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Sex Drive 2008

A high school senior drives cross-country with his best friends to hook up with a babe he met online...

Release Date:
109 min
Sean Anders
James Marsden, David Koechner, Alan Lilly, ...
Comedy, Romance, Adventure ...

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Solar rating:8.1 /10


Imdb rating: 6.6 /10

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LMAO, a small % of the movie was not for me but all in all a good laugh from start to finish.....8/10
One of my favorite comedies...what Brion said is very true...a lot of people hadn't seen this & they're missin' out on one of the funniest movies ever made...from the opening scene it's almost non-stop humor.
It's the typical teen movie but with lots of adult T & A and humor thrown in. Not for the serious movie watcher in any way, but if you want to smoke, drink and laugh, go for it! You better pay close attention or you will miss a lot of stuff in the background...
Lots of silicone boobs roaming around this flick!
The funniest movie no one has ever seen.
Lots of cock. period. Pros: some decent laughs especially if you're in the target audience that the film is targeted to. Seth Green's small role may have even saved the film. And his whole pretending to be genuine about fixing his car for free was very reminiscent of Abbot & Costello. Lance's character was funny but a terrrrible choice for a guy who gets all the girls. Just plain unrealistic. I also didn't appreciate the Fall Out Boy advertisement halfway through the movie. They wish they were that good live. Rent it when you're bored or want to stare at tits. which is always a good time. but don't waste your time buying it.
This movie is about an eighteen-year-old guy "Ian Lafferty" who sets out on a cross country drive with his best friends Lance and Felicia in order to lose his virginity to a red-hot babe he met on the Internet! This movie is a complete laugh riot.. i loved each and every minute of this outrageously hilarious "teen sex comedy" flick! The goofy, virgin lead guy who's trying to get laid is played wonderfully by Josh Zuckerman.. Amanda Crew does very well as Josh's BFF! both have a pretty good chemistry b/w them! i was surprised to see James Marsden in this movie.. you may remember him as Cyclops from X-Men, and he pulls off his role extremely well as a great punk-ass older brother.. and with a sense of humor of his own! Oh.. and also Mr. Seth Green is hilarious throughout the movie.. no big surprise! This is easily one of the funniest comedies i have seen lately.. So guys, you gotta see this movie.. its well worth your time!
If you are in a Porky's type of mood... this movie is for you. Some laughs, lots of raunch; but not too terrible.
I thought this movie was hilarious. Many LOL parts to this movie. Just remember its not going to be big on plot.
I'm sure if I was a 14-year old boy virgin, I would love this. But I'm not. So it sucked.
Even if is the typical teen movie, it's hilarious, had a really good time watching it.
It has its moments--most of which belong to Seth Green--but it's not funny enough or different enough to be recommendable.
By far the best "teen Movie" in years. Non stop laughing.
Disappointing. I consider myself a pretty big fan of the comedy genre and was excited to see this movie. There are very few laughable scenes, and they are too far apart to have kept me interested. The story has pretty much been done over and over. Seth Green was also a let down.
seen it all before there is nothing original or hilarious here. the only redeeming part is seth green but he is only in it for the odd couple of minutes.
In 2007, the movie Superbad came out and was considered the "best comedy" in years. Many movies have tried, but have failed to match what the critics saw in that movie (Ex: The Rocker). On October 17, 2008, the movie Sex Drive came out, and in my opinion, this movie matches, and is even better than what Superbad was. Sadly, it hasn't performed the best at the box office within its release, which somewhat baffles me. With a slew of cameos, and a realistic premise, Sex Drive manages to present comedy with a serious side at times, and it is worth your time and money.Sex Drive is a movie about a recent high school graduate named Ian (Josh Zuckerman) who works for a donut shop during the day,and likes to enjoy his nights on the Internet. When he is online, he instant messages with a girl whose screen name is "Ms. Tasty" in Tennessee. With some incentive, "Ms.Tasty" gets Ian to drop everything and drive to Knoxville. Along for the ride are his friends Lance (Clark Duke) and Felicia (Amanda Crew). Lance is the kid everyone loves, and Felicia is the "emo girl." Through their journey, they find themselves in Amish country, a fair, and practically everywhere else. In the end, Ian realizes what he truly should do. Without a doubt, one of my favorite comedies I've ever seen.Josh Zuckerman does a great job in this film as the nervous teen. For some reason he reminds me of a young Zach Braff. (For all The Nerdiest Kids members, his facial expression might remind you of certain someone we know. Hint, his name rhymes with "Beave Forman.") Anyway, the two roles that really make this film through transitions are those of Seth Green and James Marsden. Both just are at their best in this movie, especially Marsden. If you like anything that Seth Green does, this will make you love him.Now in the opening I said that, to me, this movie surpassed Superbad. Some people might say "WTF, R U CRAZY!?" No, no I am not. To me, Superbad was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Why? Two good reasons: Michael Cera's Monotone voice/ acting skills, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse's (McLovin) Voice. Now I could go on with a rant about how I didn't like Superbad, but the real reason might be because I saw it later. If I saw that movie opening weekend, with a packed theater, I might have thought it was better. But, because I waited and literally heard so many people quoting and talking about it, I just thought it was boring by the time I saw it. I believe the correct word is "overhyped." But hey, I didn't like it. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.Sex Drive is a great movie that as of right now seems to be quite overlooked. I strongly suggest you go see it. I saw it in a theater where the only other people in there were my brother and two other girls, and I still thought it was hilarious. "Rumspringa!!"
I recently watched this movie, and I have to say, I had mixed feelings about it. It seems like an obvious attempt to cash in on 2007's Superbad's original storyline, humor, situations, and not to mention the great critical feedback it received. Besides that, its plot was pretty thorough, and answered most of the questions you might have had in mind. Raunchy, yet charming, it combines teenage angst with a seemingly romantic twist. It leads you one way, and throws you the other when you least expect it. It doesn't hold back, but it seems like it could go a bit further with its charm. It has a bit of unnecessitive content, things that the movie could be just as good without. I do, however, believe that the filmmaker has the potential to go far. Overall, I'd give it 4 out of 10.
its just doesn't make any sense at all
I don't care what critics say on this one, I loved it.
This goes thrugh similar tropes we see in so many films like this yet feels completely fresh and fun.