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She Hate Me 2004

Fired from his job for exposing corrupt business practices, a former biotech executive turns to impregnating wealthy lesbians for profit...

Release Date:
138 min
Spike Lee
Jim Brown, Bai Ling, Don Harvey, ...
Drama, Comedy
English, German, Spanish

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Solar rating:8 /10


Imdb rating: 5.3 /10

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She Hate Me Sigh. Dammit Spike. That's two disappointing films in one summer from two of my favorite directors. What a disaster. The only reason the grade isn't lower is all of the sex, which at least makes it watchable. Plus like Gerry, I admire the effort by the director. To call this film ludicrous is an understatement. There's no sensible message, something Spike usually includes in his films. In fact, if anyone made this film, Lee would have probably panned them for exaggerating stereotypes. The problem with Lee films, due to his attempt to cover many social current issues, is usually when they're bad (Girl 6 is one great example), they're bad. Its pretty sad when a director who decries racism falls for the sexist and homophobic clich
Spike Lee's newest film has one of my most favorite elements, which is controversy. Critics are bombing it, I didn't think it was great, but Lee steal holds up, and makes an interesting, and a never boring film if nothing else. The storyline, is something that people hate about it, but I enjoyed the whole corperate greed, and lesbian theme to the film, that people will come to like the coming years. I suggest it to anybody who is a Spike fan, because in my opinion, he doesn't disapoint.
Books by Haruki Murakami: - Dance Dance Dance - Sputnik Sweetheart - The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
She Hate Me9.5/10Now it can finally come off my "to see" list.
DVD First Viewing, 5 Lee films seen For about thirty minutes, I thought the critics were wrong with this one. She Hate Me had a lot of social commentary and creative camerawork, but it should have dropped its plot. I was disgusted with most of it, which stinks because I was starting to really respect Spike Lee as an auteur in the Hollywood studio system. If this truly is the film he wanted to make, then oops. The scenes with Chiwetel Ejiofor kicked ass though - hardcore!
This movie is actualy not too bad. 20% is too hush. Definely very political. I don't understand a lot of the stuff that he is trying to pull out. basicaly a movie like this should only get 50% of people like it. So it's of course more fictional. not trying to be very, i want to have that many babies too.
Last Wednesday, I went back over to Quan and Oanh's home to visit. Oanh and Bryan were the only one's home; we got some McDonald's--and it turned out that Oanh found a staple in her Big Mac. She called up Quan, and even asked if they were going to sue....(a sly look on her face). I took two photos, and we called up the McDonald's, which had very co-operative management...and said to bring the burger to the restaurant. Quan met us at the place, and I almost think if any of the management ticked either him or Oanh off, they would have sued.....:p (Still, Oanh was more concerned if the staple had turned up in Bryan's burger). The management wanted to keep the burger even though Oanh wanted to do keep it herself.... Still, we got a refund....and moved on....
What a poor excuse for a weekend. ONG BAK, OLDBOY, and KUNG FU HUSTLE have not yet reached my local arthouse theater, because it's a piece of shit that would rather let THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA play for nine weeks instead of getting new, exciting films. Fucking conventional bastards............and on top of that, I've lost my cellphone. Just completely misplaced that sum-bitch. I'm such a fucking fool. SHE HATE ME is the first Spike Lee film I've outright hated. Hell, I've never disliked any of his other films until this one. He has made exactly four masterpieces in my opinion. 25th HOUR MALCOLM X DO THE RIGHT THING HE GOT GAME So I started this on Friday, and I got excited. The beginning is great. Hell, the opening montage itself is excellent. There is one scene in the film that is so brilliant it belongs in another, better film. The scene in question is a flashback of sorts to a black security guard stumbling onto the Watergate scandal, and then a man in a Richard Nixon mask shows up with various members of the scandal that went on to have great careers. It's a brilliant scene, brilliantly photographed, brilliantly written. Too bad it goes downhill from there. Actually, I never thought I would ever say this in my life, but when the lesbians show up, this film does a complete 180 into dumbass idiocy. There is no way Spike Lee directed the second half of this film. At least, that's what I hope. It gets so lazy and so stupid in the second half that you're tempted to think that Spike ran into a film school student at a Knicks game and let him finish the second half of the film, it's that bad. Great first half. God-awful second half. NINE QUEENS is an incredibly engrossing heist film from Argentina that I must say, fooled the shit out of me. It does have your typical double and triple and quadruple crosses, but the ending is genuinely surprising. A good little flick for fans of a good heist flick that doesn't try to go all Mamet on us and try so terribly hard to be clever. We all know my disdain for the Mamet. THE INCREDIBLES. Wow. That's really all that needs be said. Really. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY I'll get to see one of those first three films I mentioned this coming weekend. I do know one thing for certain. I'm going to see that masterpiece called SIN CITY again this weekend. Probably two more times. It's astounding how much I've masturbated all over that flick already, and it hasn't even officially come out yet. It's that fucking good, ya hosers.
Distasteful and ridiculously trite comedy/drama/social commentary about a young, black businessman who opens a lesbian-impregnation service. It's oppressive, clumsy, and downright terrible on all fronts, mostly because an overzealous Spike Lee attempts to incorporate too many different story strands (none of which are good) and gets in way over his head.
