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Monte Carlo 2011

Three young women vacationing in Paris find themselves whisked away to Monte Carlo after one of the girls is mistaken for a British heiress...

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Solar rating:7.6 /10


Imdb rating: 5.8 /10

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Very enjoyable movie.
6/10 Cute, predictable, madcap, romantic fun. It's a sweet story - nothing deep or earth-shattering, just girls and boys, traveling, learning and exploring. It's light-hearted and worth a watch. :)
I liked it. 9/10 its nothing like watching movies with good scenery to take your mind off things. was fun to watch it. loved it.
I really found this movie to be enjoyable. It is a rom com and a teen flick but it has a great cast that makes it one of the better ones. These three girls/women go on adventures that make you want to be spontaneous and take life a little less seriously ( although, you probably shouldn't emulate this scenario exactly! haha) , yet it carries some really good messages about love friendship and sisterhood. A great watch with your girlfriends :-)
this movie is just awesome . i loved it ☺♥♥♥3♥3♥♥
A nice rom com movie to watch,really adventures haha love it.perfect ending that leaves a lump at your throat. 8/10 in real life the ending would be seeing them in jail... but
its not real haha....
i love these kind movies.makes u think anything can happen. I hope there's more movies like these, impersonation movies are fun!
great adaption of the book. Selena, Leighton, Katie,Cory were great in their roles and Selena's british accent was great!
this is a teen chick flick. Very nice.
you can't go wrong with a cast that includes andie macdowell, selena gomez, leighton meester, and katie cassidy!
I can't believe Cory Monteith (Owen) is now dead. that's just insane! On a lighter note, I totally loved this movie. it was adorable with some really funny stuff. i've watched it so many times.