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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939

A naive man is appointed to fill a vacancy in the US Senate. His plans promptly collide with political corruption, but he doesn't back down...

Release Date:
129 min
Frank Capra
Joe King, Chester Conklin, Harry Anderson, ...

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Solar rating:8.8 /10


Imdb rating: 8.3 /10

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yay for mr smith
Something I would have never picked out on my own. After being forced to watch it, I enjoyed it.
Fist Five reviews, it's great to have joined. I'm not much for words, at least not right now anyway, but more than likely, I'll get into the swing of things sooner or later.
jimmy stewart is one of my favorite actors, so i bought this movie without previously viewing it. i wasn't disappointed. this movie was made around the time where the cynicism that is now synonymous with politics began to rear its ugly head. yet it offers a light of hope. this movie shows that while yes, there is a lot of corruption in politics, if someone is willing to stand for right and human decency our country's ideals will stand. very hopeful for a movie created on the brink of ww2. stewart plays a "wet behind the ears" young man that gets appointed to congress. his boyish enthusiasm is very refreshing, and for the other characters unbelievable. kinda in a "mr. deeds goes to town" way. he displays the anguish that the character goes through when learning of the true natures of those around him in a very moving way. claude rains plays the senator that was once on the side of the right with a appropriate mix of loftiness and humanity shown thru his guilt. jean arthur and thomas mitchell also add their comedic and dramatic talents to this film.though many are too cynical today to believe in the character's ideals, this movie leaves the audience with a desire for a more decent, look-out-for-your-fellow-man world. director frank capra always has a way of pulling at the strings of our humanity and leaving us with an optimistic view.
The Good Seed: When a junior senator dies, the govenor of his state must replace him. He does so with a young, idealistic man who tries to change things in Washington politics and finds himself quite in over his head.
.... Everything You Always... ext... was a hit of miss, but when it hit, it hit well. Mr. Smith, was terrific despite its know Kapra flaws, which can, and were (by me) interpurited as strenths. Ala sentimentalism (spelling). Guys and Dolls was exactly as I thought it would be, fun. A litle bit heavy on the dance, turned a short-ish play a lil to long with that and the added songs, but still enjoyable to say the least.
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington starring James Stewart and Jean Arthur This is a wonderful Frank Capra film about a ordinary youth group leader (Stewart) who is appointed U.S. Senator by the Governor of his state. He encounters all of the less-than-ideal situations one might expect, but weathers the political storm briliantly. It's a feel-good, patriotic film whose message is timeless. Stewart is excellent as always, and Claude Rains is terrific as the senior state senator. Watch for the small yet brilliant performance of Harry Carey as the Vice President/President of the Senate.
Great but would have been a 10 if they cut out maybe 10 minutes or so.
So my 70's persona grows up... and sees Harvey Keitel in this movie. His intensity is gone, and he looks very very tired. Why Keitel? The movie itself is no Indiana Jones, but at least it's not Tomb Raider either.
More on Mr. Smith later...
After having a number of his appointees rejected, at the suggestion of his children Hopper nominates local hero Jefferson Smith, leader of the state's Boy Rangers group, to take the seat of senator. Smith is an innocent, wide-eyed idealist who quotes Jefferson and Lincoln and idolizes Paine, who had known his crusading editor father.
One of those rare and incredible films that is superb in every way. A delightful Capraesque slice of Americana, beautifully acted by everyone, down to the smallest of roles. One of the best supporting cast ensembles ever gathered for any film. Extremely well written and directed. I could hardly imagine anyone else in the lead role than James Stewart, A classic in every sense of the word.
After watching It's a Wonderful Life I was at my hometown library and saw that they had Mr. Smith Goes to Washington available so I picked it up. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is another wonderful "Frank Capra-- James Stewart" black & white film. It's probably one of the most interesting political movies I've seen. I really enjoyed Jean Arthur's role. Definitely a beautiful film that comes highly recommended. Director: Frank CapraRated: Not Rated*2 Capra Films Viewed:fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh:
Okay. Another movie to add to my top favorites. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. What a great movie! I should have known from the outset---Frank Capra as director, Jimmy Stewart main actor, and highly recommended by my good friend Jade. Of course it would be amazing. Anyway, so I highly recommend that.
Mr. Smith goes to Washington is by far more than I expected out of a film about politics from 1939. When I began to watch the film i was reminded of the days when Senators were appointed and not elected to Congress, which really added a whole new level to corruption inside politics; even though today the same issues have risen again inside our "democracy". The problem with our democracy is that everyone has thier hands in the pockets of special intrest groups, out to firther thier own agenda and not the agenda of the country. the entire idea of being a citizen is to be concerned with the body, and not the self. What struck me most deeply was how accurate it was towards our current congress, and how history tends to repeat itself. When Mr. Smith looked up at the Lincoln Memorial and read of "A government of the people for the people by the people" it reminded me that we have strayed so far fromt that original idea, but also that this corruption is not new. the corruption has existed for decades, and probably since the beginning of government itself. I was personally amazed on how well it personified the government and called it out on special intrest groups and political machines that truly ruile the country and our ideology. the only downside to this story was really the sappy over dramatic love story that took place. this is bound to happen in any old movie, where the entire idea of love is really cloudy, but so clear to the characters. I felt is slightly hurt the movie, but did not take away from the point of the film.
Review soon!
Barry Lyndon, KubrickA great looking, competantly directed period movie/character story that lacks something. I expected a little more subversion from Kubrick, but the satiric edge is surprisingly dull. It cuts a little into the 18th Century European class system, but only slightly as it details the rise and fall of a fatherless Irishman in British, French, German high society. I wonder if Kubrick had treated Thackeray's better known Vanity Fair, it would have been better.Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, CapraGiven how much I like Jimmy Stewart, B & W movies, and politics, I'm surprised how much I dislike this movie. Capra's direction makes use of all the tools of propaganda in telling this story about an impossibly naive and pathetic man (Stewart) who gets appointed to the Senate to be a rubber stamp. After he is pitied by a crass staffer, he decides to stand up for his principles. The sappy unsophisticated story doesn't work as realistic drama, nor as allegory, nor as morality tale. It just doesn't work.
The film reeks of correct sentimentality and most will get teary-eyed as James Stewart goes around to various Washington monument expressing heart-felt emotion and obeisantly pure public service. Pitch-perfect movie, despite its length "showboating" scene at end, where everything builds to only conclusion possible in this kind of movie. Many great performances. Only thing missing is lots of sex with young power-seeking congressional intens. Just kidding.