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Seed of Chucky 2004

Chucky and Tiffany are resurrected by their innocent son, Glen, and hit Hollywood, where a movie depicting the killer dolls' murder spree is underway...

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Imdb rating: 4.9 /10

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It was meh..
anyway i love all the movies even this one
I've always wondered how can the thing piss it's pants if it doesn't have any genitals
seed of chucky i really didnt understand what the movie was supposed to be a comdey or horror .but i can say it fails at both in every possible way ,there was a couple of chuckles but they were few ,dont waste your time :rotten: 1-zero-
Happiness Yeah, so I didn't like it in theaters but do now. Well screw you guys! It was good fun.
Now that school's out for the summer, I thought that I would have a chance to relax and tend to my journal the way it needs to be tended. Shows how much I know. Between running off to summer seminar after summer seminar and birthday party after birthday party, I barely have time to get my movies watched let alone written about. It tends to happen from time to time. Thankfully, I have yet to see a film this summer that requires much attention in review. So, to get caught up (and feel like I've actually accomplished something), here's a list of the films I've seen -- in no particular order -- complete with reviews no longer than a paragraph each. Malevolence Actually, much better than I expected. Malevolence pays homage to the good slashers of the late 70's and early 80's with gusto. The characters behave believably (something that usually mars a bad slasher), there's plenty of tension-filled thrills, and the setting is sort of Texas Chainsaw meets Halloween. Too bad that it is just another slasher that doesn't offer anything new to the sub-genre. Rating: 7/10 :fresh: That'll about do it for now. Should have a list of books up pretty soon (I'm in the middle of reading about 5 or 6 of them right now ... and will start posting as I finish).
What can you really expect from a film called Seed of Chucky? Not much, but when what you get is entertaining enough, then sometimes that is more than you can ask for from something like this. This movie may not be much, and it may be pumping every last drop out of the Child's Play franchise, but I liked it enough to give it a fresh rating. I like Jennifer Tilly, and really liked her in this movie. Usually with a movie like this, you get this sense of desperation from actors who do stuff like this just because they can't get anything better. But Tilly plays it with such seriousness, you don't feel bad for her in this movie. You feel like she belongs, but not so much that she couldn't do "real" movies in the future. I think it is great that this series has taken the comedic route. After the death-blowing third film, I didn't expect there to be much more you could do for the series. I didn't care much for Bride of Chucky, but felt it was a step in the right direction. This film proves that. It is funny, but it still packs enough death and gore to satisfy any horror fan. That is if they aren't so serious about the movies they see. Seed of Chucky isn't meant to be a serious film, but it is meant to be a seriously entertaining film. Some may ask, "Why see this if it isn't meant to be serious?" To that I say, don't see it. This is just a fun little film to see, and enjoy. Unless you are troubled by graphic images of gore, mutilation, masturbation and plastic breast, there is reason enough to see this movie. It moves by pretty fast, and is over before you know it. And if you are like me, you will have wanted it to last just a little bit longer.
Like I said in my Bride of Chucky review, I liked the fact that the movies turned to an more humorous side. But even though this movie was better then Bride of Chucky, I think the the first will always remain the best. This movie brings new life to the franchise but also gives it a decent ending. I wouldn't care ether way if another was made. I'm sure another movie could be made, and I know another one doesn't really need to be made. I you kinda liked Bride of Chucky you probably like this. But if you didn't like all the humor I suggest you stay away.
The Chucky movies were already on self parody and this movie really didn't need to be made. It is just to heavy-handed with its wink wink at the camera.
It has just been a week of crap, I mean liquid crap that squirts out and dries into dingleberries. I just don't have it in me to drive out of state to see 'good' films and Batman Begins is wearing my pockets thin.CursedWhat a poor excuse for anything. Was it supposed to be scary or humorous. Crap, I cannot begin to describe this filth without being overcome with seething hatred. I don't think I will see anymore Wes Craven films after this. Okay maybe one more.George A. Romero's Land of the DeadHe may have created the genre, but that doesn't mean that he is the best at it. This was the first time that I've been bored watching a zombie flick. I cannot give this a rotten rating since some of the scenes with the zombies were pretty cool, but the whole movie was rotting from the core throughout the movie. I like both schools of zombies, both slow and fast, but this Romero needs to be put to rest.PhantasmMichael Baldwin looked and sounded like a girl. The only reason for any points is because of the bug and silver ball thing. They were hilarious, even though they were supposed to envoke fear. I almost fell asleep, a feat accomplished only once while watching Bait.Seed of ChuckyAt this point it is clear that the series is more morbid humor than horror. Some of the scenes were chuckle worthy but the film just bombed. I won't even bother to explain this film, just get something worthy of your time.
