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Racing Stripes 2005

An abandoned zebra (voice of Frankie Muniz) grows up believing he is a racehorse, and, with the help of his barnyard friends and a teenage girl (Hayden Panettiere), sets out to achieve his dream of racing with thoroughbreds...

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Imdb rating: 5.2 /10

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I have watched it with whole family, nice and relax
In the middle of a raging thunderstorm, a traveling circus accidentally leaves behind some very precious cargo -- a baby zebra (voiced by Frankie Muniz). The gangly little foal is rescued by horse farmer Nolan Walsh (Bruce Greenwood), who takes him home to his young daughter Channing (Hayden Panettiere). The little zebra, or "Stripes," as Channing calls him, is soon introduced to the farm's misfit troupe of barnyard residents. From the first moment Stripes lays eyes on the track, he's hooked -- he knows that if he could just get the chance, he could leave all those other horses in the dust. What he doesn't know is...he's not exactly a racing horse. There's no question -- Racing Stripes is a really surprisingly good. The human characters support the animals, who are characterized through a remarkable combination of live footage and cinematic manipulation. The animals are appealing characters that walk, talk and do things one doesn't usually expect. Some will consider Racing Stripes to be a kids' film, but it's really for everyone. And it's well worth seeing. Warner Bros. Pictures
It's great fun for the younsters, and with the animals often hilarious humour, succeeds big time to entertain. I'm in my 20's and I loved it, I really enjoyed the delivery bird guy's Scar Face and Godfather lines, the movies a success! It's just too bad we've got shitty critics these days, It's hard to figure out why it got evenly poor reviews:confused: Kyle's Review
This movie was very cute and somewhat predictable, like the trailers promised. However, there were some pretty disgusting scenes with the flies and some "almost curse words" such as ass in what is supposedly a children's movie. Other than that, it was a great story that seemed to end a little quickly.
Very light, enjoyable movie. Almost like two story lines in one. One with the animals and one with the humans. I don't know whats wrong with the professional reviewers. They must live in their own little bubbles.
"Drop it like it's hot...drop it like it's hot..." Overall: What can I say. Forget it, unless you're a big fan of zebras then I guess I can't stop you. OTCE...or rather, No-Time-Cinematic-Entertainment
Tedious, and infantile even for kids. No effort was made to develop a plot for this stupid talking animal "comedy," and it shows. There is no connection to the characters, animal or human, and no one over the age of four could remotely care what happens. If the film makers didn't why should we? A throw-away movie if ever there was one. Precise Knight Rating 3.1 Viewed on DVD
:D i thought this movie was absoulutly fantastic it keeps u on the edge of ure seat wondering whats gunna happen next i love it
This is another movie clearly based on formula. The formula copied here can be found in Babe. This movie stars a zebra that thinks it's a race horse. Although it is very cool to watch the race scenes, the rest of the movie is full of banter between the barnyard animals. There is alot of potty humor especially between Snoop and David Spade, the flies. The mobster pelican is occasionally funny but the other animals grow tiresome. This has family appeal but nothing original.VIDEO 9/10The cinematography is often spectacular.AUDIO 8/10Dialogue and music are mostly up front. The race scenes are well done and will engage your subwoofer.SUMMARY 6/10This is a basic formulaic children's movie that has just enough entertainment to entertain adults. Babe is much better.
This is obviously no masterpiece, and I didn't expect it to be. But considering it's a kid's movie it deserves a 7 for doing its job: entertaining kids with its wholesome, adorable and even inspiring plot and characters. If you're an adult, odds are u might think it's dull, but from a kid's perspective it should be pretty cool. Just ask my 5 year old cousin...
DVD First Viewing, 1 Du Chau film seen I wonder if the flies knew that they were eating bone scrapings from a horse when they ate the marshmallows? I bet they wouldn't have liked the thought of that too much. They seemed to be very friendly with the good horses (and the zebra that thought he was a racehorse). Racing Stripes makes the fatal flaw of humanizing its animal characters a bit too much, but what should we expect from feel-good family entertainment? Perhaps I expected fewer KFC jokes from the chicken, but it won't corrupt children any more than a zoo (unless they really believe that animals speak english).
Hey people. I'm tired as you can see. But it's 5:30 something so what's the point of going back to sleep. Alghough now i feel dizzzy so i guess I am gonna go lie down for a while. LOVE YAS TTFN ta ta for nowKara
Kids might be entertained.
WAR OF THE WORLDS6/10Meh. This'll probably get noted by the Academy for visual and sound effects, which were very impressive, but for learned people like you and I, were not a mask for lesser acting and plot-development. Dakota Fanning is creepy. Tom Cruise hasn't done a good movie since Jerry Maguire. And until I see A Few Good Men, I'm not convinced he did any good movies before that, either. Well, he was pretty good in Interview With the Vampire, I guess. But I digress. FANTASTIC FOUR5/10I've been waiting for a Fantastic Four since I was about 5. I was 16 when I watched this. That's a long time to wait for a movie. And it wasn't a superhero movie. Spider-Man was a superhero movie; he saved multiple people in multiple scenes, had multiple confrontations with the villain, and even had a decent plot in between it all. In this movie...they saved people from a disaster The Thing caused through his own carelessness. They made Jessica Alba strip down to her lingerie because they felt she wasn't scantily-clad enough in Sin City. Then there was the extreme sports scene, which was unnecessary and dumb. I guess the only reason I didn't outright loathe it is because Dr. Doom is the best villain ever, although you wouldn't know it from this movie. RACING STRIPES2/10I give it one extra point because Dustin Hoffman does a voice in it. MARCH OF THE PENGUINS9/10Falsely advertised. One commercial says, "This summer, see how fun it is to be a penguin!" or something along those lines. Then you go see the movie and how much the lives of penguins suck. Still, it's beautiful, tragic, and rated G for images of dead penguin babies. Yes, that sentence contained a spoiler; I credit Optimized with the "highlight to read" teachnique. I also saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but I rated that in a previous entry.
It doesn't know what it wants to be a comedy or a drama or about the child or about the zebra. It has an identity crisis. The voice acting of the animals just seems wasted and pointless and tacked on.
I love watching movies with the family, and, often (mainly because our children are brilliant), we have no problem finding movies we all can enjoy. I have been wanting to see Racing Stripes for quite awhile, particularly because of the amazing talent: Joey Pantoliano, Dustin Hoffman, Snoop.... But what this was was a steaming pile of horse dooky. The story was lame. The acting was overwrought. And, I don't know if I am just hypersensitive to accents, but it was pretty easy to tell the film was not shot in Kentucky anytime any human actors opened their mouth.
(**): Kids might like it but I just felt that it was too cliched for me.
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