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Hands down one of the best dark comedies of all time. That blooper reel at the end is just icing on the cake too, lol.
Pretty good. I've never heard of this movie until I was watching ******** ****.com on Youtube. They were doing some top 10 list of movies that never got around but were worth a watch and they had mentioned this movie as one of them, and they were right. I like watching RDJ in movies (Not just the Marvel) not to mention Val, so I decided to give this a go.
A good mystery flick. Acting is good, not GREAT, but good (it's not like they were trying to do Bravehart or something like that). You get to play the 'Who-dun-it' game along with the movie, so that's nice. Humor in the movie was good without it turning stupid.
This movie was pretty enjoyable.
Quite enjoyable. Rare to see RDJ play second fiddle to another character but the chemistry of all the actors was classy.
You've gotta keep focused on whats being said, or you lose whats go'in on. Other than that it's a good movie... 8/10
I love this movie, kinda mixes two, three genres, some quite intricate plot but light comedy, and doing it seamlessly, also downey jr and kilmer is at their best.
Funny it was worth watching
Not too bad of a film. I don't usually care for this genre, but I liked this.
Its been a while since I watched this movie but its still a really good off the beaten track kinda movie. Highly recommend.
good downey jr. and kilmer movie 8/10
Very good murder mystery. thanks to pumpkinheadt for a great recommendation and to the kind folks at Solar.
Robert Downey Jr. really shines as the protagonist-narrator in this fast-action murder-mystery black comedy. Val Kilmer plays against type as a gay detective in one of his best performances in recent memory. Very, very funny, quirky film that reminded me a little of The Big Lebowski. 10/10

A really good movie !
funny and unexpected

Capote - "This is not one of those dull biographies that chronicles the subject's entire life, just a small defining period."

A History of Violence - "It's gory and violent, but satisfyingly entertaining."

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang - "It features the odd pairing of two almost forgotten actors, Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr., in a murder mystery. The banter between the two is consistently funny throughout the film."

Elizabethtown - "Like 'Seven Swords,' there's probably a good 90 minute film in this 135 minute romance."

The Matador - "Pierce Brosnan is hilarious as a sleazy assassin who's lost his edge. It's fun to see Brosnan satirize his James Bond persona with such reckless abandon."
I was lucky enough to attend a preview that had Shane Black in attendance. He answered questions afterwards (The movie was made for a mere $15 mil. Shot in 35 days. And yes, Warner Bros. was freaked out about hiring both Downey and Kilmer...) and was extremely grateful for the size of the crowd, the timing of the laughter and the length of the applause. I loved it - it's going to have to go into my dvd library - for it's smarts and style, and for the way it's narrated; it really kept me on my toes. I especially enjoyed Downey's performance. Good to see him back on top. Thanks for treating the audience like we have brains, Mr. Black!
While this movie ain't gonna win any Oscars, the last time I had this much FUN at a movie was...well...a while ago. It's a movie that is unabashedly about the kiss kiss bang bang of movies and nothing else, but it manages to give you a rip roarin' time without being dumb, which I feel is somewhat rare these days. Downey Jr. is charming and the accident-prone greenhorn thief pretending to the an actor pretending to be a detective and Kilmer is always sarcastic and smart-ass (and the narration abuses itself and everything else). This duo keeps you laughing/amused, the dialogue is sharp, and the pace so fast that you don't even have time to stop and figure out the plot. While the ending tricks you with some unbelievable things (which it makes fun of itself for), I think the true ending of the film is a lot more pessimitic than you end up feeling (which, for me, was a bouncing high!) because if you really think about it, it's a movie about people who have not attained their childhood dreams and for one second, they actually think that they might have gotten to that magical something, that greater destiny, that we're all looking for. Still, it's tongue-in-cheek nudges and winks make it an exciting and fun adventure that is just the thing to pull you out of your doldrums.
Pretty nice ride.
I have to edit this: I watched it the second time and this not just a pretty nice ride, it's a pretty fucking great hot ride. This is the funniest movie I've seen so far. Finally a new one which is just damn funny. (The last movie that was funnier than any "comedy film" has been Bad Boys 2)
In "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", Harry Lockhart(Robert Downey, Jr.) is an inept burglar, so it is particularly fortunate for him that he stumbles into an audition while fleeing the police. He wins the audition and is now out in Los Angeles at a party where he runs into an old friend from high school in Indiana, Harmony(Michelle Monaghan). She is a struggling actress, in town to search for her little sister. In order to research his role as a detective, Harry is told to ride along with a private detective, Perry(Val Kilmer). While out on a stakeout, they come across a body...and then things get complicated...