:fresh: I didn't really like the kid that much, but Jennifer Tilly really made up for it.
Alright, so, how was everyones weekend? Mine was pretty good. I only saw like 1 new movie. I went to the movie theatre in Roanoke with my cousin to see War of the Worlds. That one will be rated at a later point though. You will probably be surprised with my review of that movie. It will have to be an entry of it's own. Well, here we go. FORMULA 51- This one gets a 7. Had to keep it fresh, plus some. I thought it was a very interesting movie (I always say that don't I?) Even I am getting tired of hearing that. I need to come up with something else. Let's see, on the spot here, what can I say? The movie was ruthless. I mean they said the F*** work like every .3 seconds. Anyway, I liked it, and it kept me entertained. So let's move on. SEED OF CHUCKY- Had to keep this one fresh. I really like the dirrection that these films have gone. You really get caught up into the characters. It's like Chucky is your best friend when you watch this film. And it is funny how Jennifer Tilly plays an axageration of herself. Because she really is not how she portrays herself to be. She also emphasizes on her voice, because it isn't that bad either. Anyway, there have been so many Chucky movies, that you get to know the character, and you find a common ground with him. It becomes more personal. BEING RON JEREMY- A big fat 0. This shouldn't even be called a movie. It sucked sucked sucked. This one was my cousins idea. He thought that it would be funny. Even he hated it. In case you didn't know, Ron Jeremy is a huge porn star. Anyway, he thought it was going to be funny, so we got it. We were in the mood for a laugh. Anycrap, it gets a 0. Don't ever watch it, it sucks, and you will be wasting your money, and time, and air, and space, and anything else that is capable of being wasted. BREAKIN' ALL THE RULES- This one gets a 6. Keepin it fresh. A very comical drama. I liked it. I usually like anything that has to do with a love story. Whether it be funny or serious. Even though that is never how things happen in real life. I mean, well, you know what I mean. THE PACIFIER- This one also gets a 6. I really like the acting in this film. Vin Disel does a wonderful job. A very good performance on his part. And everyone elses for that matter. It is a funny film, with a serious plot to it. I like how the experience changes him, and the children. And everything ends with a story book ending. Gotta like that. So, thats it for today. Hopefully tomorrow I can rate some more. I only have 1 more to rate right now. That is War of the Worlds. We will get to that later. Hopefully tomorrow, like I said. Well, later everybody. Have a wonderful day, and I'll talk to you when I talk to you. Dacaso.
Yep, watched this the other night, and what can I say? Should I say how depraved, deprived, desensitizing, debilitating, debunked, degraded and disgusting it was? Should I use this time and space to warn others away? Should I keep my mouth shut and let others make up their own minds? What would be the fun in that? Just don't judge Seed by the original Child's Play, it's not even in the same arena. Child's Play was somewhat unique (usually what occurs with the first one, huh?), and creepy. The sequels brought humor instead of chills, then humor and sleaze, and then they stopped bringing humor and just capitalized on sleaze. That's where we ended up. Brad Dourif is an amazing actor, and I'm sure he has his reasons for continuing the Chucky movies, but unlike Jennifer Tilly, hasn't let his face get involved. That's smart. Jennifer Tilly has nothing to lose, but I'm afraid Dourif is entering the phase of his career where it could matter.Are you wondering why I watched this movie knowing it was doomed to bounce like a rubber check in my personal bank of movie criteria? I love movies. I love horror movies. And I'll watch anything once.
