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Paranormal Activity 2007

After moving into a suburban home, a couple becomes increasingly disturbed by a nightly demonic presence...

Release Date:
86 min
Oren Peli
James Piper, Randy McDowell, Mark Fredrichs, ...
Horror, Mystery, Thriller ...

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Solar rating:7.4 /10


Imdb rating: 6.3 /10

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A reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaallllll slow burn.
(for the ending)
waste. of. time.
The hype surrounding this one when it first came out was way too high and i had pretty much decided to pass on it at first but finally gave it a chance few years back and it really wasn't that bad even slightly creepy at times definitely a good one time watch for fan's of the genre 6.5/10
Really enjoyed this one. Heart stopper.
ok, that was a wast of time, not even scary
I have to admit that the last minute of this movie almost gave me a heart attack
now we just need paranormal activity 4 links!
The movie ok I guess.. But got boring at times and not that scary, there was some freaky moments tho
Best movie?? How can some of you like this tripe... It sucks more than M. Shite Crapalot's films.
wow that movie was the best movie
I can't wait to watch the second one.
haha true story? just like blair witch was......
I think it was Okayyy But the Only Thing That Scared Me Was i Knew it Was A True Story!
SOOOOO scary! I cried! Their banter back and forth is a little stupid, but as the movie progresses it gets soooo scary! Make sure you have a hand to hold!
Saw this movie Sat night, Oct 3, 2009. BORING!!!!! Sooo slow, so dumb, so slow, oh and can I say, "BORING!!!" one more time! NOT SCARY AT ALL! I mean how many times can you watch two people sleep in their bed?? Not much happens!! Lots of hype!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! And for this I lost 2 hours of sleep?????
why does it not show any playing times here ? i wanna see it but i dont know when it plays.
I live in Cape Coral Florida and just realized that it is only being shown in Tampa and Orlando at Universal Studios Cinema. That is VERY far to travel to view what seems to be an amazing movie.
starting 10/9/2009, it starts playing closer to my area.