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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief 2010

A teenager discovers he's the descendant of a Greek god and sets out on an adventure to settle an on-going battle between the gods...

Release Date:
118 min
Chris Columbus
G. Patrick Currie, Julian Richings, Rosario Dawson, ...
Action, Family, Adventure, ...
USA, Canada

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Solar rating:7.9 /10


Imdb rating: 5.9 /10

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Not bad at all!Nothing special...but i enjoyed watching it.
Loosely follows the book. The characters are too old, Annabeth's eyes and hair are the wrong color, etc. It appears as though the producers did not read the books, just heard it by word of mouth. Movies don't usually follow books very well, but this one takes the cake.
Posidon approves this! :P
7/10 from me :D
read the books rather than watching this movie, the plot is kinda.... bad the characters are badly acted, some moments of satisfaction and epicness but it is overshadowed by the bad acting and plot 3/10
A cheap man's Harry Potter...Still worth the time to watch this movie...6.5/10
This was actually entertaining. Given the mixed reviews, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. There are some clichés and some of the acting could have been better, but I think it was intended as such (probably given the targeted audience). I give it an 8/10 and worth a watch.
Poor narrative, horrible acting, lightning effects are worse than the first Poltergheist. The only worth watching scene is the water show on the roof of the building.
I'm starting to get tired of these school boarding propaganda that mediocre films like this try to set in children's minds.
Pretty good movie overall had a good cast good storyline I rate this movie 8/10 can't wait till the next one comes out.
I really love this movie!
Even ignoring the barrage of comparison to Harry Potter, this movie barely stands on its own. The acting is flat, the storyline is more like a video game than a movie, and the visuals, while probably expensive, are unimpressive.
From the opening sequence where Poseidon and Zeus inexplicably pose as tourists on the observation deck of the Empire State Bldg and Poseidon says, "Zeus! I haven't seen you in a while," you know what you're in for. Boasts some well known names who look like they're having fun with the cheesy dialogue. For teens and younger, it's a passable adventure. For everyone else, it could be difficult to sit through til the end.
this is absolute garbage. i couldnt sleep at night because it was so bad. I just stayed up shitting in my bed. gay. i had to take my daughter out of the cinema because she was crying over how bad it was. she is emotionally scarred over the shit quotes by the main characters. "I just like being in water" what is this shit? not funny at all.....not fucking funny. not beneficial at all. i threw popcorn at the person who sold me the ticket. poo bum
This movie was pretty good, well ok. the beginning started out slow and kinda boring. Special effects were awesome, but acting could have been better.
I went to the theater with my friends to see this movie, I really wanted to watch "Crazy Heart", but no, I was forced to watch this. Now, how can a person make garbage out of Greek mythology, is one think that my mind can't compute, at least the director did something that is hard, hard to watch!Right in the beginning we see a sequence of Zeus talking to Poseidon, that looks more like a play than a movie, and then we are introduced to Percy Jackson that mysteriously can stay seven minutes underwater, and have dyslexia. Let's jump to the sequence were he finally discovers that there something wrong with him, when his teacher turns into agiant, flying, bad CGI thing, and we discover he is son of Poseidon, that his best friend is a satyr that is there to protect him, and he hides his goat legs with jeans pants, shoes, and a crutch (Come On!)Then he goes to this camp where there are only sons of gods and they train to be great warriors... but in the training we never know if they are really trying to cut the opponent with a sword, and if somebody cut somebody, will the person die?Uma Thurman playing Medusa is laughable, she look like a rich $#%@
plenty of top stars but what a waste of talent poor storyline far too condensed into 21st century and looses all meaning of the real story..very poormans CLASH OF THE TITANS
You know it's pretty funny on what writers come up with these days. Old fantasy genres that we're all familiar with are now reinvented for children or teenagers. We first have a boy who discovers the magic of Wizardry in Harry Potter. A group of kids find the mystical world of Narnia that has a lot of Christian overtones. Now we are brought a reinvention of Greek Mythology in Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. And further more, Chris Columbus, who's directed the first two Harry Potter installments, now takes direction in this film. Do I see history repeating itself?Anyway, Logan Lerman plays the role of Percy Jackson, a New York school teenager who soon discovers that his father's heritage is a part of Zeus's people. Percy's accused of stealing Zeus's power, his special lightning bolt. So he becomes the target by Zeus, and the mythical creatures I'm sure you're all familiar with; Medusa, The Multi-headed dragon, you get the idea. To make matters worse, his mother is kidnapped by Hades in the depths of hell, and is told to retrieve the lightning power in order to have her back. So he, and a few other friends, embark on a road trip journey through the US to find their passage to hell by blue glowing balls, and save Percy's mother. The plot thickens along, but I won't give too much away at this point.The three main characters are very identical