Fifth "Child's Play" sequel is a decent Hollywood satire grafted onto a lazy horror flick. Jennifer Tilly, playing a mock-up version of herself, is simply fantastic, and without the demented marionettes and labored slasher film conventions, this could have been quite a comedy. Cult filmmaker John Waters is also interesting as a sleazy tabloid photo hound.
I don't know why i watched this. OH! Nevermind, I do........ because it was on our free movie channel and I hadn't seen it, and because i'm stupid. All i have to say is bad excuse for doll porn. Since when does a doll think it is a transexual.
The newest of the Child's Play series has now become more of a humorous tale then that of a horror. I found myself laughing more at the film's slick one liners and jokes then I found myself worried about people being killed. The original and the second were always athe scariest. It switched over to comedy in the Bride of Chucky. It was good though to see one of your favorite 80's serial killers on the loose again. The film is about Chucky's and Tiff's son, Shithead(Glen/Glenda). Glen is an innocent doll who just wants to find his parents and see what they are like. He is a very calm and gentle puppet compared to his murderous parents. When they all get together they run a muck and Glen is unsure of their terrorizing ways. The movie had its great potty humor and wise cracks. I laughed a lot during the film, but gave it a 6 because the ending was horrible and along with the real actors that were in it. If you enjoy the Child's Play series it is definitely a must rental. If not, I would not bother.
I am presuming that the format for 'Chucky movies' has changed from his more gory days of old? I have heard the 'horror stories' of how bad the old movies were and how they might influence children to kill etc etc. However, I did not expect what was to come when I sat down and put this DVD in to play. This movie was clearly a far more comedic horror movie than I had ever expected and having never heard anything of the film before I watched it I was in for a suprise. Complete with comedy unrealistic blood, head severing and every other limb severing; the odd joke; a much more 'normal' Chucky than I had expected and a distinctively light-hearted storyline throughout. The scariest part of the movie would have to have been the very beginning when the viewer is introduced to Chucky's son/daughter - the 'seed of chucky' unsuprisingly. I wasn't disappointed but I certainly wasn't impressed. Neither would I watch it again. Just another movie under my belt. It is basically an average movie cashing-in on the 'Chucky' theme and it's reknown. There's not much to be said about it in all honesty, the storyline (if indeed there is one) is extremely thin on the ground and utterly pointless, but what do you expect?! Averageness personified.
Snoochie Boochies! Boy loves Girl Boy wants to marry Girl Girl gets mad at boy Boy tries to win girl back Other boy can't decipher a painting!
So I'm trying to finish THE MOTIVE, and I say trying as in not trying to finish editing it, but trying to finish shooting the fucking film. Luke is our other main actor, yet the little shitbox can't seem to make his schedule, well, ever. We have one week left, and the last scene left? The most crucial scene of the film. Fucking O'Banion............. FANTASTIC FOUR. Thought I would seriously hate this film. Turned out I liked this film. The great? Chris Evans is a pitch-perfect Human Torch/Johnny Storm. Same goes for the Chiklis as The Thing/Ben Grimm. Julian McMahon is also a badass, but anyone that watches NIP/TUCK already knows that shiite. The not-so-great? Jessica Alba. While she is ridculously, ridiculously hot, she has no real concept of acting. Same goes for Reed Richards dude(don't care to know his actor name). These two were terribly miscast. Bottom line is, while not on the same level as X2, HULK, SPIDER-MAN 2, SIN CITY, and BATMAN BEGINS, it's still a fun film. THE PUNISHER-level fun. SEED OF CHUCKY? Fun at times, stupid at others. Not as good as BRIDE OF CHUCKY. the goods in comedy. Ryan Reynolds is slowly approaching comedic genius status. Luis Guzman is already there, and Dane Cook is one of the modern gods of comedy. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't I been inside of you?" Me and me brotha Darboski have been discussing what the 10 best comic book film adaptations are. I'm gonna list mine. (Does not count graphic novels. If it did, A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE would be #1.) 10. CONSTANTINE 9. FANTASTIC FOUR 8. SUPERMAN 7. HELLBOY 6. HULK 5. BATMAN BEGINS 4. X2 3. SPIDER-MAN 2 2. BLADE II 1. SIN CITY Yup. For now.