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Saw IV 2007

Despite Jigsaw's death, and in order to save the lives of two of his colleagues, Lieutenant Rigg is forced to take part in a new game, which promises to test him to the limit...

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Imdb rating: 5.9 /10

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This Saw is probably harder to watch than the rest, it's more gruesome and gory then ever. Lot of tension and "wonder whats next" moments. Definitely better than the last and the story goes on and makes sense. I was glad to see they didn't just bullshit a plot to keep milking a franchise.
GRADE:C-SAW IV REVIEW - 25%:rotten: For fucks sake, are you kidding me? I think SAW IV is the final nail in the coffin of this desperate franchise. The previous 3 installments ranged from decent all the way to depressingly disappointing. SAW IV creats a new catagory: pointless. The entire reason why I wanted to experience this film is not for the exploitive violence nor the new traps, but to see how the filmmakers would handle the progression of the plot. Unsurprisingly they failed on a quite epic scale. SAW IV is a sequel that runs around in circles for most of the running time with the occasional new, and sometimes impressive, trap to keep things fresh. To make matters worse the conclusion makes absolutely no sense and leaves things open for a fifth. Count me out Jigsaw. I've stayed with you for 4 faithful years but now your the one who needs to die. THEY SAID...: AVERAGE: N/A
"The rehashed clincher is sure to send the delicate balance that the series has been "seesawing" on for the last three years to come crashing to the ground. " Read the full review by clicking below:
As a huge fan of the first three movies (1 and 2 in particular), I am dissapointed with the fourth. The writers clearly were more concerned with setting up the next movie (which they undoubtedly have at least a rough draft of), that they missed a lot of explanation that the viewer isn't privy to. The comments on-line from Tobin and Darren about this movie are, in many cases, false (such as Tobin's comment about Saw 4 taking place after Saw 3 - it's not that simple), and you can tell that the film makers truly made the film THEY wanted to make, more than the one the fans wanted to see. As a lead in to the 5th movie, it was excellent. As a standalone piece, it was poor.
sleepy stalker should've stopped SAW IV review. SAW IV is really great.
Saw 4 fails to live up to the original.
:fresh: the best of the 4. they seem to get smarter as they go. it was what i expected and enjoyed. if you like this genre then i would go see.
Saw IV *** - As a fan of the original, I have been waiting to like one of the many sequels of Saw. Yet here it is. Believe it or not, I think fans of the original would be most taken in by this third sequel. It has violent scenes to entertain those taken in by blood and gore, but it also has a decent plot with seemingly complex moral values - similar to the first film. But of course, it's not everyone's slice of pie.Dan in Real Life *** - Peter Hedges wrote About a Boy, which is a spectacular film. He also directed Pieces of April, starring Katie Holmes and Patricia Clarkson, which I didn't like so much. Dan in Real Life finds a happy medium somewhere between these films. Steve Carell, Juliette Binoche and Dane Cook are wonderful, and the film has a tone that makes you feel like this is a real family - even if a lot of it is rather simple and done before.
In the end, I feel that the film is pop entertainment. Yes, Saw has never had a heart, or even much of a brain, but in the end its still fun to watch. (It also lends itself to much more creative than any of the other Hollywood horror films out right now. 30 days of night, Hostel 1 and 2, I'm looking at you.) I liked this installment's backstory of Jigsaw's family and how that each of these films are made for the fans. It would actually be quite beneficial to do a saw marathon right before seeing the new one as the film really is good at bringing back elements from the previous films, particularly Saw 3. I know this is not art, not the Oscars and not even what most consider acceptable entertainment, but you know what, I liked it. If you have a problem, deal with it.
Cherish your life...the choice is yours. I didn't catch any of the Saw movies at the theater until Saw IV. In fact, I even refused to see the Saw movies on DVD thinking they're just exploitation movies. I finally relented out of curiousity and watched the first Saw movie on DVD early this year...and I was hooked!! I rented and watched Saw II and Saw III successively. Granted, these movies are gruesome and sickening, I can't stop watching them. There's more to the movies than just torture and killings, I actually find the puzzles and games that Jigzaw put together quite intriguing. My rating of this movie is a collective rating of the other Saw movies which actually made much more sense with new revelations from Saw IV. And fuck the critics!!I can't believe it only has an 18% rating for this movie in the tomatometer as of today among the critics while it has 75% rating among users. Who do you believe?? The choice is yours!! GO SEE IT!!
