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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 2003

Blacksmith Will Turner teams up with eccentric pirate "Captain" Jack Sparrow to save his love, the governor's daughter, from Jack's former pirate allies, who are now undead...

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A movie Disney didn't f***-up.
Awesome movie, I remember when it came up in cinemas, I was really excited about it.
Good idea. Maybe the admins can figure out how to set up a "link package", lol. Then you could spoil yourself with a marathon with one click. These movies are great, and as swashbuclers go, well overdue.


There's a lot going on...too much going on. That said, here's the long and the short of it:

The movie begins with a flashback of sorts. A young girl on her father's navy ship finds a broken-up boat in the middle of the ocean along with a boy, floating on top of a piece of the boat's hull. The boy is wearing a medallion and the girl takes it from him after his rescue. The girl's father suspects pirates...not just any pirates...the ones who make their home aboard the Black Pearl.

Cut to about ten years or so later.

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is a pirate who has come into port of a Caribbean-shore town in search of a ship that will take him back to his old ship, the Black Pearl. In this town, the girl (played by the beautiful Keira Knightly) wears the medallion around her neck after dreaming of the day she found the boy, (now played by Orlando Bloom). He's the town's expert blacksmith now and he dreams of one day marrying Elizabeth.

Sparrow attempts to make off with a navy-ship to find his old one and Elizabeth ends up fainting and falling into the ocean after attempting to wear a bodice given to her by her father as a gift. This is one of the biggest pushes in the entire film. While in the drink, the medallion around her neck sends a shockwave throughout the sea, "calling" to the crew aboard the Black Pearl. Sparrow is identified as a pirate and is arrested, even after rescuing Elizabeth from drowning.

His first escape-attempt leads him to William, the blacksmith boy, who engages in sword-to-sword combat in attempt to keep Sparrow in one place until the troops arrive. Sparrow ends up in jail...of course, it isn't long before the Black Pearl ends up attacking the town, rapin', pillagin', and plunderin'. They grab Elizabeth because they need the medallion...and that's where I stop.

Everyone in this film is fun to watch, has their own personality (including the pirates) and you'll have jolly good fun taking in the atmosphere, the mood, and the piratin'...the only problem with it is most of it seems to be padded out. Scenes that should climax with a battle or a fight end up in long-winded discussions on pirate-policies and rules and regs. This is what brings on the doldrums and unneccessary scenes of conversation. It goes on too long. You have a dinner-scene with the captain, a fight with a dismembered forearm, Sparrow and Elizabeth stranded, Sparrow facing death at the end, and his subsequent rescue, all which could have been tightened up or otherwise forgotten. We STILL have no idea HOW Sparrow got off the island to find his old ship in the first place! The story also forks off a little more than it needs to and you can't really root for Sparrow because him and William don't get along and Sparrow constantly turns his back on William and his friends. And so the movie sails on and on much longer than it needs to sail. Not that it's no fun to watch. It most certainly is that, but it's just not solid. Director Gore Verbinski (THE RING, THE MEXICAN) MUST have received final cut in his contract from Jerry "I-can-do-whatever-I-want-now-kiss-my-ass" Bruckheimer when he signed on because there is NO cutting at all. I must have counted at least six to eight scenes that should have hit the cutting room floor. But they're all here. Verbinski just doesn't seem to grasp the concept of the DVD.

As for the acting, Depp looks and acts great as a pirate who has gone a little nutty but still knows how to wheel and deal to get his way. Think of him as Han Solo's great-great-grand-ancestor and you've got the idea. Geoffrey Rush is wonderful as the Captain of the Black Pearl and really makes a great villian. Orlando Bloom, the invincible elf in the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy plays a handsome hero/sometimes-sidekick to Jack Sparrow and he's fine.

The best part of this film is the atmosphere and the visuals. You feel like you're with the pirates, you can feel the sea, smell it, you can inhale the mustiness of the jail cells...and if you keep a sharp eye, catch some of the nods to original ride at Disneyland and Disney World.

All-in-all, it's a trip worth taking...but a long one.


*** out of ****
HOLY BEJESUS THIS MOVIE WAS EVERYTHING I WANTED IT TO BE AND MORE! It was action packed, the pirates were awesome, the effects were awesomer, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom were awesome times infinity plus one and it was really hilarious and at one point Geoffrey Rush (as Captain Barbosa) said ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. And I was all YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!
Like many other people in the audience, I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl with my father (and step-monster:D). The only different was my age to theirs- I am 30+, these others were teens and under. There were also some couples in there early 20s, and I saw it in the "RedNeckVille" theater (low quality screen and projection- bummer:().

