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Paul Cram

Paul Cram

Paul Cram hails from a sprawling mid-west family, where he learned early that if you had candy in your possession, you ran. Standing just under six feet & weighing in at 125lbs, Paul is the answer to the question "What do you get if you were to cross Barney Fife and James Dean?"Along with the sibling candy warfare, Paul's youth included a colorful association with the arts. Being that he was home schooled from Kindergarten all through high-school graduation, the arts were a place for Paul to excel socially and learn healthy competition amongst strangers. In 1999, he placed in the top 25 in the nation for his piano playing in the NWC fine arts festival. And from 1995 through 1999, he took home blue ribbons from the Minnesota State Fair for his oil paintings. He displays his paintings in the at the Wilcock Gallery in Excelsior, Minnesota.Paul says that it was his mom who first got him intrigued with acting by having him perform in theatre at his church. From there the acting bug and the love the world of art grew. When he was sixteen, Paul recalls informing his mom that he wanted to be an actor. Thankfully she didn't try to dissuade him, but rather asked him how he planned on accomplishing his dream. Paul did what most kids that are home schooled do when presented with a problem which they don't have an answer to- he went to the local library and checked out every title that remotely related to the topic of acting. (To this day Paul still spends hours at the library when researching roles.)When not acting Paul can either be glimpsed with his head in a book between the rows at the library, or running to look for loose railway spikes at an old train station.

5' 11 (1.80)

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