30 Days of NightMy Grade: B-Bleh... what a terrible movie. "We Own the Night" is a tedious and pointless film that drags on for what seems like hours. This film did not capture me in any way, despite my love for the cast. There was nothing suspenseful or thrilling about this movie, and it just put me to sleep. A Bland and Unoriginal waste of time and talent...
Saw 4Starring - Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Scott Patterson, Betsy Russell and Lyriq BentSo... Jigsaw IS dead. In Saw IV, after discovering Detective Kerry's death,two FBI agents take over the case, trying to gather all the pieces of the puzzle and stop the madness once and for all. Meanwhile, SWAT commander Rigg (Lyriq Bent) is also part of Jigsaw's plans, as he in given 90 minutes to pass a series of sick traps that have been put in motion. PLOT: 4.0ACTING: 3.1EFFECTS: 5.6ORIGINALITY: 4.3ENJOYABLE?: 5.5REWATCHABILITY: 4.4FRESH OR ROTTEN: :rotten: VEREDICT: 4.48THE HIGHLIGHT: One death scene that I will not reveal, because it was the only scene that was actually worth it.
if you thought the first 3 were gory than you aint seen nothing yet. people left the theater during the movie, that's how gory it was. besides that it wasnt a bad movie.
If it's Halloween then it must be Saw. Once again Jigsaw is out to kill just about everybody he can and all in very painful traps. In this chapter we follow Officer Rigg, played by Lyriq Bent, as he goes into one of Jigsaw's game to save the lives of Detective Matthews and Detective Hoffman. Not to mention many others along the way. The movie also has a lot of flashbacks to show how Jigsaw became to be the man he is and what happened between him and his wife. The only thing they really never show what happens is what happened at the end of the 3rd one. They show a little bit of it but they never really explain it. This one and the 3rd were obviously made just to show off more of the cool traps. That's why I couldn't really take this one all to seriously. Because I pretty much knew exactly what to expect. But if your a fan of the series or of the "torture porn" genre then this is right up your alley. But all others should probably steer clear of this one or any of the others.
Saw IV - CI love the Saw movies, but this one was really fucked up. While there were plenty of cool traps and whatnot, the story was the most ridiculous load of shit I have ever seen and continued to make less and less as the story went on. The ending which was supposed to be a big twist was meaningless and also made no sense. Unfortunately, I'm too enthralled in the series to stop here, and I'm sure I'll watch the next sequels, but I hope they're better than this was.
I got what I expected. A little too overdone, but if you're a big fan, you might enjoy it. The plot seems to thicken a bit more in this installment but so does the blood and guts, so I sat with my eyes covered for a good portion of it. I suppose the feeling is that I am paying money to witness people (through my fingers or not) get brutally murdered and every movie I see like this, the farther away I stray from that genre altogether. Honestly, I wanted to slip into "Dan in Real Life" while I was standing in line (if you could call a mob of 200+ obnoxious high school kids a line). In retrospect, I wish I would have. The only thing I like about the Saw series in general, is that main point they are always getting at. "You can only save yourself". I was talking with my uncle about this yesterday and I said to him "Everytime I see a Saw movie it doesn't really scare me initially, I'm just terrified to wake up one day chained to some death contraption with no way to escape." We shared a laugh and then he said "Well don't we already?" Touche`.
Saw IV comes out as another sequel to the 'Saw'-series, for my suprise that they make another one for as we know Jigsaw is confirm dead at the previous installment; still we can find grasp of him in the trailer. I thought this movie is only targetting for good box-office on the market, but i was wrong.This series brings unsuspected genius plot, satisfying indeed for known fourth installment. The story-line does not run away from Jigsaw's main purpose. The fourth installment delivers the full-reasons for Jigsaw's murders. The reason itself is smart enough to take the audience think what he's thinking.This is not just another murder movie, Saw IV is recommended; Fans won't be dissapointed.
the best saw by far
Saw IV.....I believe is just as good as the first one...i thought it was way better than the 3rd one. It was entertaing keeps you guessing until the very end. Given there are alot of loose ends but thats only because there is going to 7 installments to this seris i think the ending to all of it is going to blow everyones minds away. They took this film into a complete different direction and your like wtf is going on,... i recommended this movie to my family they thought differntly they didn't like it at all so i understand that this movie isn't for everyone but i guess i'm differnt I hated mr. Brooks and everyone i know seem to love it. They opening sequence to this movie was gory by far the gorriest to any opening sequences to this seris. This movie is kind of like a tv show you can't wait for the necxt one to see what happens next. It was a great 4th movie i'm not be on sequels but this greatly surprised me and gave me somewhat of a better understanding....Can't wait til saw V