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One for the Money 2012

Unemployed and newly-divorced Stephanie Plum lands a job at her cousin's bail-bond business, where her first assignment puts her on the trail of a wanted local cop from her romantic past...

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Solar rating:7.5 /10


Imdb rating: 5.3 /10

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KH is Super hot and a great actress in this movie, entertaining 7-8/10 for the movie 10/10 for KH who is almost naked in a shower scene, that alone is worth watching this
Katherine Heigl is enjoyable to watch. Too bad she was such a beeyach and pissed off every director and producer in Hollywood so they stopped casting her.
this is my favorite Heigl flick
Katherine Heigl with a gun...need I say more? Not a lot of action, but a good movie none the less. I recommend this movie for a rainy day when nothing else is on.
It ain't no Borne movie, but it is fun. Heigl bridges the comedy angle well between farce and cop flick along with a supporting cast that keeps it all alive. Pepper in a NJ attitude, some voiceovers and comedic family dysfunction and it works. Not the greatest flick in the world but well far from the worst.
And besides, Debbie Reynolds (as Grandma Mazur) won't be making too many cameos in the future so that is another reason to watch.
It is fun for what it is. Don't expect some epic cop movie and you will be fine.
I like Katherine Heigl and she's great in these roles :-) This movie is a Rom-Com and I think it's a really good one. It's witty, has some good laughs, it's romantic with a dash of action... if you are into this kind of thing you wont be disappointed! :-)
5-6/10 for this genre
I've always loved Katherine Heigl. This movie is just one example of why. It was so funny although I wish they could have cleaned up the language a bit. But it was just a great movie all around and I would say it's worth a watch. And, maybe after a bit, I'll watch it again.
One for the Money with Jason O'Mara is one of the latest films "Katherine Heigl" was cast in. I love every single film she does!! Esp., because of all the eye candy she works with!! Am I right??? Her films are all heart warming, romantic, and some filled with action as well.
Such as: One for the Money & Killers (2010)-Ashton Kutcher, Tom Selleck. Then there's: "The Ugly Truth 2009)"- "Gerard Butler", "27 Dresses (2008)"-James Marsden,
"Life as We Know It (2010)", Josh Duhamel,Josh Lucas etc...
In this film she plays a Jersey girl out of work 6 months.
Her cousin gives her a job at a bail bond company as an agent. She goes after her cousin Vinny's biggest client Jason O'Mara,and the action, romance, and fun begins...
Great movie once again Katherine!
5 stars! Enjoy all!! Cheers...
Really fun movie.
fun movie..and Heigl was smokin'
perfect movie
My grandma adores this book series by Evanovitch, and is always telling me stories, so I thought I would watch the movie.
I'm not a fan of Heigel, but she wasn't too bad. The move was pretty good. Better than expected.
Far, far better than The Bounty Hunter if you want a comparison.
One for the Money: 7/10
Took long enough, but worth the wait :)
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