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Marley & Me 2008

A family learns important life lessons from their adorable, but naughty and neurotic dog...

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Solar rating:8.5 /10


Imdb rating: 7.1 /10

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I BAWLED watching this. LOL. I can watch people get murdered in movies all day....but the dog? I can't take it. haha
i love this movie xx
Love this makes me want to clone all my dogs
I have a love/hate relationship with this movie.
Make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand. No matter what you expect or want out of this film, just bring tissues.
Although this film seemed so long and lost it pace a couple of times, it was a heartfelt movie. 8/10
While the laughs in Marley and Me do not really pack a punch, pet owners and enthusiast will find a very emotional story about a man and his dog, especially toward the end.
This a sweet family movie based on the hugely successful novel and full of good family times. However, there is no doubt that it is a must for dog lovers and owners alike. For people who do not own a dog, they may find it a little uninpsiring. I enjoyed this movie and thought the way it developed the story over a number of years worked very well. The plot was well written and although difficult to replay the book in all its detail, i think they did a fairly good job. I didnt however feel they developed the relationship between the children and Marley well enough, which impacted upon the story as it concluded.I wasnt 100% sure about Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson playing the Grogans but in the end i think they did a good job and all seemed fairly feasible. To summise, i found it interesting from a family perspective and thought they represented family life in a fairly accurate way. It is a warm and moderately funny film and will be a massive hit with families, particularly those with dogs.
Warning, not a comedy. Never liked Jennifer Aniston, but she won me over in this movie. Little too emotional though...
Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston made a good on-screen couple for this movie. I never particulary liked dog movies ( Except for " Hotel For Dogs ") but I am now a fan of this one. The events that went on in the couple's life were pretty realistic and at some moments very emotional ( The miscarriage, the depression , moving, the dogs health problems, etc.)The dogs for each point of Marley's life were funny and the acting was believable. I also got a smile on my face from the necklace scene with Marley and Jennifer Aniston. :P Definately not just for dog lovers because I liked this movie and I'm allergic to dogs :x.
it was beautiful it shows how much man can love dog
I hate this movie. It has no story and just seems to go in pointless directions. Just my opinion.
This movie is great and very touching! Was not disappointed at all!
I do own a dog so this movie was just amazing for me. It provides a lot of laughs. I thought it was to long but thats the only bad thing I can say about this heart-warming movie. I cried so hard at the end. I loved owen and Jennifer I thought they were both perfect for this movie. I recommend this to any pet owners because there are some good lesson to be learned from in this movie.
This movie was moving and funny. It had funny parts and it had sad parts. I haven't cried because of a movie in a long time and this one had me crying my eyes out.
I can see why this movie had people divided on whether or not they liked it or disliked it. While this movie was not as funny as I thought it was going to be, it was a movie that kind of sucked me in and by the end of the movie you kind of feel connected to the family and their dog. The acting in the movie is mostly sub-par, Owen Wilson does a really good job and Jennifer Aniston did an ok job, which is what she always does. But if you don't like tear-jerker's don't watch it, because trust me I don't cry in movies, but the ending definately brought a tear to my eye. This was probably one of the saddest movies i've ever seen and a good movie to watch.
Just about anybody who sees this movie had at least one dog growing up and we all know how that story ends. With tears. As a kid you cried. The parents cried. Everyone cries. Marley isn't Marley. Marley isn't Grogan's dog. He's our dog. The journey of the pet owner is set for a great book, which Marley and Me is, however it is not enough for a GREAT well-rounded movie. That being said the journey IS worth watching, because for the very same reason we adopted a dog, although we know the outcome, we embark on the emotional journey. My journey with Cody, my chow/collie mix growing up, lasted 12 years, and I got to revist the whole experience in 2 plus hours. I wish it was a better movie but the throat in the back of my throat doesn't lie.
Overall: 7.0Marley and Me was a very heart felt movie from start to end with many laughs mixed up in between. It is about a journalist who is constantly changing his life and has his life changing him from place to place. The one thing that doesn't change is his dog Marley and how much of a mess Marley can be. Nevertheless, he loves Marley all the way and forever.I was pleased enough with this film. I thought it was emotional when it needed to be, funny when it needed to be, and realistic when it needed to be. The casting was good for me in this. I didn't have any major problems with them.I feel ashamed to say that it didn't entertain me enough to give it about a 7.0. I'm sorry to say this, but mainly I haven't had a dog and perhaps couldn't relate to it as much.Nevertheless, it is a movie worth watching and worth discussing at dinner, unlike The Day the Earth Stood Still. I'm keeping this review short because I don't need to go into detail about it. There's a good chance you will like it, so give it your time.
6.5/10 C+
Possibly the best dog movie I've ever seen. I laughed while watching Marley do all sorts of crazy things and cause all sorts of trouble, and I cried like a little girl at the end (I won't go into details). With a great story that's funny in most parts, and emotional in others, Marley&Me gets an 8.5/10.