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Kung Fu Panda 2008

In the Valley of Peace, Po the Panda finds himself chosen as the Dragon Warrior despite the fact that he is obese and a complete novice at martial arts...

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Solar rating:8.4 /10


Imdb rating: 7.6 /10

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I love this movie. Makes me laugh all the way through.
8/2 - Gangs of New York (Martin Scorsese, 2002, Rental): 8 8/7 - Away from Her (Sarah Polley, 2007, Rental): 9 8/9 - Tell No One (Guillaume Canet, 2008, Download): 8 8/16 - Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (Guillermo del Toro, 2008, Download): 8 8/20 - Kung Fu Panda (Mark Osborne & John Stevenson, 2008, Download): 6.5
"Wow this film is going to be a rush "
Kung Fu Panda was a true delight to watch. The comedy, action, and story all blended very well together to create a piece of fun filmography. There was hardly one moment in the movie where you would feel bored or unentertained. The cast of voice actors all did a very good job and altogether created a dish of humor. The story was not at all boring and actually keeps the audience watching. This film is for all people who love Kung Fu and outrageous comedy. If this film doesn't satisfy your needs for entertainment, then you're probably a very boring person to begin with.
funny and well made. entertained adult and well as child.
Another over blown, we've seen it all before animation pic from dream works. This movie was tedious and boring. Ok I realize the target audience is children, but give me a break... kung fu panda? couldn't they have come up with a better idea than this. The thing that was good about this movie was it was just under an hour and a half. Thank-you dream works for throwing more money into a gigantic pile of garbage
The sorti of actors lead by Jack Black did a marvelous comedic justice to this piece. The combination of action/adventure and perfectly timed slow motion takes with Black's humorous one liners make this an outstanding family film. Having expected a kids film, it's pleasing to be shown an animated comedy that's fun for the whole family.
DreamWorks has finally made a great animated movie. In no ways does it have Sherk's pop-culture humor appeal or Seinfeld's Bee Movie dialogue disaster... No, Kung Fu Panda has something more. It has, in a ways, a Pixar feel. I know that Pixar ( the angles of the animated world) did not creat Kung Fu Panda, but it almost resembles their touch to the creative side of things - I think that DreamWorks has finally given in to creativity and not for "just to make money" rutine. A great summer film, and of the year by all accounts. Grade A
I really enjoy well-done animated films, and this is the best I've seen in a long time. Although I generally prefer traditional animation, the CG here is flawless, and has set a new standard.The film has just enough ingredients to make kids love it, and just enough spunk to make kids-at-heart - those who remember the fun of being a kid, rather than those with their heads stuck in the pretentious clouds of adulthood - adore it. A wonderful experience. A complete riot.
I loved the movie! It was so fresh, and it was funny. What can i say, it was just a fun night. I highly recommend seeing this movie
"...I loved this movie. I admit, I am a bit biased coming from a background in cartooning with an appreciation for the art of animation and its storytelling possibilities. I do prefer 2D "flat" animation like the oldskool Disney films, but I also enjoy 3D animation, and Panda is a supreme example of why I love cartoons. From the awesome 2D intro to the 3D animation to the storybook art in the end credits, Kung Fu Panda is a delight to watch.It's the story that matters the most anyway, and the packaging is the entertainment value of plot points, drama, laughs, visual flair, and so on. Kung Fu Panda may not do anything new in regards to animation, but who cares? I'm not looking for the next great technology when I see a movie; I just want to see an entertaining film with a good story. In this case, we've got both. And whether or not you've seen this underdog story a million times before, Kung Fu Panda is a fresh and satisfying retelling.Not to mention the film is full of vibrant color and amazingly detailed Chinese landscapes thanks to some kung-fu inspired art direction. We're also treated to sprawling, frenetic fight scenes throughout, brilliantly choreographed and taking advantage of the animated medium. This combination of eye candy and action-packed kung fu fighting provides some memorable scenes like a heart-pumping face-off between the Furious Five and the big villain, Tai Lung; a clever little battle over some dumplings between Po and Master Shifu using only chopsticks is sure to have you cheering for Po...."Read the full review at Kindalikesorta
June 6, 2008 Not since Robin Williams' exuberant take as the genie in "Aladdin" (1992) has there been an actor so fitting for an animated role as Jack Black in "Kung Fu Panda." I'm willing to bet Black was always the first choice to voice Po, the tubby, jovial panda who dreams (sometimes literally) of becoming a kung fu master. With his ginormous belly, wide smile and large, black patches around his eyes, Black and Po are practically interchangeable, in a manner of speaking, and perfectly suited for each other. I expected "Kung Fu Panda" to be light, goofy and colorful, and it is, but I didn't expect it to be these things in such an artistic way. The filmmakers behind this magical movie allow the digital animation to stand out, which isn't so easy these days given the nimiety of the medium. In fact, what makes it so appealing and memorable is the way it utilizes animation to full capacity. This is a movie about animals who know martial arts. They jump, flip, glide, kick, punch, swing, duck, spin, etc. This is common for any animation, I know, but the makers of "Kung Fu Panda" go into extra detail and it soars. They know animation gives them the ability to do things they couldn't do in real life and they take it all the