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Monsters, Inc. 2001

In order to power the city, monsters have to scare children so that they scream. However, the children are toxic to the monsters, and after a child gets through, two monsters realize things may not be what they think...

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Imdb rating: 8.1 /10

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Snow cone?
You have to hand it to those guys at Pixar. They know how to take a universal childhood experience, and extrapolate it into a highly entertaining, funny and frequently touching animated film experience..... 10/10 stars.
i like it
You can't beat the original. It's too good! =P
This is by far my Fav PIXAR movie! It keeps you in stitches the entire movie, and has such adorable characters for all ages. Such vibrant colors are so calming to watch. Great job to cast, crew, writers, heck everyone!!! I give it 10/10. Lifting Wings to applaud!
I love how this movie is coming back to the theatre Dec. 19. I'm going for sure
The movie was amazing. One of the best movies Pixar has ever made.
Really amusing, anything with billy crystal and pixar is going to be an amazing movie.
While some scenes are pretty disgusting, Monsters Inc fails to dissapoint with amazing CGI, moving scenes and a hilarious dialogue.
Monsters Inc. fails to disappoint. Nice animation, funny dialogue, heartwarming characters, a creative and unfamiliar atmosphere....what more could you ask for?
Talk about lovable characters.. this was definitely a fun movie!
One of Pixar's weaker films but really even then it's better than the majority of animated films.
i dare anyone not 2 laugh.
Monsters, Inc. introduces us to a world parallel to our own (parallel universes seem to be a theme for new releases this weekend), in which vibrantly colored, freakishly designed "monsters" function in a society not unlike our own (store fronts, restaurants, television sets, vehicles, etc.) This monster world can only be fueled by the energy released from supercharged human emotion (extreme laughter, this instance...a scream of terror). A corporation called Monsters, Inc. is charged with the daunting task of keeping monster society juiced-up. They regularly deploy "scarers" -- highly-respected teams of well-trained monsters -- to traverse a dimensional "doorway" to our world, then scare the piss out of unsuspecting children. The energy released from this effort is then bottled-up and brought back to monster land, where it is put to use in the same way we use energy. But, however "scary" they may be, the monsters are extremely (almost fascistly) isolationist -- any item brought back from our reality is deemed a contaminate of the highest order (there are even well-equipped Haz Mat commandos to deal with such heinous breaches). So, imagine what happens when a human child finds its way into monster land through the same dimensional doorway used by the beasties, and quickly makes herself at home. Monsters, Inc. is fun enough and, chances are, you will find payoff if you take your kids to see this movie. But it could have been so much more, so easily. Such a waste when the filmmakers clearly had the talent on hand -- and so many ideas to draw on -- to realize something better.
A good effort, with impressive animation. The textures aren't really there but the characters movements and voices and witty dialogue help it. Kind of drags in the middle as the little girl gets annoying. The best part is the first half hour, if only it would have kept up that momentum! A good ending helps and it's a good effort, if not a great one.
This is an awesome Disney Movie that takes the concept of the monster in our closet to the next level.... pretty funny stuff - highly recommmend to old and young alike...
almost pefect!great story, but i think the monsters design can be better
Brilliant! A great film with a mixture of animated deceit, joy, and a whole lot of laughs.
Monsters Inc. is so far the best of the Pixar bunch. Thanks to it's great story line an excellent visuals make's Monsters Inc. one of a kind
A delight, a pure delight at any age. Billy Crystal and John Goodman make a good team, and the animation is teriffic as always from Pixar. Not the best from them, but I'd love to see a sequel.