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@AddLightness I think God Bless America is really good too, more obvious social critiques but i always think of that movie and this one together. The Waco implications amongst other things make this one a lot more gritty in my eyes but i think they are both awesome.
@Krythic I've noticed there's a very strange pattern of those keywords referring to overly specific events from very specific scenes in a movie.
Can someone please screen the keyword tags? I mean, they basically just told me what happens throughout the entire movie.
Michael Parks is the most underrated actor working today, and this movie is hilarious.... Better social commentary than AM talk radio.
I am not a big fan of Kevin Smith, and I did not expect much of this, with my expectations so low, I was a bit surprised at how good it turned out to be. The beginning of the movie has a horror/Rob Zombie kind of feel, and then, when I thought I knew what was going on, John Goodman rolls out of bed. Surprisingly clever movie, I would recommend it to those without blinders.
th' fanatically religious want to abolish things as well.. abolish this - abolish that.. 'twould be more effective to abolish those who wish to abolish stuff.
not what you'd expect from kevin smith but, man, did he say a mouthful with this one. just as i suspected; everyone's nuts but me.
not the greatest movie ever made but entertaining ha ha