsuspecting movie watched coincidentaly on the same night back-to-back, share so many similarities it could be one long movie. I recommend both of these movies.:up:
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not only it is so crappy and a complete trash but its also cheesy to look at. its movie with no point and the story they are portraying here is true, but drag and useless.
Getting this out of the way,Parents should watch this.That is all.---When I drove to work tonight, I was feeling weird,but in a good way.I guess it was like warm, loved, and silly things related to fuzzy feelings.The song that I have really begun to love is Your Eyes Open by Keane.Really nice's sort of about wanting to love someone but only when they reach a certain point.The lyrics are okay, but I love the music. A brief part :For a moment your eyes open and you knowAll the things I ever wanted you to knowI don't know you, and I don't want toTill the moment your eyes open and you knowBut the other song I love is We Might As Well Be StrangersIt sounds like a breakup song but it's kind of hopeful.For all I know of you now...for all I know...I STRONGLY suggest picking up Hopes and's one of the best debut albums I've heard in some time.
Do you know where your kids are? This is it. This is where they are. You don't want to believe it, but you know it's true. Kids want to have sex. They want to try drugs. They don't believe they can be hurt - and even when they do fear consequenses, they don't don't fear them enough. Kids depicts a day in the life of a group of inner-city kids and does it with some of the most honest and explicit storytelling I've ever seen. If The Breakfast Club should be required viewing for teens, Kids should definetly be on the list for their parents. -- Θяю₪
The title line above is from a movie poster for Roger Corman's "Teenage Doll", about a female street gang. Another poster for it reads: "Too Young to Be Careful... Now It's Too Late to Say 'No'." It's a decent flick ostensibly about how the breakdown of society and the family unit fuels teenage rebellion and leads to gangs and crime. Or whatever. Really it's about hot chicks and flashy violence. The "socially redeeming value" part is just some crap you stick in there to try and fool the censors, and maybe a couple critics. And Corman was/is brilliant at it. But he might not be a match for Larry Clark, maker of "Kids", "Gummo", and "Bully", the last of which I just watched today. Corman's movies played in drive-ins and dive theaters; Clark's films play in the art houses. Both "Kids" and "Bully" (and to a lesser extent "Gummo", which was actually kind of about it's characters, and actually kind of rad) are about teenagers set adrift by complacent middle-class parents into a world all their own filled with drugs and kicks and many, many, many shots of Chloe Sevingy and Rachel Miner completely naked. And of course, how could one even begin to illustrate the complex, dystopian lives of pleasure-hungry rejects from the consumer superstructure without lots of bouncing tits and firm young asses? Checkmate, MPAA. The only real difference between Corman's earliest work and Clark's is that forty or so years have gone by. You can get away with more ass in a movie now, but you've got to be sneakier. You can't just stick a lascivious headline on a pulpy looking poster and call it a day. Now you need to base you movie on a "true" (or even a "really, really true") story (like "Bully") or add a warning to parents like at the beginning of "Kids". (Parents, of course, were the primary target audience for that movie. Uh-huh. Yeah.) I've known kids as dumb as the ones in Clark's movies, kids whose only interests were the fullfillment of lusts, who seemed more animal than human in their single-minded determination to be high and laid at all times. I might be tempted to say that they were too boring to make a movie about, but of course everyone has their story. Some critics seem to think that Larry Clark is telling it, which is the only thing I'm objecting to. If you want to see a good art movie about immoral stoners who kill somebody, watch "The River's Edge". If you want to see Brad Renfro humping about a million times, watch "Bully". Or, as my friend Ross is always saying about movies like this, you could just rent a porno.
This is the only movie I've ever seen about kids that rings true in any way. A must see; just don't try to read too much into it...
Holy crap I didn't expect this movie to be so damn vulgar. 14 year olds nailing eachother, talking bout sex, drugs, using "fuck" every 10 seconds. It was tough to watch. I wanted to break the Telly kid's face by the end. I hope to god kids in the inner city aren't like this. Eye-opening and shocking. The acting isn't great but it definitely keeps your attention.
Best in Show: Chloe SevignyOne for the future: Chloe SevignyStand-out scene: Revelation at the doctorsBrainer or no-brainer: BrainerStands up to one viewing or repeated?: OnceDVD commentary any good?: n/aTVShown on Channel 4 as part of their 'Banned' season, when this movie was released ten years ago in the UK it immediately gained the prefix 'controversial movie' and there was a moral outcry in certain quarters (fuelled by the newspaper The Daily Hell..erm The Daily Mail - the Middle England right wing rag). Yet again, they missed the point entirely as this is a movie that surely, if seen by the age group it depicts would be the ultimate deterrent. Far from glamorising the activities undertaken by the kids (underage sex, drug-taking, casual violence etc.) it portrays their pitiful existences in no-holds barred technicolor. Anyone who doubts where the heart of this movie lies should watch the last five minutes and addict Caspar's need to drain the dregs from several bottles of alcohol after spending the night sleeping in close proximity to a toilet. The film takes on a whole new tragic dimension with the knowledge that 14 movie appearances later the actor who portrayed Caspar, Justin Pierce, hung himself at the age of 25 at the Hotel Bellagio, Las Vegas. The quasi-documentary style brings home the fact that this is a realistic portrayal of what it's like to be a kid in New York. Though it would be nice to think that in the ten years since this was made the situation's improved, somehow I doubt it. As Britain has the highest number of teenage pregnancies in Europe, i'd say that instead of shielding the young and impressionable (and sexually active, face it Daily Mail) from Kids there is a strong case for this movie to be shown in every classroom in the land.
Director: Larry ClarkStarring: Leo Fitzpatrick, Chloe Sevigny, Justin Pierce, Rosario Dawson 4 stars out of 4 Upon returning to this film for the second time, my viewpoint drastically changed. Unfortunately, this is a classic among kids who mirror the very ones portrayed, as they genuinely like the behavior of the kids, find it humorous, and wish to emulate it. This is scary. It is a shame that a masterpiece such as this, which hopes to call attention to the epidemic of desensitized youth, has become a source of entertainment for those it condemns...or does it condemn the parents? - who I argue are the audience that should view this movie, but most likely never will. Regardless, the film does a wonderful job of portraying a societal disease that is ever increasing.