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" is an almost perfect combination of comedy and noir but it is not a parody. What happens is perfectly serious but with some of the best dialogue in recent memory. Even the narration is funny. I do not think Robert Downey, Jr has ever been this good.

And the opening credits were great, too.
9.5 out of 10 - This movie actually got a 9.5 from me, because this is one of the most clever, complicated, and fun movie I've seen in a while. (I drove 40 minutes to go watch it, and it was worth the drive!) Not too many movies get a 10 from me easily, but I enjoyed this movie enough to give it more than a 9. Maybe it'll get a 10 after a 2nd or 3rd viewing on DVD.

It is an independent film (by a first time director) about a thief who stumbles into a movie audition and gets a part. He then gets into the Hollywood celebrity scene and gets entagled in a murder mystery. The style of the film is refreshing, as it's similar to Quentin Tarentino's style of injecting narrator comments (often hilarious) and jumping around in time. The acting by Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer is first rate and the two have amazing chemistry on screen. Check it out if you have a chance, it's definitely worth it for you indie film fans out there! =)
So, my first night at the corporate apartment went swimmingly. So well, in fact, that I am currently not even staying there. Brilliantly, I did not even bother to find out which apartment # I'm staying at, and all helpful parties had fled far, far away...outside of my mobile phone network, apparently. Voicemail this Bah. There were too many mailboxes to try the mail key on, and it just got creepy after a while. Yeah, I was that midnight key jingler that crept into your nightmares so surreptitiously, making you dream the jiggling silverware in your drawer was evil (doing you a favor, really). I cost you roughly 2 minutes of REM sleep.

I conceded and noted the failure of the whole unprepared operation. I also kicked a pop can pretty hard.

In other, more enchanting news, I'm going to Boston this weekend. Anybody else been there? Anybody seen the movies I rated?
Where: Silver City
Genres: Comedies, Comedy, Mystery, Thriller, Murder, Cops, Film About Film, Hollywood, Actors, Murder Mysteries, Actresses

One line review: Good for a laugh but has problems.

Free movie passes aren't really worth the effort. Not only is there the trouble of picking up the passes before the movie, waiting in line to see it, finding seats but now because the movie theatres are trying so hard to cut down on piracy they actually used metal detectors on us at the door and watched everyone with a night vision camera during the filming. It was ridiculous. At least this time the movie was better (last time was that Emily Rose horror movie). When will the movie companies learn not to treat their customers like criminals.

If it hadn't been for the free passes, then I probably wouldn't have given this one a second glance. Not knowing anything about a film can be a blessing in disguise, because then you'll miss out on such essential gems like that the director/screenwriter was the man behind Lethal Weapon, Last Boy Scout, Last Action Hero and the Long Kiss Goodnight. Someone must congratulate Shane Black on graduating past titles that start with the letter "L".

The screenplay is based on a 1941 novel called "Bodies Are Where You Find Them" and it does a really good job of mixing a gritty film noir / pulp detective fiction setting while presenting it all in the modern day and completely making fun of itself. The wit and humour in the film is its strongest point. The plot is original and routinely deviates from what you would expect, but unfortunately doesn't manage to hold itself together.

This biggest problem I had in this film was trying to believe that 40 year old Robert Downey Jr. (looking old from drug addiction) and 29 year Michelle Monaghan (who could easily pass for sub-25) were approximately the same age. It bugged me whenever they were on camera together and I found it kind of hokey.

Downey is at his best when he's providing narration and delivering the banter. I didn't feel like his more serious scenes meshed well with the rest of the film.

The movie is quite funny and I'll recommend it on that alone even though at times the plot feels like it's too contrived. If they'd had a solid "wow" in the end it could have won me over to a higher score, but it's still probably one of the stronger films in the current dearth of what's playing. Go see Serenity or Wallace & Gromit if you haven't seen them yet, but this is a good choice if you want to go out to the theatres for an evening to be entertained without any high expectations.

TomatoMeter: 79% Top Critics: 70% People: 78% Average: 75%

Star Robert Downey (Good Night, And Good Luck - 96%, Bowfinger - 82%, Richard III - 92%, Soapdish - 86%, True Believer - 100%)
Star Michelle Monaghan
Star Val Kilmer (Heat - 89%, True Romance - 88%, Tombstone - 75%, Thunderheart - 90%, Real Genius - 88%)
Star Corbin Bernsen
Director Shane Black
Screenwriter Shane Black (The Long Kiss Goodnight - 71%, Lethal Weapon - 90%)
Source Writer Brad Halliday
Director of Photography Michael Barrett
Composer John Ottman (X2: X-Men United - 87%, The Usual Suspects - 89%)

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