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Shame 2011

In New York City, Brandon's carefully cultivated private life -- which allows him to indulge his sexual addiction -- is disrupted when his sister arrives unannounced for an indefinite stay...

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Solar rating:7.7 /10


Imdb rating: 7.3 /10

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Holy hell, that is what I thought after seeing this movie. Gave me a new perspective to the young Magneto dude!
for those who say that sex addiction is not a reality (y)
Loved every minute!! Two thumbs up
But although it;s a Good movie * 7.9/ 10 :3
Well It's not that bad .. It's Nice movie .. It's like ... Okay fine sometimes we all find something sexy that makes us Like to kiss & cuddle & have sex etc ... But Not all the time you know.... some times you have to stop .. But If we say to someone that stop doing this & that etc Do you even think that person is gonna stop ? no ... Even if he did he might stop doing after 1 year or months :3 ... But although It's a nice movie :3
@stone81 Thanks for the review, I put this on my want to watch list ;)
This movie is just a powerhouse of performance and direction.
Fassbender and Mcqueen's best imo.
And even though this is a Fassbender movie, every single actor here just kills it.
I saw it when it came out and I was amazed,and I saw it again last night and I was amazed just the same.
Not for everyone ofcourse - its extremely depressing/borderline pornographic, but extremely realistic and effective.
I love Fassbender but not this film, it made no sense to me.
Good movie, not what i expected but worth the watch 7/10.
This is a really good film. Consensual sex is not always fun....yet some people just can't stop doing it
White people......j/k...maybe.
This film is typical for director Mcqeen. Powerful, realistic, gritty, emotional, visual. This movie requires you to absorb pain and suffering to really understand the main characters. It is not for everyone. The performances and the score are what this movie is all about.
Lonely, erotic, devastatingly depressing, poignant and just... sad. Unlike some of the comments below, I feel that the quiet moments this movie portrayed were very close (if not) a symbolism of what reality is. When you're alone and it's just you, those quiet moments, there's not a narrative explaining your feelings. It's just you. Great movie about addiction. Two types of addiction. Sex and Love. Give it a watch.
Really sexy film...
Great movie, Fassbender is amazing. And he's also HOT. ;)
Ah. Maze. Ing.
Really one of the best movies of all time. Fassbender and Mulligan lay it all on the line. Brutally honest depiction of addiction, mental illness and sheer utter lonliness. The spare, haunting soundtrack and NYC cinemetography are perfect accompaniments. A movie that should have easily garnered Fassbender (not to mention Mulligan and director McQueen) an Oscar nod, but just too risque for the Academy, sadly.
This sexually graphic NC-17 rated movie is not for everyone, but I'll take this movie over Silver Linings Playbook any day of the week. 11/10
Terrific film.
thisw movie has no point, no reason to watch it and is borning. well if byou like to see a man having sex,then you might like itok enough. i know its about a sex addict but theres just no story.
Thanks for link. Movie quality is good, not great. Movie itself was good, but a little boring.