I am sure many other women had rushed to see the bodies of Orlando Bloom or maybe Johnny Depp. But not me. I went to see the film because of the talent of Johnny Depp, Jonathan Pryce and Geoffrey Rush- but mostly Depp. Until recently, I was very skepitical to consider Depp someone with "deep thoughts," it was hard for me, a tv adict of the 80s, to ever see him beyond "21 Jump Street" and Wynona Ryder. However, after seeing him in Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (on video/dvd), I started to look at his work again. I also remembered his performances I had liked in What's Eatting Gilbert Grape, Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood. Recently, I also saw him in Before Night Falls (dvd). Now I am thinking this is someone who may see film as a form of art, not just a commercial ticket to wealth. I put this filmmaker on my must see list.

I thought Geoffrey Rush would play an amazing villain. This actor has gone in futher degrees of character than Johnny Depp, who has also gone far. The big difference between Rush and Depp is that the elder man has gone in further time degrees of history, as the settings of his past films cover a wider span. And, unlike Johnny Depp in Benny & Joon, Geoffrey Rush has never shown me a role that seemed to be something made to sell massive tickets to teen chicks. When I heard these two creative people were working with Disney and Bruckheimer, known for aiming at ticket sales, I wanted to investigate what was going on!

I also wondereded if these two could handle the roles of pirates. I had little doubt with stout built Rush, but wimpy boned Depp??? When I saw this film, I got a great answer from Depp. His character is one of the strongest, no matter how skinny. This actually explains his starvation as a pirate! During the movie, Jack Sparrow (Depp) has some developments which could be meant as shocks, but they were not extreme surprises to me. This did not matter. Sparrow is so intriguingly amusing as he teasing his friends and foes, yet he still leaving us to decide which was which is carried out very well.

My father also mentioned how Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow's costume reminded him of illustrations he had seen by Howard Pyle. This was true of the other characters and entire production design. The film looks much like Howard Pyle's illustrated books about pirates. But then, the same is true of the Pirates ride I remember going on as a child at Disney World.

The only one that matches his role was not Rush as I expected, but Orlando Bloom. This is very different from his look in Lord of the Rings, and not just because he is no longer an Elf! He is surprisingly an Errol Flynn clone. And not just by face, but his physical work out as well. There is a beautiful sword fight between Will Turner (Bloom) and Jack Sparrow (Depp) when they first meet. I have not see a sword fight this intriguing since Flynn, even including those in the Star Wars series. I was very amazed to see the action. Plus, when I had seen trailers and ads for Pirates if the Caribbean, I expected his character to bore me. He did not. Like Flynn, this man intrigues the audience will a cute innocence face, fighting for the right causes. And his lure matches that of Flynn. Sometimes it even took the attention away from Depp (which rarely happens with this chick who goes for the outcast).

Unlike "classic" pirate films of Flynn and his peers, Bloom and Depp, fulfilled their roles in a manner which was less "artifical" or over dramatical. Which also made me impressed with these two together. At the end, I thought there could easilly be discussion of a sequel with these two!

I was somewhat disappointed with Geoffrey Rush/Barbossa not showing extreme emotion compared to Depp/Sparrow. But then, his character does not have as much developmental time. The same goes for Jack Davenport/Norrington, but I was more disappointed with Rush/Barbossa. Rush's performance was no match for Depp's, so it is hard to imagine Barbossa ever taking over the ship of Sparrow.

Keira Knightley does a good job playing Elizabeth, the rebelious daughter of Governor Weatherby Swann (Jonathan Pryce). But as her role give her some rebellion from the wishes of her weak father, it does not offer much more. Elizabeth is a young woman intrigued by the life of pirates, obviously she will learn the obsession has dues. The structure of this character is not a shock, or something I find offensive as a
woman, considering it is a film set during a time when women were controlled by men. Other than a young version of Elizabeth, and her maid there are only roles of prostitutes and a maid, unless you count one pirate who is probably also a prositute. This is odd considering the film is aimed for a young audience. There really is no roll model for a young woman in this film. A flaw, but small by my definitions.

The special effects and chorography of these scenes were very good- they "blended" into the story rather well. Besides the duel between Depp and Bloom, there are other scenes between ghost pirates and British soldiers which are very amazing when you think of the manner they are constructed. Actors dance in from of the camera, and later a graphics tech dude adds their foes. This usually does not look right. But in these scenes, it was as believable, if not more, than those of the recent Star Wars films I have seen.

