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Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World 1998

Pocahontas sets off on a journey to England with Meeko, Flit, and Percy. Hearing rumors of John Smith's death, Pocahontas tries to prevent war and battle...

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Why did they change the story and the leading man. And even my "JOHN SMITH"huhuhuhu I been always writing story about pocahontas and John smith and this happened WHY????
John smith became some asshole who became popular and wanting all and abandoning Pocahontas easily leaving her to another John wich is JOHN Ralph WHAT THE FUDGE!!!
I like it! It is a bit weird with the new John but they suit very well!! A nice movie and finally a happy end for Pocahontas!
This is the worst Disney film in raft of pointless remakes and sequels which Disney chucked out in late 90s. Animation would be a disgrace to seventies TV cartoon. As for art direction ... One example of this travesty will sufice. When Pochontas arrives in London, artists manage to mix up Medieval, Tudor, Stuart and Regency period dress all all in one scene. Oh and London has gas lights.
Disney surely succeeded in making us hate our last film's hero, John Smith, by turning him into an annoying piece of lowlife who only stands in the way.
Even the biggest John Smith fans (are there any?) will have a hard time enjoying his comeback, since we've met a nicer and English-er man for Pocahontas to marry.

The king's blind stupidness and the return of whatever-his-name was awkward enough, though the top of this rotten iceberg still is the John Smith-situation; he was our good guy in the first Pocahontas film, for Pete's sake.
Even Pocahontas turned him down, and basicly told him to go fuck himself when he asked her to join him on his travels.

She's obviously over him, even though the film started with her being all depressed over his "death".

The story is decent, but this was a flaw that bothered me. The songs weren't very enjoyable either.
Another dumb one by Disney. The plot itself is way off the original. Pocahontas marrying another guy is silly, absurd and ridiculous. Nothing here is appealing of funny. One of Disney's many worsts.
In the first movie, my favorite character was John Smith. Handsome, Adventurous, has a sense of humor. The perfect hero. In the second movie, he gets blown off. His character is SO different. What an air-head they made him. A bimbo-headed idiot. How could they do that? How could Disney do that? Just blow him off and who comes in? Pretty Boy John Ralph. How could Pocahontas pick Ralph over Smith? Just tell him their time is over, that's what she did. I mean obviousy Smith was much more caring about her safety than Ralph. I just couldn't beleive it. I'm seriously crying as I write this. In my opinion, Pocahontas was the absolute best animated feature Disney ever did. Pocahontas was a real heroine. Smith the handsome hero. The sequel absolutely destroyed the beautiful image of the first. What happened to the songs they shared? Colors of the Wind? If I never knew you? I just can't get over the fact that they changed Smith's character! And that Pocahontas dumped him for Ralph!!! It makes me absolutely angry and frustrated.

Besides that, the movie's animation wasn't as good as the first. The idea was more comical, which took away from the emotional impact.

In other words, you would probably only want to watch this movie because it's a sequel, and your curiosity will get the best of you anyway. I try to forget the sequel when I think about the original.
Sequel to the first Pocahontas. It was okay, but not great. Like the first one the history was not correct. John Smith is back, but not played by Mel Gibson. Donal Gibson was the voice very close, but you could tell it wasn't Mel. John Roth was played by Billy Zane (Titanic). The story takes place as Pocahontas leaves her home and goes to England. Which in history she did do? Alot was written different for children to be entertained.
The original was not the best Disney film released, but it certainly wasn't horrible. Journey to a New World however is an awful sequel that deserved to go straight to home release. The voice acting is poor, but it doesn't really matter when the story is crap.
Good humour and surprisingly fresh, but the factual errors are too great in quantity to simply ignore.
now before i begin my review, i shall tell you a little history. I love disney classics! they hardly fail! but that doesnt mean they can make alot of sequels. in the 2000's they made alot of sequels. time after time disney has made horribly written sequels of great films. and heres another one! pocahontas II journey to a new world. this film makes you want to watch more disney classics. why? BECAUSE ANYTHING IS MORE FUN THAN WATCHING THIS CRAP! the story is stupid, the characters are annoying and the film itself is boring!
A very annoying sequel to a much better first film. The most part is the characters. They suck so badly and I hate the animals. The movie is dissatisfying. After seeing the reviews of this film, I initially didn't want to see this film but thought it would be a lot of fun to see 1500s london.