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Killing Me Softly 2002

A woman faces deadly consequences for abandoning her loving relationship with her boyfriend to pursue exciting sexual scenarios with a mysterious celebrity mountaineer...

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Solar rating:7.7 /10


Imdb rating: 5.5 /10

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This is an erotic thriller starring a stunning Heather Graham and smoldering Joseph Fiennes, both at the peak of hotness, and starts off strongly with some really steamy love scenes, but then gets mired in a convoluted thriller story as Heather's character and Feinnes' sister unravel some mysterious deaths in Fiennes' past, with obligatory twist ending you'll see coming from a mile away.
This movie has the infamous distinction of having a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, an impressive feat. I think it got such a bad rap because it should have been so much better, the acting, directing and the writing are just so, so bad for such A-List talent. Universally critically panned, but not without its redeeming values, if you go into it with low expectations, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. If nothing else, the first 30 minutes of film is delicious eye-candy. 7/10
:oYes, I must now confess that I had the Unrated version of Killing Me Softly on my Netflix list, and watched it after Solaris. Hey, my philosophical bent had been exercised during the first movie, so I figured it was time to quench my rapacious animal desires with this flick, which two letters and two words promised would be more than able to do so: "UR" and "Heather Graham".Sad to say, far from being quenched, my animal desires remain rapacious. The sex scenes, though prolific in the first 30 minutes of the film, tend more towards the disgusting than the beautiful. And the flimsy plot is hardly enough to hold one's attention during the final sex-free 70 minutes.Incidental note: Natasha McElhone played Heather's character's sister-in-law in this film, and also played Dr. Kelvin's wife in the 2002 version of Solaris. Weird.
The worst movie I had seen this year. I bought it because it was cheap, and I remember hearing when it came out that it was thrilling and erotic. It was erotic, but that didn't make up for how stanky this movie was. It's pretty bad when it's filled with a naked Heather Graham and you STILL want to turn it off before it's done. First of all - the movie starts out with a mountain climbing montage, which is so cheesy and bad that it seems to have been clipped from a made for TV movie. Could they not afford to go to a mountain? It looks like it was filmed in a snowy parking lot for the most part. Oh - and the dramatic slow motion.... Then there's Heather Graham's "stellar" proformance. Giggly and ditsy fit her part for "Boogie Nights", but not in a thriller. And when she's in fear it's like a cariacture. It would be so brutally obvious for a normal person to see that his wife in trying to sneak about in their past - whenever she's confronted it looks as if she's going to scream and run away with arms flailling. And what's with Ralph Fiennes acting as if he's a bad soap star? Squinty eyes, total lack of emotion, looking so "evil". It was so over the top you knew there had to be a twist ending because no one acting so evil could actually turn out to be so in the end. Overwise you could watch 15 minutes of the movie and know the rest. And the twist ending comes around in such a horrible manner. It's like they couldn't think of anything better. If all murders were this easy to uncover, there wouldn't be an unsolved murders. For example: "Hmmm - my husband took a naked picture of me AND his dead ex-wife in front of the same statue. Do you know what this means?? He buried her there!" My rant is done. I would suggest not watching this movie, unless you REALLY have to see Heather Graham naked (or to see Ralph Fiennes ass).
:rotten: I think everyone who has seen this movie will agree that the best part is seeing Heather Graham naked. The second best part... well, it's not 3 hours long.
It is underrated!!!!!
Well, I went to Ozzfest. And now my cousin wants to go to the one in North Carolina on September 2nd. So we are probably going to go. We are actually going to try and get seats this time. So we can be closer to the bands on the Main Stage. I took some pictures, I will send them soon. Anyway, that will have to be talked about over the phone, not on here. Well, time to rate my fresh films. Ready or not, here I go. PROZAC NATION- Alright, I believe that this is a movie that many people can relate to. It shows you that you are not alone if you have suffered from depression. Which I have. It explains things very well. About how noone knows how you feel, which is true, unless, you have actually experienced it first hand. I also believe that people think AND feel differently when they are depressed. I don't think that came out right, I meant that it is different for each person. It is not the same for everyone. Anyway, I came in after part of the film, so I didn't see it all. But I do know that it was a very good film, that is why it gets an 8 from me. It had superb action by Christina Ricci. I thought it was amazing actually. She did so well. Now, moving on. KILLING ME SOFTLY- This one stays fresh with a 6. Not any more deserving than that really. However it was a really good film. Probably mostly because I got to see Heather Graham naked. That always helps. It is a brain teaser though. The film really has you thinking throughout the whole thing. GIVING IT UP- Alright, this one is basically the film that 40 days and 40 nights was based off of. Meaning that "Giving it up" was done first, of course. I decided to keep it fresh with a 6. It really isn't all that great though. If you are just looking for something to watch, and you have this movie, and have never seen it before, but have seen all the other ones in your house, then sure, watch it. But if that doesn't happen, don't worry about renting it. HIDE AND SEEK- A spectacular performance by the little girl, I always forget her name, Dakota or something I think. Anyway, spectacular. She is awesome. I never figured out who "Charly" was until the end of the movie. Usually those kind of movies, I always figure out who the so called "killer" is way beforehand. Not in this one. Which makes it that much better for me. A very interesting film, that i recommend to anyone. THE FORSAKEN- Alright, I just decided to keep this one fresh for the heck of it. It wasn't all that bad though. But not more deserving than a 6. It is a vampire movie. I hadn't seen one of those in a long time. So we decided to get one. Anyway, I don't really remember any details from it right now, so that's all I got. I hope you've enjoyed my ratings today, stay tuned for scenes from the nest "Fresh Film Update" Dacaso, Out
The plot is hardly original, however the cast took the script (as blah as it was) and performed with heart. The movie does have a good message of everyone deserves to be treated equally and with the same amount of respect. While Light it Up isn't good it isn't bad either. It has enough decent performances and interesting moments to keep you interested. A one time viewing!
This is intended to by a steamy thriller, but turns out very lame and not at all convincing. It tantalizes and doesn't deliver. The leads seem miscast and do not seem comfortable in their roles.
I watched this film without knowing anything about it, which is something unusual because I always tend to read reviews & overall ratings. The film can be best described as a stupid erotic thriller ... There are few things to enjoy in the film, don't waste your time !
love sex on the Preview
Man, Dunno about the story and plot, but if u really wanna see the actual beauty of Heather Graham... then this is the MovieMoreover, although happily married, any woman can be aroused by a stranger
The story is kinda cheesy, but it has Joseph Fiennes in it, so does it really matter? He just sucks you in and you forget Heather Graham and focus on him and that body.
if you were mistaken with the film killing em softly, then you should watch out for this stinker. if you thought bloodrayne was bad, then trust me. this is a disaster. every actor is washed up, the plot is non sensicle, the romance is pushing it and yet its also childish and cheesy. i knew this film was bad but. a 0%? no thats impossible it can't be that bad can it? CAN IT!? well it sadly can. do not watch this film. it is horrible terrible and a deplorable film.
If you ignore the the very shallow plot of this movie, you'd find nothing but british porno and a physopathic killer that makes about as much sense as his last minutes villaness sister
I rilly like this .. Its passion .. And soo what could happen If you did just give in to the Little voice that tells you no .. And throw caution to the wind ..