Definately a film to go see in the theater. And also a film for me to buy on DVD -one to get with the extras.

I should note, there was a young child very upset by some scenes, but she/he had idiotic parents ignoring her/him. Not a good film to take kids who can't take Wizard of Oz to!!

My rating..... 7.5/10
AH! what a cool day! i come here, and find RT to be totally different! and.. wow.. posting lots of Johnny pics. If you can't tell by now, well i am a complete Johnny FANATIC! along with others!

They are all my good buddies! Well, write whatever you please! :D
So, my journal was just spotlighted on the Vine page thing, and next to the title and description was the picture of my dog I put in my photo gallery. I don't think the idea of a large breasted, stupid Boston Terrier is going to draw in the sort of people I want looking around in here. Or then again, it might.
Pirates of the Caribbean in the best movie i have seen this year. I am sure it will be second only to Return of the King.

Now, what the heck I am doing with a journal is anyone's guess.
Alright of course I had to rate PotC... lol:D okay for all of you who don't know... I have seen the movie 10 times! PotC is one of the best movies I've seen in a long while! It has a great story line which is supported by a fabulous cast Johnny Depp as Capt. Jack Sparrow was just great! He had it down! Everything was perfect! Orlando Bloom was wonderful as Will Turner!!! I can't think of words to describle him! lol, Keria Knightley was wonderful as well! did you know that she tried to get to a 18 inch waist, because of 'Gone with the Wind', when she had that corset put on! but she was only able to handle a 20 inch waist, which is stil pretty damn small! she was great in 'Bend it Like Beckham' too, lol, Geoffrey Rush was great as well! I have only seen one other movie of his, 'Finding Nemo', but I really wouldn't count it... lol okay so I've rambled on about the cast but the story line is great too! Don't judge it just because it's a movie based on a DL ride (because that makes it sound pathetic) lol but it's just great! You should really go see it! OH and the music is the best ever Klaus Badlet his a genius!!! so after you see it you have to go buy the soundtrack! the music so powerful! lol It's just great and it better get nominated for best music and the oscars! or I'm going to go utterly mad!!! So if you havn't seen it go SEE IT and if you have seen it... well GO SEE IT AGAIN Savvy? ~Audrey
The summer of 2003 has proved to be a mixed bag as far as movies go. While every film seems to receiving tons of hype and fanfare only a few films have actually lived up to their expectations. This year we've learned that Terminators can be funny, Vampires + Sean Connery = Crap, and best of all... Ghost Pirates still rule.

For those of you who have experienced the legendary Monkey Island computer games this movie is sure to feel like an old friend. And while the characters may seem familiar, the story here is wonderfully original. PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: LEGEND OF THE BLACK PEARL is about a group of pirates that are cursed to remain undead monsters until they can return the gold they had stolen. In addition they must also each pay a blood sacrifice. The only problems is that they lost a member of the crew and are now forced to find his next of kin to complete the ceremony. Our hero, of course, is that next of kin and only himself, the girl he loves, and a revenge obsessed pirate know what the curse is and understand the horror the pirates can deal until the curse is lifted.

This movie is a BLAST! Gore Verbinski (of THE RING fame) has really created an interesting mix here. The film is a delicate balance of action, comedy, and horror and it works beautifully. While the story is original here, the concept is taken from a classic theme park ride of the same name. Anybody whose taken this ride at one of Disney's parks will be pleasantly surprised at how much of the ride is incorporated into the script. It's like a fun additional game for the audience to identify the familiar scenes. I found at least 8 and I'm sure I still missed a bunch. Another highlight of the script is that among all the varying characters we learn that everybody is searching for his or her own personal treasure. And the type of treasure each character is seeking really helps define their personality. Some examples are love, family, freedom, and even apples. The concept could be deep if you really think about it, but I was having too much fun at the time to be bothered by some stupid 'thinking'.

