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Raise Your Voice 2004

A girl from a small town heads to the big city of Los Angeles to spend the summer at a performing arts high school...

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Ok, I'll start this off in saying I thought this was a good movie. Am I alittle bias about it, probably. Being a music major in college, I love music, anything that has anything to do with music. I thought this was a great movie, that had music all throughout it. I also must say that I think by far for this up and coming actress this is her best role by far. It toook her away from the goody goody girl that she has been know to play. And also let me tell you she can cry, on the drop of a dime. I think this is a good movie for the younger crowd, it has good morals, and lessons to be learned. I also got teary eyed a few times in the show. I don't know what it was about this movie, but I liked it. Go see it for a feel good movie.
Lets see the thuth of it all and be honest most fil critics are old and would care less about a young star imerging. And would rather not see Raise Your Voice and only did because they are critics so why do we care what they say. Why would teens not see a movie because some old boot bag didn't like the movie but here is what I thought about the movie. a teens opinion who goes to the movies all the time not some crackhead that only likes war, nudity, and violence.

Raise Your Voice starring Hilary Duff, Jason Ritter, and Oliver James a story of a small town girl named Terri Fletcher is going to be a true classic. With Hilary leaving behind her lizzie McGuire shadow and growing up without becoming a slut *cough lindsay lohan cough* shows her best side in this movie. No catchy lines that makes her look childish and the performance by Oliver James is fantastic.
All teens and even adults will appreciate this movie for what it stands for well unless you are the idiots who are wanna-be Ebert and Ropert.

I here by vote this movie and rate this movie:fresh: fresh.

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW THIS MOVIE WAS SOOOO GOOD!!! HILARY DUFF WILL ROCK YOUR SOCKS. SHES SOOOOO SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXY! I SAW IT ONCE AND IM LIKE...WHOA I GOTTA SEE THAT AGAIN. SO I DID. AND IT WAS SOOO SOOO SOOO GOOD! And her aunt is such a milf....:D...u dirty dirty ashamed of all of you...especially you jacob...and greg...cuz he clearly has beef with the duff.
Hilary is the worst actress!
Last night my friends persuaded me to go and see Raise Your Voice. I went along since I had nothing better to do. It turned out to be one of the worst, cheesiest movies ever - a total waste of the $4.00 I paid to get in. It was cliched and predictable. Right from the beginning I could guess what was going to happen. The plot was completely awful and it reveled that Hillary Duff really doesn't have a shred of talent in her entire body. Her acting was terrible and her singing was even worse. The entire reason that this movie gets a rating of three is because of her music teacher. I can't remember the name of the actor but he's the one who played the cello. He's the only reason that this movie has any spark whatsoever. Everything else in this movie is just generic, family-values tripe.
Stupid me actually, working at a video for 5 years. I keep watching all of these stupid movies. Anyways, Raise Your Voice sucked. It did not suck as bad as Chasing Liberty though. I do not like Hillary Duff.
Catching up on some of the movies from Netflix.

Before Sunset was a sweet movie to watch as two people spend some quality time just talking to each other. More movies should be like this.

Alien vs. Predator gives the people what they want: battles between the aliens and the predators. Too bad it's not as likable as its predecessors.

Shark Tale is a fun little picture but lacks the crossover appeal other cartoons like The Incredibles have.

Friday Night Lights showcases some great football action but wasn't very compelling when it came to its story.

Raise Your Voice is an endless cycle of seeing Hilary Duff crying, the father yelling, the students jamming, and Duff being happy. It gets really tiring.
Grave of the Fireflies
Really well done movie by Studio Ghibli detailing the effects of WWII through its characters. The only thing that gets me is a few stiff spots and the way its drawn, its not really my style of animation and I know it shouldt fault the movie, but here it did for me.

Raise Your Voice
Awful film. It had great promise here and there but didnt pan out. I did enjoy Hilary Duff's performance however as her and the guy from Joan of Arcadia are the films only saving grace.
This movie is so cute! Hilliary Duff protrayed a moving and motivated character, which follows through to her dreams even dispite the loss of her brother. She fights through the struggle and comes out on top! That is one amazing voice that she has...

:fresh: omg this movie is full on ball fest it will have u laughing and crying all at the same time i loved it its soo touching and omg oliver james is soo dam fine
"Raise Your Voice" is one of those crappiest movies I have seen. There is nothing really interesting about it not unless if your a Hilarry Duff fan:o ...well, well, she doenst even know how to act..and sing!! And she's kinda fat for her height.
Raise you voice was so good and a total different act for Hillary Duff it is realy amazing
Everything you would expect from this movie with no extra surprises. Isn't it time that put this plot on the shelf for a while its just getting tedious just like hilary duff. Sure she's cute and all but we are all gonna get burned out on her before her career even gets started.
Wow, one of the worst films ever made. Hilary Duff plays the same character in every film, not that it matters, she cant act anyway.
Iv tried to give her a go as an actress, but her films just get worse and worse, please stop the pain you put us through Hilary!

I found myself laughing when i should be crying and the sound of Hilary's so called "Best Voice Ever" (as mentioned in the film) was just painfull to listen to. Nothing beat the super cheesy ending either. Infact, they should just call the film Raise Your Cheese!
Was a cute movie. Very upbeat and mood enhancer. Recommended when you need a pick me up and a movie that doesnt require a lot of thinking on the watchers part. Cute!
Why You Should See This Movie:
If you are into teen disney movies with actors like Hilary Duff, you wont be too dissapointed by this film. The formula is similar to other films in the genre and is mildly entertaining with a decent moral message at the end. The movie is centered around music and if you like the teen Disney music, there is some decent stuff.

Why You Shouldn't See This Movie:
If on the other hand, you dont especially like teen Disney movies, this is not one of the best and you should definitely avoid it. The acting feels more like an afterschool special than a feature film, and the entertainment value will only be seen by someone who likes the genre.

Raise Your Voice is a decent teen movie with some good music and a good moral message that fans of the genre will like, otherwise, this is one to skip.
I may be a guy but i think this is he best movie i have ever seen and it really helped me to be better in my music. And no im not gay.
raise your voice
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