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Save the Last Dance 2001

A white midwestern girl moves to Chicago, where her new boyfriend is a black teen from the South Side with a rough, semi-criminal past...

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Solar rating:8.8 /10


Imdb rating: 6.1 /10

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Good music, good dancing, over all a good film...
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Save The Last dance is a amazingly touching movie!!! :D :D :D I was like this after I saw it :D :D :D
and more....
it came in a set with The Prince and me... so it's like i only paid $3 for it... cool huh?
Save the Last Dance (2001) This is a fairly successful story of a white girl (Julia Stiles) who moves in with her jazz-musician father in Chicago resulting in her attending a mostly black high school. She continues to mourn her mother, whose death we eventually learn she feels responsible for, as she tries to fit in. She stubbornly refuses to pursue the thing she's best at, dancing, and the screenplay refuses to tell us why for quite some time. But a heart-to-heart with her boyfriend (Sean Patrick Thomas) changes her mind and she pursues it passionately for the rest of the film. The characters are rather clich
Good :)
Save the Last Dance is the best movie in the world:) . Its about a girl who moves in with her dad (who lives in south chicago) because her mom dies. This movie is a Rmantic;) , full of dance:D , & Drama:cool: .I total recamend this movie if you never saw it before.
Bandits Great, great stuff. I haven't expected ANYTHING at all. But this movie is so damn funny, I still can't believe it. Wow, that was awesome. The funniest stuff in a long time. Cold Mountain I haven't expected much from this movie either. Wtf, how many stars are in there? I recognized almost every second face. Anyway, great epic one. Wouldn have thought such a movie would be possible after all those great "epic 90s movies"... Panic And another great movie. Oh, dude, I love movies. I love great pictures, great music, great performance, great atmosphere....
Teen / Thriller / Sport
I figured I would write about this one since I saw it on TV yesterday (I think it was). I am a musician and enjoy the arts, and so was interested in the way the movie intersected the world of ballet with "popular" culture, mainly rap or hip-hop. The lead character, I think her name was Sarah (actress Stiles), is forced to adapt to an urban school environment after living a fairly sheltered life after her mom dies. She becomes the token white girl in her group of black friends. The movie deals with some social issues such as violence, hopelessness, and teen pregnancy. I'm going to keep this one short and just say that it was an entertaining film due to some likable young actors. The script and plot was generic and/or predictable, but the interaction among the characters was pretty believable. There were some positive portrayals of young people making tough choices, and I am partial to any movie that has as a part of its message that racial harmony is possible.
bad cough cough
Best movie ever
Cack film, don't bother with it unless you're a bloody woman.
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Save the Last Dance (2001): 6/10
this is a sweet movie...kinda like a fairy tale tho. o well i liked it! :) :up:
I found this to be a terrific movie. Julia Stiles gives her best performance to date. It does run a somewhat predictable path but its still refreshing. Some great dancing, good music. Very entertaining and interesting.