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Original Sin 2001

A woman along with her lover, plan to con a rich man by marrying him and on earning his trust running away with all his money. Everything goes as planned until she actually begins to fall in love with him...

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Solar rating:8 /10


Imdb rating: 6 /10

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I liked this movie quite abit. I love stories about mail order brides. I thought it was a pretty wel done film and I did enjoy it alot.
I'm finally out of my house and at my cuz's house. It's so hot here right now, I feel like jumping in my pool . Seven more weeks until school starts in Miami :(. I want it to go by REAL SLOOOOOOOOWW. I saw "Carrie", finally. I thougth it was really good. :up:
Well, I watched Empire Strikes back last night and it was pretty damn good. It was never one of my favourites of the three films, but I still enjoyed it all the same. I watched Original Sin this morning. The movie was not that crash hot ad I don't think I will be buying it, though I will give the love/sex scenes a 5 star rating out of 5. Now that's what we wanna see in a movie. Lots of flesh and passion. Very sexy!
So i watched some movies over the weekend. One movie that really surprised me was "Original Sin", with Antonio Banderas, and Angelina Jolie, or however you spell her last name. I had'nt heard nothing of the movie, but noticed that it had 2 big actors, so I tried it out. It was a great movie. I had to give it a 10. the movie had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Well, on the edge of my bed, (I watch these movies on my laptop computer). If you hav'nt seen this movie yet, (Amanda), then watch it. You definately have to watch it. I think that I like movies that most guys don't like. I tell my friends that they have to see a movie, and then we start watching it, and they say it sucks. Then I rip into em' like "what". Anyway, I also watched "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". That was an excellent movie. The part that interested me the most was when they went back into time. I must admit that at first I did'nt like that part. Because I think that movies are sometimes ruined by that effect. But when I saw how they did it, it really worked. First of all the main wizard person, (you know, the one with the long beard), he said that they could'nt be seen. Which makes a ton of sense. but when they did the movie, they did little things like someone throwing rocks into the window at the kids, and you are like, who the heck is throwing those rocks. then you find out when they go back in time, that it was them. is'nt that soooo cool. i thought it was genius, i mean it was just amazing. I loved that. so anyway, i had to give that movie a 10, of course. well, thats it for now, i better go get to work. later. casey
An exotic movie about consipracy and lust. This is a great movie about Love conquering all. A mail order bride is hiding a dark secret. After losing all his fortune to his young beautiful bride. The hero goes after her to seek revange. He finds himself tangle in her plot and falling in love with her. In the end Love wins over lust and greed. This is a great movie for both actors fans and non-fans.
Yesterday - I called in sick to work.. stayed home.. and watched Medium.. Benny and Joon.. and Original Sin. I had really odd dreams.. Happy V-day.. to me.
Even at the beginning it is so obvious that "Original Sin" will turn out to be a flop. Throughout the movie, all you are going to witness is Luis (Antonio Banderas) chasing Julia (Angelina Jolie) everytime; and its too painful to watch as it runs for 2 hours. There is no good thing about the movie except for the tinge of eccentricity of the story and the lip-smacking and sex scenes (although they are not really that hot). The acting wasnt that good either and i didnt like Angelina Jolie in this movie. Too bad she's even one of my most favorite actress.
One of my main motivations for wanting to visit the set of my cousin's TV show. Good GOD Flanery is gorgeous.....*gulp* Best Men- reminded me of Rolling Kansas in the buddy way, Boondock Saints in the dramadey way. It was really good. Love the Shakespeare aspect...and made me swoon to watch Sean Patrick Flanery spout that stuff. Mrow. And if he wasn't enough, there's the adorable Luke Wilson and the always-buff and hot Dean Cain. Andy Dick wasn't obnoxious, surprisingly. Original Sin- 8.5. :fresh: s. Liked it SOOO much better once I saw the end. I knew it couldn't end the way it made it seem. FUCK YEAH! Love the ending. So hot. Almost SWEET, if you believe it. Wanna watch the movie over again to try and figure it out, though. LoL. The sex is....whoa. LoL. Hardcore. Mmm, Angie AND Antonio. That's good stuff. Did I mention how I love the ending? And...did anyone notice it looks like heaven? Or is it? ;-) HHMMMM I sent out one of those backwards surveys on MySpace where people fill it out about you....THAT was a bad idea. I learned what a lot of guys' first thoughts about me were, and it was disturbing lol. Not at all gentlemanly. God. And apparently I have great breasts. Wait, I got ONE compliment on my lips, from Steve. Good boy. Funny stuff, though.