It would be a crime to talk about this movie and neglect the good acting. It's so hard not to fall into the typical pirate role of spitting and saying 'arr' but most of the pirates manage to stand out as individuals and this elevates them above their typecast roles. Depp, as the scorned pirate out for revenge, does a particularly wonderful job and adds yet another interesting character into the annals of pirate lore. The fighting in this movie is great fun and is done with surprising variety. Some fight scenes include a ship-to-ship battle, a town raid and even the classic sword duel. The rather funny duel between Capt. Sparrow and Turner brings back memories of the classic battles in THE PRINCESS BRIDE. The horror element (sacrifices, ghosts, etc.) always remains at a kiddie level but occasionally does provide a touch of fright. The ghost effects are extremely cool, and when mixed with a monkey you're sure to jump in your seat... at least a little. A solid film that is sure to leave a smile on your face. It's fun for the whole family and even retains it's magic upon repeat viewings. It's seems that since both this film and LITTLE NEMO have been the best fun I've had in the theatre this year that Disney has struck gold in it's high sea adventures. I suggest you all pull on your trunks and jump on in. The water is fine.
So I finally decided to make one of this journal thingys. Bah! Nothing interesting happens in my life. Not today anyways...

So how about a lame joke?

What do you call a sheep with no legs?
A cloud.

AHAHA! Oh I'm going to bed.
First of all: Some cruise related reviews for the festivities.

Don't ever let me say my parents never gave me anything.

Sure I'm 22, paying my way through college, working full time, and I never got to use momma's credit card for anything and I'm proud of it! I'm glad she gave me the concept of fiscal responsibility at a young age and it's paying off now.

Maybe she's feeling bad about never spoiling me, and always spoiling herself or maybe it's because my dad is sick of going on cruises but 6 days from today we will be deporting Miami, FL on a 5 night cruise in the Carribean and all expenses are being paid by her. WOOHOO!!!!

I'm hoping to see some Pirates...or maybe just Orlando Bloom...or maybe the Sun. We don't see much sun here in Minnesota, especially now that it's started snowing and the only time the sun is actually showing, I am at work.

Anyway I have to go tanning tonight (yuck!) because my mom says I'm going to fry in the Carribean sun (which I guess is a different sun that the one we have in Minnesota...good to know) that means tonight I'm going to go and purposfully advance my chances of getting Melenoma...which should be ok as I've never tanned before. Now before you call me a freak...I do have incredibly soft and smooth skin...and if you wonder why, wonder no more. It's cause I didn't fry it throughout my youthful years.

In any case I will post pictures when I get back, but it's all I can think of for now.

Yay for me!

I try to think I'm a nice person and generally, I get along with everyone.

I think I'm only a bitch when it comes to my sisters. Or maybe selfish is the word.

For example, it annoys the heck out of me when I come home and find my older sister using my computer. First of all, I hate it when people go into my room without my permission. That's sacred territory and I feel the weirdest sense of violation when it has been trespassed. Secondly, I spent many a month saving up for that new computer and I alone pay for the internet service. (For back story, I also bought our old computer and paid for the service on that as well.)

Even though I might not have planned to use the computer, it still bugs the crap out of me. I don't hide my annoyance, but I go ahead and let her use it because I know I'm being insanely selfish. Even worse is when she wants to use the computer while I'm on it! She'll say she just has something quick to check up (email or something), but it always seems to end up that she may as well check on something else, like her Ebay bids, or whatnot.

Urgh! I grit my teeth in frustration at these moments.

Just today, I was reading a magazine (down to the second to last page) and I didn't know she was reading over my shoulder. I turned the page and she asked me if I could turn it back for just a second. I became snippy and I told her I'm almost done with the magazine and can't she wait until I'm finished?

Her reply: "You can be such a bitch sometimes." And now she's mad at me.

I guess this entry doesn't shine a light in my favor, but there is a lot of history regarding my relationship with my older sister (too long to get into) which makes me react to her in a not-so-sisterly fashion. I love her, but sometimes I don't like her, and I'm sure she feels the same about me.

Not exactly the way I want to start a sleep and being a meanie....
I wish I could be just for one day the Headless Horseman. Not to kill anybody! But to scare my teacher(s).

You see, there's a reason why I have this nickname. :D

:eek: Look what I found. My favorite POTC Poster! I asked in a cinema if they would give it to me, but they told me they have to send it back to Universal (or something...). And now I found it in a Shop:

Oh my.... I love it!!!!
check out my real site Deppified haha!
Gibbs: Jack you know better then to wake a man when sleeping! its bad luck.
Jack: Forchently I know how to counter it. The man doing the waking. Buys the man who was sleeping a drink. The man who was sleeping drinks his drink well listening to a propistion from the man who did the waking.
there aren't any cool fonts on here. Darn it. I'll just use this one then. So, my top 3 favorite movies are:

1)Pirates of the Caribbean

in case you didn't know.....hehe.:D :fresh:
Saturday night I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl for a second time. I enjoyed it this time as well, though I'm still convinced that it's at least ten minutes too long.
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