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RoboCop 1987

In a dystopic and crime-ridden Detroit, a terminally wounded cop returns to the force as a powerful cyborg haunted by submerged memories...

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Imdb rating: 7.5 /10

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classic. still love this one to this day.
very good film, after 25 years still very fresh and an enjoyable si fi
@SparkyKarl I was hoping they would tell another side of the story!
I seen the new trailer to Robcop to day, I must say I'm very disappointed you will never beat the original, I can remember watching this when In my childhood so to see what they have done to this film has really made me sad.
Best action of the 8o's! No, but nly because it was released with heavy competition.
Paul Verhoeven delivers this smart sci-fi with character that is more human than robot.
That's a damn fine film. It even has the dad from That 70's Show as a villain.
This movie has over the top gore and it just goes over the top.But despite that it's a great sci-fi crime movie that will keep you interested all the way through.
This movie is being re-made instead of the bastards paying money to come up with a new more rockin 21st century idea.... a prime example of what is wrong with the world.... Im not saying people dont have any awesome ideas... but what i am saying is stealing them package them with half as much enthusiasm . Only ends up being very shitty .. . FUCKING A
This is also another film series which I have been introduced to out of order (I watched Robocop 3 when I was 6 on holiday in Malta (don't ask)) and I have been told that this Robocop movie is the best out of the three currently made.I did enjoy the movie, I have a lot of respect for Paul Verhoeven (though that was from watching The Black Book which wasn't the typical Paul Verhoeven movie) and though this film is currently very very dated I felt engrossed from beginning to end.Avoiding the obvious comments about the likelihood of a robotic cop in the future this film is interesting for other reasons, certainly it contains elements of great switch your brain off and vegetate action; but also it contains a underlying plot that questions what it means to be human,the ethics of possible robotic technology as well as illustrating the dangers of private corporations (particularly relevant at the time).Peter Weller certainly is convincing as Robocop but it has to be said that the success of the viewer emphasizing with Murphy is due to his performance as the pre Robo cop.Ultimately though the film does suffer from the fact that it is a little predictable and the novelty factor wares off quite quickly.In summary this is a good example of 80s Sci fi Fantasy and worthy of a prime place in ones DVD collection.
Taking a line from the movie, "I like it!"
RoboCop is a rare animal indeed. It's furiously paced and is absolutely chock-full of explosive, exciting action sequences, as you'd expect, but it also has a sense of humour that's very dark, and a satirical edge, which is extremely harsh and biting; a balance that many subsequent dystopian sci-fis have tried, and failed, to strike.It may be cartoonish, but, come on! A good, virtuous man is mercilessly gunned down by bad guys, and is resurrected as a kick-arse cyborg crime fighter? What's more comic book and cartoonish than that? And yes, it's violent, it's extremely violent, but it makes no apologies, and nor should it. We need it so that we are filled with revulsion and hate towards the villains, and root, whole-heartedly for Murphy.The effects in this movie are great, and still hold up after more than two decades, the acting is solid and Kirkwood Smith is especially great. The movie's score is worth writing home about, too, as it is loud and stirring. For a first foray into Hollywood, it also has to be said, Verhoven's direction is quality. It is confident and bold. He knows exactly what he wants this picture to be, and he gets it, as do we... with both barrels!RoboCop is a smart, funny, acerbic comment on capitalism with the ferocity of a Rottweiler with toothache! Brilliant with a capital B!
RoboCop has over the top violence and action, and a plot that could have been thought out much better than it was, but the action scenes are incredible and the robotic effects look that bit ore Robotic and RoboCop is just really fun to watch. The sad thing is that this film is nowhere near as good as the Terminator.
VERDICT:9/10 Great Reasons to Not Take Up A Life of CrimeSweet sassy molassy, do I freakin' love this movie. One of the few awesome things about the 1980s that didn't involve synthesizers or Flock of Seagulls.- Read the rest of my review at -
Only one problem with the classic, Robocop. It is sometimes too gory. I was blown away by the visuals but, it was just too gory to watch sometimes. I like Robocop a lot and highly recommend it but, be warned that this is over the top gore. I give Robocop **** 1/2.
