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Every time I turn my hat backwards, I do it with intensity while thinking of this movie.
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Over the Top (1987): 6/10

Sly Stone stars as a Truck Driver looking to win a big arm wrestling tournament and get his son back (whom he left years earlier) from the boys evil grandfather.

Yes, it's abit cheesy and the dialogue is mediocre and there's enough one liners to sink a boat... But it's possibly Sly's beest acting job and it's winnable 80's b movie that will keep you coming back to keep watching.

So if you take it for what it is, you should be alright. But if you hate b movies you wouldn't like this at all.

Over the Top (1987)

This is one of the ultimate "so bad it's good" movies. It seems Stallone did a few of these back in the 80s. I absolutely can't hate this movie because Arnold and Stallone just ruled the 80s and I liked every action movie they did during that time regardless of how bad they were. This movie is most definitely not a good movie, but it does have its moments. Ultimtely it epitomizes the 80s. In no other decade could a movie like this have ever been made. It's lame but it's just so cheesy that it's too likeable to hate.
I remember as I kid I actually this film. It was on TV a few days ago so I decided sit down and watch it again. I couldn't understand why I could of liked this movie. The story is downright idiotic and laughable. Borderline retarded if you ask me.
Does it really get more B than a movie about an arm-wrestling truck driver? I didn't think so

Wow! I mean, where to begin? Ok, first good old Sly Stallone is the star of the show, as well as co-writer of the screenplay. If that doesn't scream B to you then you're just not listening. There are just so many elements of B in this one. Namely the fact that they can't even decide if Sly's character's name is Lincoln Hawk or Lincoln Hawks. Then there's the great parenting skills displayed by Sly. The first time he sees his son in 10 years, he takes him to his big rig and tries to arm-wrestle him. The aforementioned big rig is equipped with a Lincoln original forearm press machine so he can hone his arm-wrestling skills while driving. Pure genius!

Hawk is going to need the practice to face...Bull Hurley! This imposing 5 time world arm-wrestling champ's mantra is "I drive truck, break arms, and arm-wrestle." How you can take that in and not be rivited, I'll never know. Sid the Elf noticed something watching Over the Top. Most of Sly's movies are pretty much the same premise with interchangable plots and characters. To the B novice, Sly isn't the first name that comes to mind, but think again. Sly is that rare person who has a big name, but is really B with very few people making the observation. But thats what we, Sid the Elf are here for.

This classic B flick easily recieves the Sid the Elf Seal of Approval. Do yourself a favor and buy this one for years of priceless entertainment. This movie is a great choice for the novice B viewer due to it's sheer ridiculous content. What other film can you find a competitor whose pre game meal is a cigar and a jug a valvoline motor oil? We could go on until next weeks B review, but we'll end here. Again if you are up for a good old fashioned B evening, pick up this work of art.
Over The Top is a great movie that has a whole lot of heart.Sly is a trucker who after years sees his son and attempts to bond with him.Sly is also an armwrestler who is gearing up for the big competition in Vegas.So at first his son doesnt wanna hear from his father who he thinks abandoned him and his mother but then later finds out he has been writing to him the whole time but the letters were discarded by his grandfather (Robert Loggia).Sly is fantastic as Lincoln Hawks and his character is very likeable as is his son Mike.The Movie is truly moving and i recommend it to anyone with a heart as big as mine.
This is my detailed analysis and comedic perspective of the movie "Over the Top" for entertainment related purposes. The comments I make in this were not made to discredit the film or subugate any of its fans. It is merely a satire and should be understood as such.Please enjoy and comment.


"Me make Pouty Face"

Like two beasts tied together they struggle to overcome each others force, push for push each man goes beyond their limit until finaly, Hawk curls his fingers around the big man's knuckles and pulls him all the way to the bottom.

In a moment of sheer glory Hawk lifts his son in the air hugging him close as he celebrates with pure joy. Meanwhile Mr Cutler looks on and perhaps accepts the fact that the boy belongs with his father.

After the victory, Mike and dad discuss their bright new future, while putting the crowning glory,a shiny metal hawk ,onto the hood of their 4 wheeled dream machine. A trophy that shall forever represent his success, and
Once again, here I am giving a good review to what many perceive as a bad film. It is yet another cheesy flick that I still enjoy because I loved it when I was a kid. The idea of it is heartwarming-- a dying mother wants her son to get to know the father who was never allowed to be in his life, so she arranges for them to drive cross country together. Stallone plays a truck driver trying to make a living and has dreams of being more than what he is. Over the course of the trip, father and son bond. And lets not forget the arm wrestling competition, after all, isn't that what the movie is really all about? Totally 80's storyline and soundtrack. Gotta love it.
I am upset, rottentomatoes says that there are more rotten tomatoes for this film than fresh. Why is that? This film is awesome, definitely has to be one of Stallone's best films(outside the Rocky & Rambo franchises)and most underrated.
The story has everything, it has action, with the arm wrestling and scene where Stallone pushes the bodyguard(played by wrestling legend Terry Funk) through the glass. It has a father/son story, which includes drama. Its a road film as they are traveling as they connect with one another. This helps to explain the long road ahead of them in both the driving and the relationship. It has a brief love story, as we see Stallone and his ex-wife have a nice moment over the phone. This film also include an ass kicking soundtrack, one I dare you to tell me you won't get addicted to at least one song.
The characters are great, we have the stuck up son, the father who wants to reach out, the sick mother, the asshole grandfather and an arm wrestling bad guy of sorts.
Watch this film, even if you only watch it for Stallone.
4 out of 5 stars


Music videos for Winner Take It All by Sammy Hagar and Meet Me Half Way by Kenny Loggins have been made for the film, but not included on any DVD release(I've made my own DVD with the videos).
It's fantastic! I mean c'mon it's an arm wrestling movie with Stallone and a totally 80's soundtrack. I always find myself putting this in my DVD player. I'm a little frazzled that so many people dislike this movie. But the few that do like Over The Top shows that we have taste at least.
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