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Madhouse 2004

A young psychiatric intern unearths secrets about the mental health facility in which he works...

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I was gently reminded recently to update by someone on my friends list. *winks at them* Here we go. First off, a pseudo movie review. If there's anything that I love, it's a haunted insane asylum. The remake of House on Haunted Hill and Session 9 are two of my fave horrors. This year we have Madhouse. Not bad, I must say. It stars Joshua Leonard, who's nearly unrecognizable from his Blair Witch days. *Mom's apple pie and a piece of ass* Jordan Ladd from Cabin Fever serves as the love interest, and Lance Henrickson rounds out the cast, doing another role in another low-budget horror film. It's all he can seem to get these days.... Despite the low budget, there are some fairly decent gore scenes in this one. At first, the story just seemed to kind of meander around aimlessly, looking for purpose. It finally did find it just about the time I was ready to give up. I hate it when the onscreen lovebirds have zero chemistry going. Josh and Jordan seemed about as hot as Lake Michigan in December. Despite these things, it turned out to be fairly enjoyable and the ending pleased me mightily. Now, on to things personal.... My life has kind of taken a severe turn in the past month or so and it's starting to resemble something almost normal again. I've been buying things. I purchased a futon. And then I bought another. They'll have matching covers. I've actually started cooking things. Reading more books and watching even more movies. I've been keeping a semi-low profile in regards to talking to people. It was needed. One thing that I finally had to acknowledge was the fact that no matter how good something in your life was, when the time comes to let it go, you must. Especially when it stopped being something good a long time ago. I'm no longer quite so sure that I believe in the concept of soulmates or that one true love that sustains you forever. I used have all this hope that I would find that one person who would complete me just as much as I completed them. That hope carried me through some tough times for a lot of years. But now, the only thing I'm certain of is that I deserved better than what I've found so far in life. There is a weakness and a fear that I keep finding in people that just cripples me. No more. Someone, some day, is going to meet me halfway. A year later, from the start of all this, I'm finally feeling like a whole person again.
Predictable horror film that losses it way rather quickly.
Well, it's been a pretty good horror movie week. Now that Halloween's over, I'll try to watch some other genres :D Madhouse turned out better than I had expected. But it relied too heavily on the creepiness and discomfort that a mental hospital naturally has to offer. Granted, this particular hospital is way more run down and poorly lit than most featured in film, but many times, when the director wanted to create a mood, he simply cut to a particularly disturbed patient or a nurse dispensing unknown medicine. The story follows an intern who comes to the hospital with naive ideas about changing the way things are run. As he begins his work, he witnesses some events that lead him to believe the facility is haunted. But of course, things aren't quite what they seem....The end was exciting, but I just couldn't really get involved in the story. The same goes for Premonition. A Japanese film based on the story "Newspaper of Terror" which is a much more menacing title, in my opinion. The movie opens with a happy family on the road. They stop at a pay phone and the husband sees a newspaper announcing the death of his daughter in a car crash. He looks over, and bam! The car is hit by a truck, killing his daughter inside. For the rest of the film, he is haunted by this memory and then he starts to see the newspapers again. And he cannot decide if he is supposed to change the fate of the doomed, or do nothing. The idea is interesting, should you change what is to come? Is it that person's destiny to die? But I just couldn't get into the story. I found it difficult to be frightened of a newspaper, no matter what it said. And terrible things happened to other people who saw the papers, but the film never went into why. A malevolent force from beyond? The idea was put out there, but the film never went any further into it. I wanted to know more, or nothing. I also "watched" feardotcom, but fell asleep twice. I took that as a sign. I also watched half of the Ring 2 and found I just didn't care. So I didn't rate those.
Picked this up on someone's recommendation, I think. The first hour is very good. The college intern to an old and extremely creepy mental institution, including those criminally insane murderers in the (of course) basement. A good warm up for the atmosphere of Silent Hill. Tension build up is good as the staff gets knocked off one at a time. Lance Heinriksen, one of the most underrated actors ever, actually gets the worst part. It's about the only one written very poorly. Go figure. As the first hour ends in good shape, we are introduced to the last 35 minutes. The downhill slide. Not that it's a bad/terrible ending so much as routine. These types of endings have become popular in the last few years and this one was seen coming with a ways left in the movie. It really wasn't done all that well either. Just average and not what should have happened. As a result, all that good setup was wasted, for the most part. Still a decent rental, especially compared to all the garbage in the genre. Just don't plan on being surprised at the end.