to the main cast of the Harry Potter franchise. Percy's more like Harry, the lead character. Annabeth is the sassy female character like Hermione. Then there's Grover, who's more comic relief like Ron Weasly, except he's a Satyr. Last but not least, there's Chiron, played by Pierce Brosnan. He's more like Dumbledore, except he's a Centaur. Only problem is he's seen less in the movie. While they're ripped characters of the Harry Potter books, they are likeable, and the charisma works pretty well. I still would've loved to have seen a more original set of characters.The first ten to twenty minutes seemed pretty rushed at times. I begin to learn Percy, living in a crummy apartment, but the plot quickly shoves right into me without proper exposition. I don't hear much about the other characters until Percy discovers his powers. What did they do the whole time they were with Percy? If he was accused of stealing Zeus's power, why start the plot now? Why couldn't any of the creatures find him earlier in his childhood? I know its nitpicking but it's a big open space. The rest of the story didn't seem very thoughtful at times, especially for a rehash formula, leading to some extremely predictable moments. Then again what do you expect for a first installment?The use of the Digital effects, while they are well animated, could've been rendered better. I'm not big fan of CGI, but the effects looked tad bit outdated. Some scenes like the multi-headed dragon flexed so much, that it was obvious to me, seeing how CGI it was. I know it's not going to be like Avatar or District 9, but there could've been a little more effort. Despite of my nitpicking, it had quite a good deal of action and that dragon scene was no exception. You get some sword fighting scenes, car chases, and air battles. Or in other words, Percy and other characters that have flying abilities with shoes that carry wings.There's not much else to say about Percy Jackson. It's a Harry Potter cookie-cutter, but in the end I enjoyed it. The story is clumpy and is a bit formulaic, but in the end it's a fun fast pace movie with a decent performance. Now I haven't read the Rick Riordan books, so I don't mean to bash them when criticizing the movie. I've also heard many complaints about it, not being faithful to the first book. Now I've enjoyed mythical stories before so yes I am interested in reading the books. But judging the film alone, it's nothing fresh it's nothing new, but I think it is worth the watch because while the premise is formulaic, it's somewhat inventive. If you think about the whole Greek Mythology blending into modern day times, you'd get the idea.Total Score: 3/5C
Percy Jackson is cloned from the less financially independent half brother of Harry Potters third son after he remarried following the breakdown of reconciliation with Hermione Granger.I thought the movie was OK. It did not do much particularly well or badly. The cast performed their roles well within the bounds of a script that lacked any originality and Chris Columbus directed a special effects driven epic that did not seem so epic to me.Comparisons to Harry Potter will abound as Percy seemed to be aimed at the same audience. The main fault with the targeted demographic is that the Harry Potter fans have grown up with the franchise and now expect the sophistication that Percy lacked. Percy just does not have the sheer class of scripting and directing that defined the Potter series.Go and see Percy and enjoy it for what it is, a pleasant way to kill a few hours with your kids and make some DVD shelf space for the inevitable sequels.Special mention has to be made for the most obvious false beard in movie history for Mr Bronsnan.CHEERS
I just watched this today and found the movie to be quite disappointing. Although no one can deny the cool special effects, I felt the movie itself lacked much depth.Percy Jackson evolved from an ordinary student, to a badass swordsman who beat over a hundred guys(who have probably been training for years) without as much as learning how to use a sword. Although this may be the usual trend for most fast paced action-adventure films, it was even too fast by those standards. Too much was happening all too soon. There was also a great lack of decent acting from most of the characters. I was shocked to see the reaction of Percy(Logan Lerman) when he found out his mother had died. He did not as much as shed a tear for her apparent death. A kitten who'd lost its mother would have at least made some noise. Grover(Brandon T. Jackson), is an African American satyr who is Percy's side kick, happens to be a goofy, smooth talking, ladies' man(Chris Tucker from Rush Hour, anyone?). Annabeth(Alexandra Daddario), daughter of Athena, is a shallow, power hungry, teenage girl on the prowl. See how she throws herself all over Percy when she finds out he is the son of Poseidon.Though most of the acting was poorly done, Uma Thurman, who plays the beautiful but fearsome Medusa, lived her part and gave us a commendable performance.Aside from the shallow plot and fast(overly) paced story, Percy Jackson and the Olympians does deliver an action packed fantasy adventure which stays faithful to Greek mythology in its own unique way.It would be a pity to see this series continue to disappoint, since I am a big fan of Greek mythology, especially the Iliad and the Odyssey. I hope the future installments would avoid this film's mistakes and give us a movie worth anticipating.
A movie aimed at tweens, hence cheesy romance and kid-saves-the-world drama, but it feeds us adult Greek mythology nerds enough candy to keep us hooked. A thrill-ride for moviegoers looking for a little adventure.
I liked this movie. But the more I think about it, the more I dislike it. Weird huh? There is cheesyness, corny jokes, and stuff. But I was interested by most of it. So I liked it.