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Planet of the Apes 2001

An Air Force astronaut crash lands on a mysterious planet where evolved, talking apes dominate a race of primitive humans...

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Cont'd....the visual style of Tim Burton one is actually the most faithful to the original. the way the apes act, the little details like apes being afraid of water, isn't that like humans being afraid of the dark, a trait passed from our ancestors when the most dangerous predators we feared were Nocturnal. animals fear what makes them vulnerable. and most people today DO still act like neanderthals, even though we deny it, pumping our proverbial chest when a female walks by, following the Alpha males of a group, women "preening" themselves before a date, all the little mannerisms we don't notice would be passed down over thousands of years of evolution. just like every other organism. just like intelligent apes. And in the end thats exactly what the planet of the apes concept is all about, they are holding a mirror up to society, to show us how truly primitive and savage humans really are. WE ARE THE APES. Burton portrayed the apes as silly, houmous, primitive beings trying to act human. and that's exactly what makes the underlying social commentary so powerful. at the heart Humans are just silly creatures pretending we are something we are not, and blinded by our inflated sense of self importance and arrogance, living in a collective denial. like Charelton Heston said in the first movie; "Somewhere in the universe, there must be something better than humans"
not a bad movie at all. id say 3rd best "Apes" so far in 2015. Original 1969 > Dawn > Tim Burton's reboot. the problem was people were comparing it to the original 1969 version. and just like every remake reboot, nothing can reach the unrealistic standards of the rose-colored glasses of Nostalgia. half of the hopeless geeks that bash this movie haven't even seen the original, or wouldn't recognize it all these years later. and the majority of 1969 moviegoers were high on drugs and "free love" hippie counter culture anyway. just look at all the awful 1970's spinoffs!, even the original only became a cult classic due to Charlton Heston's over-the-top campy acting.

And 9 months later Hollywood gave birth to an almost perfect prequel to this movie.
great movie, disregard the wannabe film critics that compare this to the 1968 movie, most people never saw that movie anyway.
Not a bad movie.. I liked watching it, it would have been good if they did a sequel to this one.
Tim Burton re-makes...oh, I'm sorry, "re-imagines"...the 1968 cult classic Planet of the Apes, which starred Charlton Heston. Here, Heston is replaced by the far less iconic Mark Wahlberg, and Burton has fleshed out a lot more of the backstory. And yet, something is missing from this incarnation of the story. Although I am not by any means a fan of the original film (and would rate Burton's version only slightly behind the original), I can't deny that the 1968 movie delivers some campy delights...mainly thanks to the ludicrously over-the-top performance of Heston. This version has so much attention to detail, and so expertly creates this alien world, that much of the humour and spontaneity needed in a story like this is lost. Paul Giamatti tries to add some comic relief, but isn't too successful. Far better is Tim Roth as the villainous leader of the apes, a man who reminds us how unsettling apes can be. Wahlberg is as stiff as ever in the lead role, and the love triangle involving Wahlberg, Helena Bonham Carter (as an ape) and Estella Warren is not really developed at all. Planet of the Apes does at least contain a rousing scene as its all-out, full-scale battle between the rebels and the apes. Unfortunately, Burton, in an effort to one-up the original version, has added a twist ending to the film that is not only completely illogical, but clumsily revealed. Burton is so talented visually that he can elevate standard action material (like Batman) to a level that approaches high-art. In this film, though, he seems content to let the apes be the spectacle. It's just too bad that the story and script of the film seem like they were typed by a thousand monkeys sitting at a thousand typewriters... (BASIC)
Going into Planet of the apes, i did not have high hopes. I mean, the concept of the movies itself seemed ludicrous and it seemed to belong to the group of blockbuster , high cost duds like Godzilla. Well, i was only partly right. Even ignoring the lame, gaudy Monkey costumes, cliched plot, and seriously lousy ending, Planet seems at best a mediocre film, even if its by Tim Burton. However what saves it is a caustic social satire and the refective nature of the ills of human society. Beneath the lame ape costumes, so-so special efx, and contrived romance is a refection of human society and the reflection of man's brutality and innately aggressive nature. Apes are in fact a parody of humans and it gives Planet a caustic satirical touch a la Truman Show that lifts it slightly above the mediocre big budget movies. A watchable and entertaining movie, though it could have been better.