Awesome movie, great to watch and has a nice feel to it. It has great visuals considering it was made in 1987. I'd by that for a dollar!
Amazing satire film. The acting was poor for the most part, but the action, and humor all flowed together so well. Peter Weller's porformance was awful, and the guy is a truelly dreadful actor. But the poor acting, stiffness that this man posses was perfect for the film.
I think very highly of this film. The only drawback to this film is that it is a little gory but the story it tells is compelling and the characters are in their roles - SPOT-ON. Like many other good science fiction films Robocop asks some important questions about the meaning of life, what it means to be human and how much of you can be replaced by machinery before you stop being human.I love how much I hate Boddicker after watching his gruesome murder of officer Murphy. The scene is effective in establishing the meaning of the film and why we hate the bad guy and also why the bad guy is bad. This has never been more clearly established in any film ever. The bad guys in this movie do a very good job in general I think - they seem driven to destroy society and instantiate lawlessness so that they can do the things that they want to do.Watching Robocop repair himself, seeing his face as he chases down the bad guys, realizing that he was once a little more human AND watching him fight crime while encountering distorted memories from the person he once was --- all of this brings good character development to the table and strong resolve.Robocop knows right from wrong and good from bad and he displays attributes that make us think of him as wholly human. "I can feel them but I don't remember them" is one of my favorite lines in all of cinema - it's thought provoking to interpret this lines meaning. It seems that his human emotions are intact and yet he is missing information about what his former life was like - he still feels emotion about certain things but does not remember the things he feels the emotions about OR vice-versa.Kudos to Peter Weller and Paul Verhoeven. Kudos to Robocop! This is a fantastic film with a broad appeal and definitely has made a place for itself in the sci-fi genre. I have to say though, the sequels to this film are not very good at all and I strongly recommend you avoid them.
Robocop has got to be one of the best science-fiction movies I have ever seen. It's fast-paced, violent, and smart. This brutal sci-fi action flick is from Paul Verhoven, the gory movie director of Basic Instinct, Total Recall and Starship Troopers. So to be completely straight with you, this movie is not for the squeamish with all the blood and violence. Heck, it still makes me cringe to this day.In the near distant future of Detroit, Michigan, a crime wave has gripped the city. The cops and citizens are helpless to stop the ravage. In the midst of this dystopian nightmare, new cop, Alex Murphy (Peter Weller, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai) is relocated to a new police prescient and is partnered with tough and quick-witted Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen, Carrie, Dressed to Kill)While on duty, Murphy and Lewis have a run in with Detroit's most dangerous crime lord Clarence Boddicker (That 70's Show Kurtwood Smith {in my opinion, one of his memorable movie roles}). After tracking Clarence to an abandoned steel mill, Murphy is trapped by Clarence and his ruthless gang of thugs. Clarence and his gang then horribly mutilate and maim Murphy with their powerful guns and then leave him for dead. After failing to be saved on the operating table, Murphy's bloody and broken remains are then used for a special and inventive project directed by a young and arrogant corporate (Miguel Ferrer). The name of this special project is entitled the "Robocop" program. Murphy is transformed into a half-human and half-automaton used to fight the dangerous crime that runs rampant in Detroit. Equipped with bullet and bomb proof armor, a powerful blaster, recorder, and all sorts of technical gadgetry, Robocop is practically the envy of both cops and criminals. All this seems well-that is until Robocop begins to have nightmares and run-ins of his human past...The acting is mighty fine and compelling, the special effects and set designs are impressive, if not yet gruesome, and the Paul Verhoven does a swell job of keeping the film fast-paced and entertaining, like he did later with Total Recall. With action, gore, and cultural references to boot, Robocop has the makings of a truly sci-fi classic. I certainly enjoyed every minute of it. Robocop has fallen under my categories of one of the best science-fiction films and one of the most gruesome feasts I have ever seen.
Violent & completely politically incorrect.Brilliantly paced & great fun