(** 1/2): Predictable film (and at times cheesy) but if you're interested in seeing an unclothed Angelina Jolie, by all means, check it out.
While a little sexually explicit for my tastes, the movie itself was pretty good. Angelina Jolie gives a good performance and does a great job placing her character in the time period she is from. Bandaras does an above average job as well. I found myself very intrigued with the story and definitely found myself fascinated with the betrayal that you would most likely expect in a modern day tale. Overall, I do recommend this film and hope that people can get past the overly-done love scenes. Of course, for those of you who watch this only for the love scenes, I hope you can get past those and enjoy a rather well-done film.
ok, here's a list of some of my scars and how I got them: left palm - x-acto knife accident while making a boat for my GI Joes first knuckle, left ring finger - two nice cuts from when my scraper slipped while chipping off very hard molasses from a conveyer chute at the feed mill other fingers - at least 8 chips and dings from either the mill or working on cars just below the nail - right middle finger - big crescent shaped cut from a chisel slip last year base of right thumb - big cut, can't remember where it came from right eyebrow - slammed into the raised fork of a forklift left bicep - sliced on a wire at the mill right shoulder - walked into the end of a bolt right shin, just below the knee - complicated indoor soccer accident I'm sure there are a few more that I'm forgetting, but you get the picture. The thing that strikes me as odd is that all of these cuts and scrapes healed up pretty quickly, but I still have the marks. But most of the stuff that really hurts us doesn't leave a visible mark, and doesn't heal nearly as quickly. Weird, isn't it? Not sure what got me going on that, but there you are... Maybe it's just that I feel battered by the lousy movies I've been seeing lately...
I enjoyed the acting. I have to say it was beautifully directed and screenwriter did amazing job to hold all that together. It is one of Angelina Jolie's best films. Antonio Banderas was mindblowing. The movie topic is mailbride's secret motives and good intentioned man with a good mix in characters. A must see and I enjoy watching Banderas on screen.
If not the best erotic thriller, "original sin" features a fresh story and well acting from its cast.
nice twist in the end.....theres nothing rotten about this film to me
WoW, what can I say but I'm SURPRISED! RT has this movie at 16% Rotten! I enjoyed this movie enough times to have watched it three times (I don't own it) and I can saftley say it wasn't because of the "long/extended" sex scene.This movie was really catchy, gritty, and sensual. And the best part unexpected. One of my favorite Jolie films! However it doesn't meet red for me just yet....
Not only my favorite Angelina Jolie movie, but in itself too. It's the most original movie about love I have ever had the pleasure of viewing, and trust me, I've watched it plenty - love it more every time. Best quote from the movie that describes the movie perfectly is, "This is not a love story, but it is a story about love, and the power it has. The power to heal and the power to destroy." True, because honestly no other emotion is more powerful and has the ability to do two such opposite things.This movie captures it perfectly.European release is MUCH better than US. What's so bad about relevant sex scenes people!? Keep them in there, seriously, they add to the characters relationships.- Irena
Yes movie is not as good as it should be.The script is poor and weak.The movie lacks the dramatic elements.A Cuban businessman Luis(Banderas) seeks for a American women to whom he want to marry because he thinks Americans represent the future.After the long conversation through letters they agreed to get married.But she has her own secret.As he wants that his wife should get everything whatever she needs he gives his personal bank account.After wards Julia run off the house taking all his fortune.He team-up with detective Walter Downs(Thomas Jane) to find her.And one day Luis founds that she works for Walter.The film suffers because of slow and weak script.The acting is so average.The only reason i watched it because of nude scene of Jolie.The last conversation scene between Julia and Luis is interesting and on my opinion one of the few good dramatic moments of the movie.My rating is 2/5.Less than average flick.But not dull.