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GOOD ACTION/CRIME FLICK...i disagree with the "mercy role" perspective..bruce willis made just the cameo appearance necessary to make this story happen well..he worked with quentin tarantino in 4 ROOMS without his name being mentioned in the titles or credits..the best reason in the world to do ANYTHING is "'CAUSE I WANT TO". being a proponent of this philosophy, i respect and honor those who do likewise..another limited role he performed flawlessly can be seen in CATCH .44. I HAVE BLOODY SPOKEN..hahaha.

Of course glad you enjoyed the movie! Always a good movie with Bruce in it hehe
Sorry hostagedk for the mis~spell...
This movie was really good.Loved Bruce Willis as the Mob Boss.He was so funny~always is.5o cent did a fab job acting.Enjoyed it alot.Thanks to hosatagedk for the links.Great quality!!
this must have been a mercy role for Willis...2/5 stars