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Quantum of Solace 2008

James Bond descends into mystery as he tries to stop a mysterious organization from eliminating a country's most valuable resource. All the while, he still tries to seek revenge over the death of his love...

Release Date:
106 min
Marc Forster
Neil Jackson, Tim Pigott-Smith, David Decio, ...
Thriller, Crime, Action, ...

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Solar rating:8.3 /10


Imdb rating: 6.7 /10

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Wow, what a mess of a movie. I can tell there was a a writers strike during production and Craig and the Director were doing re-writes on the way to location..out of all 4 of Craig's Bond films, this one ranks dead last.
Boring, pointless... i love Craig, but..
@TheNoobOfRoblox no way, Sean Connery is the man.
The best James Bond is Daniel Craig. Great movie.
What happened to SKYFALL - its been removed completely????
no way this bond totally sucks
The best 007 actor after sean connery! One of the very good bond movies!
meh. could have been better. there could have been more explenation in the storyline. the effects are nice, the acting is good but... it seems the action is a bit mediocre. but its still enjoyable to watch
Not nearly as good as Casino Royale. Way too confusing plot. As I watched it, after awhile I started to not even care about trying to figure it out because the parts I was actually getting were so corny anyway. But still looking forward to seeing the next Bond film, mostly cause Casino Royale was so good and I love Daniel Craig!
Good, but could have been better. Casino Royale was arguably much better. This film lacked the usual Bond sparkle and the chemistry between the leads was a bit mediocre. The plot was way too complicated to follow and some parts weren't explained very clearly. However Daniel Craig still makes an excellent Bond, the best and the thrill you get from watching a Bond film never quite lets you down.Grade: B-
What people don't get about Casino Royale and this movie are that Casino Royale was the emotional and dramatic setup and this is the revenge and angry movie that came about because of Casino Royale. So it is expected that it would be full of action but also keeps the emotion that was in the previous movie, this therefore is a more than worthy sequel and is going to be hard to beat in the third Bond movie featuring Daniel Craig.
Daniel Craig delivers once again as James Bond, in an outing that lives up to the standards set by Casino Royale. I disagree with the critics that say die-hard James Bond fans wont like this movie. This is because I myself am as much as a die-hard James Bond fan as you will meet. This is one of the best Bond films.
Daniel Craig is the god damn man. He shows up all around the world and kicks people knee caps in then gives hot women the cold shoulder (which is so unlike stereotypical Bond but so awesome). This is slowly becoming my favorite version of the Bond franchise. Not only are the films connected, but emotional distress that 007 suffers in Casino Royale carries over to this film. Lessons he learned in the first film also carry over (about trusting no one). While this isn't as good as Casino Royale, it's a solid sequel to set up the third film "Bond 23". It is hard to top the poker scene in Casino Royale but this film sets up a real interesting powerful enemy. I like where they are going with the enemy where it isn't your typical "Evil" villain but really a power struggle between powerful organizations around the world from the CIA to Corporations. It ties up some loose ends from the first film it leaves the viewer with some new questions for the third. That action scenes in my opinion are a lot like the Bourne Series but better! ok concept, good execution. WATCH IT!(WARNING: Make sure you watch Casino Royale first before watch this one, it will be hard to follow if you don't!)
I am a big james bond fan and when this movie came out i went to see it on opening day. I have to say it was a good enough film but it still dosen't compare to casino royale or goldeneye but it instead stand more on its own as a sequel and its a good sequel but not as good as its counterpart. its like what airplane 2 is to airplane its just not as good.
this american action movie takes all the elegance and James and essence.
When "Quantum Of Solace" first came out last year, I was advised to avoid the film like the proverbial plauge. Having now seen the movie on TV, I feel "Quantum" deserves better than the criticism it received last year. Yes, the film IS humourless, and DOES move at a rather frentic pace from one cliffhanger to another, as James Bond (Daniel Craig) hunts those responsible for the death of his love Vesper Lynd in "Casino Royale." But "Quantum" should be treated as Casino Royale part two (and I think 007 works best when he's sans humour and gadgets anyway).
This was actually really boring, and quite shameless in it's blatent Bourne rip-off moments.
--A clear relapse in old times."No real waste of time watching this movie but still it sucked.", or something like that was I thinking when I left the cinema. It is definitely a relapse in old Pierce Brosnan times. Craig played less convincing than he did in his first Bond. Driven by revenge there was no parody on the own movies (How do you like your Martini?) and no convincing motive to do a mess in your enemy's room like there were in Casino Royale. It was just some ludicrous reason like never fading revenge. Great, this could be some Steven Seagal or J.C. van Damme film with some really nice special effects. Disappointing!However, you know, it's still a Bond. So it deserves at least some charity points. Rest in peace, Bond!?
I didn't know what to expect with the sequel to 'Casino Royale'. Heck, the name 'Quantum of Solace' didn't make since to me until I looked it up. The first was a great reboot to a franchise starving to come back to the cinema world. Two years later, and James Bond returns. 'Solace' is fast paced, breathless, and almost as good as 'Royale'. The story picks up right where the first one left us (literally). Bond this time is after the mysterious Quantum organization to undercover an evil plot. While it's it good story for a sequel, it feels sometimes as the movie progresses that it stays off mark of the plot then and there. The love interest, unidentified suspects, women, etc. The movies main villain, Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric), is unconvincing and laughable. He doesn't fit the profile for a standard Bond villain. He's wimpy and expects his men to do the work for him. Bond's woman interest, Olga Kurylenko, is actually smart, intellectually, and sexy to fit the Bond girl profile. But all in all, the action is quite phenomenal and doesn't stop, while Daniel Craig is excellent again as Agent 007. The story is able to give a feeling for Bond on his actions like the originals. The ending result will make Bond fans satisfied. Director Marc Forster keeps Bond going in the right direction. Let's hope Sam Mendes (director for the next film) continues the streak for the third Craig-Bond movie.
This film is really not worthy of a review. I am just doing it out my moral sense of duty for the general welfare of mankind. I admit to being rather unacquainted with post-Moore Bond. But I have to ask, has it really sunk this low?Maybe I needed to have seen the previous Bond film to appreciate/understand whatever plot was on offer in "Quantum of Solace"?Marc Forster has delivered the worst, and most annoying, directing I have seen in a long, long time. The action scenes consist of hundreds of microsecond cuts that result in you not being able to tell what the fuck is going on amongst the blurry mess. If you can't enjoy the action scenes in a Bond film then I'm afraid it has failed, big time.Daniel Craig looks like he could be a cool incarnation of Bond, even though he appears to be much more akin to a Bond villain. I despise Judi Dench, as an actress, and she features quite heavily in this, reprising her role as the completely unbelievable "M". So that is another big negative.A terrible film, one of the worst I have seen in the last few years. "Terminator Salvation" actually seems half-decent compared to this. My recommendation is to avoid "Quantum of Solace" at all costs, repeatedly punching yourself in the genitals is preferable to watching this steaming pile of shite.