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am a big Tim Burton fan, I've practically seen all his movies: "Batman" , "Sleepy Hollow", "Edward Scissorhands", "The Nightmare before Christmas" are the Directors best works to name a few. But when I first heard, that Director Tim Burton was going to make a remake of the original classic sci fi movie "Planet Of The Apes" with Charlton Heston, I was skeptical. Everyone knows that remakes of classic movies 90% of the time, plain suck. The movie remake of "Psycho" is a good example. I was further skeptical that Tim Burton's remake would equal the success of the original because all the ideas thought possible were used for the "Planet Of The Apes" series and movies. Apes going into space, an Ape's son taking over the world, and even mutant beings are just a couple of the ideas that were used for the four sequels and 2 television series that wanted to profit of the 1968 film. Now after watching the film , my gut instinct told me I was right. The New version of Planet of The Apes is highly predictable, copying a large bulk of material from the original, with brief differences. Probably the biggest problem that this movie itself has it the lamest, and dumbest ending in movie history. In fact, the ending looks like it was written by a 13 yr old, who has too many cheap sci fi films. The end of the film, lets you down with an incredibly stupid ending that makes you feel like you wasted time watching it. Even Tim Burton commented after the film, that he would not make another sequel. Apparently, even he knew that his movie failed. Now my review of the film: Planet of The Apes starts with great visual effects, as we learn that an Air Force Space Station has occupied the universe. Mark Walhberg plays Captain Leo Davidson, who is teaching scientific chimps how to pilot space vessels for research. Basically, the chimps are sent as probes , if you will, to uncharted planets. However, something goes wrong, and the head chimp, gets lost on a voyage to a planet. Davidson, caring for the chimp, disobeys orders and goes after him. Now then comes the copying of the original film into the remake,but Burton tries his best or worst to not make it look like a copycat film. Davidson is eventually captured by the Apes of the Planet. Just like the original film, the Apes personality traits are split by class. The warriors are made mostly of Apes and Gorillas. The lying and cunniving politicians are made up of Urangantans. While the more sympathetic apes relate more to the chimp class. In the original fim, Charlton Heston has the famous line that all fans know when he is captured by the Apes: "Let go of me you damn dirty ape". However, Burton changes the script to not copy the original. In the remake, it is the ape who use a line similiar to this: "Let go of me you damn dirty human" ... Lol. I laughed for a while when I saw this. It's just a very dumb scene. Because even Burton changed the lines, it's still trying to copy that classic scene from the original. Anyways Davidson is captured and eventually meets the head Ape of the planet. Davidson is eventually put into the lines of human slaves that the apes have. Here also Burton tries to add differences between this film and the original. If you recall in the original, Charlton Heston was the only human who could think and talk, while all the over humans either had labotomies or had their throats cut out. This made Heston's character, Taylor, much more unique and dangerous to the apes. In the remake though, Burton makes it so all humans can talk. This made Walhberg's character not as unique and dangerous, as the original Heston character. Tim Roth, plays the evil General Thade who is the military dictator in control of the planet. For the most part, Roth's part is admirable, he does display that aura of intimidation and fear, that all villians in the movie have, but all of this is ripped to shreds by the horrible ending of the film. Eventually Davidson and the rest of his human and ape friends stage a revolt against General Thade to see who will rule the planet. This is actually one of the few good points of the film, Burton gives you the hope that things will turn out the best in the end, but not necessarily... Without giving away the ending of the film, all I can say is that it is one of the cheesiest, dumbest endings I've seen!!! In fact, my first reaction to the ending was disbelief, followed by sheer laughter. I couldn't believe that Burton had done that type of ending. The ending reminds me of those low budget, cheap sci fi endings from the 1950's and 60's. If I wanted to see sci fi movies with a cheap , laughable, ending I would watched the reruns of "Mystery Science Theater 3000"!!. What upsets me about the ending, is that before the ending, we are lead to believe that the movie is going to end one way. In fact, if the movie ended up the way I thought it was going to end, I would have given it a perfect 10!!! But Burton (I don't know what he was thinking)sabotages, the good film with a cheap ending, that leaves you feeling rip-offed. That's the best way I can put it. Several weeks after the movie was released, Burton said he would not do a sequel to "Planet Of The Apes". It seems that Burton himself, knew that he messed up a perfectly good film and , proved that remakes of classic films should be left alone. Burton himself hasn't done a film since "Planet Of The Apes"(until his newest films like Big Fish I believe it's called),hopefully the next film he does won't be a remake of any originals. I am a big Tim Burton fan, but the remake of "Planet Of The Apes" is probably the worst film that he has done.
I love this movie. I don't care that it's based on another movie at all. The DVD is great too. You have to check it out.
So when you haven't seen a film that everyone else thinks is a masterpiece, you feel like you just have to see it. With SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, I had seen it in theaters 6 years ago when it first came out, and I remember liking it, but I couldn't remember why. SO, got it from the Netflix recently, along with the 2001 remake of PLANET OF THE APES. We'll start with SPR.....................Which is underwhelming, to say the least. Actually, I'm of the distinct opinion that Spielberg sandwiched a shitload of bullshit in between two extraordinary battle scenes. That's old Spielberg for ya. While I am of the impression that he is an outrageously talented filmmaker, he's too caught up with the sentimental side of filmmaking. Does every film have to tug at the heartstrings? Does every film have to make the viewer cry? No, god no. If he would, just once, go back to what he did with JAWS. He came close with MINORITY REPORT, which was a great film, but fumbled it in the end. Come on, Spielberg! Grow a pair and get fucking mean. Just give us that visceral thrill that we so desperately need from you. On that note, we move on down the road to Tim Burtons' PLANET OF THE APES remake. What the hell was he thinking? It could have been great, were it not so goddamned cheesy. You expect cheesiness from the original, but not from the remake. Wait, what am I saying? It's a planet, of apes, how can it not be some grade-A gouda? Still, with as talented a visual director as Burton is, you'd expect more. Ah, who cares. I and everyone else know he'll never top ED WOOD(fuck a bunch of BIG FISH) so he might as well just stop trying, and make some really solid films. Underwhelming. Man, I hate saying that fucking word.