way. But the animation would merely be a technical exercise (although a very good one) if there weren't such a winning and funny story to go along with it. It makes me happy to tell you about this movie's punchy sense of humor and big heart. The story is perhaps not as sophisticated as, say, "Ratatouille," but it's told in an equally sophisticated way. Adults (and even kids) will know exactly where "Kung Fu Panda" is going the entire time, but hard be it for them not to enjoy themselves on its way there. Following an uproarious opening dream sequence in which the words "legendary" and "awesomeness" are used to brilliant comic effect, we're introduced to Po, a stocky panda who dreams of joining the Furious Five, a group of warriors who train and protect his small Chinese village from atop an overlooking mountain. Po is the son of a noodle restaurant owner, Mr. Ping (voiced by James Hong), who, as a crane, isn't exactly the same species as his son, but never mind. This little tidbit results in an amusing payoff on its own. Ping wants Po to inherit the family noodle business, but Po would rather learn kung fu. That's why he's so anxious to hear whom Oogway (Randall Duk Kim), the town's oldest kung fu master, will choose as the Dragon Warrior, whose destiny will be to protect the town from Tai Lung (Ian McShane, pitch perfect), a ferocious tiger who escapes from prison and desires the infinite power contained within the sacred Dragon Scroll. Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman), who trained the Furious Five--Tigress (Angelina Jolie), Monkey (Jackie Chan), Mantis (Seth Rogen), Viper (Lucy Liu) and Crane (David Cross)--must prepare Po, but he thinks it's hopeless. What can he do when the fat panda can't even swing a decent punch! But then Shifu discovers a way to reach him. I won't reveal what this is, but the sight of Po doing a split between two cupboards has forever imprinted itself on my mind as one of funniest images I've seen in a long time. The character of Po must have been written for and catered to Jack Black. All his mannerisms, dialogue (including his muttering), nuances, enthusiasm--these things scream "Jack Black!" And luckily, Black is not one of those annoying actors whose overzealous energy gets on your nerves, or at least not here. He makes Po so unbelievably wholesome, lovable and cheerful I felt like giving him a big hug. He reminded me of an ebullient pet, who simply loves to be around people, so curious, owl-eyed and excited. Even as I write this review, all I can do is smile. Po ranks among the most memorable of animated characters. But directors John Stevenson and Mark Osborne, along with their talented team of animators, deserve credit for utilizing Po and the other characters with all the treasures of animation. Not only are the fight scenes wonderfully designed and choreographed, able to provide a rush and admiration from even the most hardcore kung fu fans, the play between the characters and their surroundings gives it an energy and spirit that keeps it moving. Despite its traditional and predictable story, I left "Kung Fu Panda" glowing. It's enormously entertaining and fun. A great deal of effort was put into marrying the animation with the story because the two find perfect sync. This is sure to put DreamWorks back on the cutting edge for animation and I've no doubt it will earn them an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature, and I stress "animated." NOTE: Like many movies these days, there's an extra scene that plays after the end credits. It's a heartwarming treat well worth the wait.
I just watched Kung Fu Panda tonight and I must say that this movie is AWESOME! My five year old son loved every moment too. The whole way home he was telling me about all of his favorite parts. We are going to go back tomorrow.The kung fu is really well choreographed and stylized in really interesting ways. The characters and sets look amazing!! So tactile and vivid. I can picture certain moments as more of remembering a feeling than just a picture.Great film!
This is a laugh out loud highly entertaining family movie. Everyone in the family will enjoy this show.
Fantastic!!! I went reluctantly to see this movie and I had a great time. I haven't laughed at a movie like that in a while.
Kung-Fu Monkey's and Tiger's and Panda's Oh My! A simply storyline heightened by top rate animation and faithfullness to Eastern storytelling. Kung-Fu Panda is easily the best thing Dreamworks has done since Shrek (although that's not saying a whole lot). The premise is intriguing and the fighting is epicly depicted, however the film lacks some solid character development and is surprisingly a little light on humor.
Kung Fu Panda..Rocks! The animation is right on par with what we should expect from an animated movie in 2008. Jack Black as well as the other stars give excellent voice performances. The only compaint I've seen from other critics is the "believe in yourself message" has been done to death. Bottom line, the entire audience I was in was laughing outloud throughout most of the movie. The message isn't crammed down your throat, and you'll want to see this movie more than once....what more can you ask for? I give this move and 8 out of 10.....for the animation not quite being upto Pixar quality.
In making Kung Fu Panda is, DreamWorks has not only raised their own bar, but the bar of the whole animated CG genre as a whole. This film is beautiful to look at, the story is simple but rock-solid, the characters have depth, it is extremely funny, and the animation is top notch! This movie has something for everyone!
I didn't want to like it. I couldn't even get the rest of the family to go, and I got stuck taking the 8 year old. I haven't laughed so hard since Shrek. It was a pleasant surprise and I'm buying the DVD when it hits the shelves.
Took two of my friends kids to Kung Fu Panda this afternoon. The film looked fantastic and it was full of laughs. It was a lot darker than I was expecting but I like kid films that have those undertones. Kids need to know sooner or later that life isn't a bucket of sunshine.