It tries to be an action movie, but it fails miserably. Uninteresting, horrible script, bad action, and awful, awful ending that really came out of nowhere and had no reason for it. How did it happen? *.5/****
:fresh: If im honest i didn't hold out much hope for Planet Of The Apes,i admit i've never seen the originals and three years after the release of this version i've only just got around to catching it. Fearing it just to be another "no brain" Hollywood money spinner i have always been cautious but after seeing the movie i take it all back. Yeah the endings a little corny and having Marky Mark whalberg as the lead wouldnt have been my first choice(although credit where credits due,he does do a good job)but overall its a good,entertaining movie. The film looks great,you can tell its a Tim Burton movie just from the feel of it,story flows along nicely and it does get you thinking about the whole man/monkey thing. I was left at the end of the movie really wanting more,it left me wondering how it all evolved and what would happen to our star next,shame a sequel has never materialised. All in all im glad i gave this movie a chance and would highly recommend it to all. :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: 7/10
Planet of the Apes (2001)
review to come
I'm sure that many of us have seen the original Planet of the Apes. You know, the one with Charlton Heston? It was a pretty good movie. The new version has almost nothing in common with it, which also happens to be it's biggest saving grace. It's a particularly nasty piece of crap in the pile of crap from the collective puckered anus of Hollywood. This truly horrendous excuse for a movie starts out about fifty years in the future. A space station is training monkeys to fly spacecraft. A chimp flies into a magnetic storm and the "hero", Leo Davidson (Mark Wahlburg) goes after him. Leo finds himself transported to another planet, upon which he crash-lands. It's a planet ruled by apes with humans as slaves. Leo teams up with Ari, a "human rights" female ape and eventually leads them all to freedom. Sound like a good movie? It might have been, but the screenwriter was a preachy, imbecilic nimrod. This movie will ram its 'moral" message into every major orifice on your body, leaving you feeling cheap and violated, like Jeffery Dahmner's prom date. That in and of itself isn't so bad, but do we really want a self-righteous lesson on why religious people are stupid when we go to a movie like this? Do we really want to know about why Republicans are so evil and Democrats are so wise and noble in a movie like this? This movie is a prime example of why Hollywood should leave the politics for movies about politics. It's just another example among many that Hollywood is full of self-satisfied yuppies. If I had wanted my senses overwhelmed with such dookie, I would have dunked my head into a construction site porto-potty. The acting is so-so. Mark Wahlburg once again makes humanity wonder why he gets paid for this kind of thing. Maybe they should cast him as a fencepost in his next movie. Tim Roth plays the evil General Thade, but his character consists of a fascist cardboard cutout and little more. He spends the movie growling all of his lines. I can't really blame him, it seemed to be about the only thing to do with such a worthless role. Estella Warren (the "romantic interest") may be very easy on the eyes, but her acting (when the screenplay decides that she needs to) is flatter than a pancake in a garbage compactor. The other assorted actors seem lost as well. The screenwriter for this movie should be strung up by his hairy beanbag for such an insult to humanity. The dialogue is clunkier than my poorly maintained VW bug, the plot is thinner than Kate Moss, and the character development is as non-existent as Jimmy Hoffa. The ending (which was probably where the writer's acid trip climaxed) has to be the absolute worst I have ever seen. It made absolutely no sense whatsoever, I kid you not. In the original, the apes thought humans were inferior because humans were mute and stupid. Humans speak and are intelligent in this version, so why do the apes think that humans are inferior? We sure don't know, and I'm sure the screenwriter doesn't either. The biggest problem is that the whole movie thinks it's such a great piece of art, when really it's just a reeking wad of stringy mucous shot from a projector onto the screen.The fact that Tim Burton agreed to work on this project makes me wonder if he (and everyone else involved in this train wreck) is illiterate. Surely any sane person who can read wouldn't have come anywhere near the script for fear that touching it would corrupt their immortal soul. Burton does an okay job of directing, but while it's obvious that this is a Tim Burton movie, much of his style is missing. Danny Elfman does the score (as he does for almost all Tim Burton movies), but it's not his typical fare either. It's like everyone working on the movie didn't care too much about it. All they wanted out of it was a paycheck. The action scenes are pretty clich