she hate me she hates me is by far one of the worst movies i have ever seen well maybe not the worst of all ,but it's really bad the acting is awful and the plot sucks ,from what i seen of the trailers i thought this was a comedy but it is far from it ,there wasnt even a chuckle every joke missed the mark as does the plot dont waste your time with this crap -0-:rotten:-zero-
Alright, so another day, another 5 movies. Amanda, one thing you need to understand about my ratings is that I rate so many movies at once, that some of the films might not get the rating that they deserve. Be it a good or bad rating. For example, if I had rated Finding Neverland by itself, it probably would have gotten a 7 or better. So just please keep that in mind. Now, moving on to the good stuff. DEEP IN THE GAME- Is crap. I give it a 1 and not a 0 just for the simple fact that it is a movie, and I don't know how it could be rated a 0. But it sucked ASS. Pardon my Spanish there. Anyway, it sucked, never watch it unless you want to waste part of your life. It's about some thugs who someone they know is killed and so they kill them or some crap like that. But it is independent and it sucks ASS. TROIS- Another movie that sucks ASS. It deserves at least a 2 or maybe even a 3 next to Deep in the Game. Because it has much better acting. Much better picture, and people you actually know. But I gave it a 1 because it sucks and I didn't like it one bit. Moving on now. THE AVIATOR- I had to pick the color "deep sky blue" to write this one. Get it? The Aviator, "deep SKY blue"? Put it together. Anyway, enough sissy crap. I gave this one a 10. I wonder if I would have rated it different if I had not seen it in the theatre? I may have given it an 8 or a 9. Anyway, this is a spectacular performance by Leonardo DeCaprio especially, and also by Kate Blanchette. They did wonderful. I like how interesting the film was. It really had many aspects to it. It was plenty long too. I always like a movie like that, you know, your like "this thing isn't over yet, awesome". Those are always nice. It had many different things in it, like drama, humor, laughter, (same thing huh). Fear, and many other feelings and emotions, (again with the same thing). Anyway, this one gets a 10. Especially compared to the other ones on this list. SHE HATE ME- This one gets a nasty baby diarea green color. This one sucks too. But not as bad as the first 2. This one seemed like it was 2 different movies. I almost want you to watch it so you see what I mean about that. It had like 2 different plots, 2 different casts even almost. Anyway, it gets a 3 for being somewhat intersting, but stupid at the same time. LEVELLAND- This one gets a nice neutral color. Now, this one from what I could tell is also an independent film. But with very good acting and a very good story plot. It's about these skaters who are in High School. It starts towards the end of the High School year, into summer and then back into the beginning of a new High School year. I recommend watching this movie. It is pretty good. That is why I give it a 6. Alright, that is it for today. It's just about time for me to go home. I will rate some more movies tomorrow hopefully. See you all later. Dacaso
In "She Hate Me", John Henry Armstrong(Anthony Mackie) is a 31-year old single vice-president at an up and coming biotech company. He is sad because he is not yet a father. He is even sadder when his friend, Dr. Shiller, jumps out of his 40th floor office to his death. A new wonder drug that the company has been promoting as a possible vaccine for AIDS has been denied approval by the FDA. There is a cover-up to prop up the stock price but Armstrong decides to blow the whistle. He is promptly fired, has his assets frozen and is under investigation by the SEC. Armstrong's ex-girlfriend, Fatima(Kerry Washington), who left him for another woman, just happens to pop back into his life with an offer he cannot refuse - father her child, her lover's child and any other lesbians within a 30-mile radius they can find in exchange for $10,000 for every pregnancy. Meanwhile, there is an unprecedented turkey baster shortage... Spike Lee started off as a provocative young filmmaker with plenty to say on matters of race in America. Early on in his career, he made two great movies - "Do the Right Thing" and "Malcolm X." But the quality of his films have fallen as of late - "Summer of Sam" is an interesting mess; "Bamboozled" is much too heavy handed and could have used a lighter touch and "25th Hour" misses an easy shot to take on the draconian New York Rockefeller drug laws. "She Hate Me" consists of a whole morass of ideas gone horribly awry: One of the targets is capitalism but if that is so, then why focus on an executive instead of somebody of more proletarian status. Wouldn't a vice-president have some responsibility for his company's shenanigans? Hints about personal responsibility abound. The movie certainly disapproves of the whole pregnancy scheme and refers to it as immoral but Armstrong is providing a valuable service for which he is amply compensated. And the Bible did say,"Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth." Genesis 9:1. And then there is the asinine Mafia subplot... Also, the sperm were funnier in "Everything You Always You Wanted to Know about Sex..." In conclusion, the movie might have worked if it had been simpler, shorter, and much more realistic and down to earth. At the end of the day, I'm not even sure what Spike Lee was trying to say. Note: Ossie Davis also appeared in a few episodes of "The L Word" which had a much more credible pregnant lesbian subplot. His roles in "She Hate Me" and "The L Word" were some of his last roles before he died.
Here's another film rating.
The Notebook 8/10I felt all the pains of love by watching this :( Fat Girl 1/10WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!? She Hate Me 6/10Not the Spike Lee I love. In Her Shoes 5/10Predictable and boring. Date Movie 3/10I didn't know whether to laugh at it because it's funny or because it's so awful. But then again, it is Date Movie. Not meant to be a masterpiece,
Lee has another mess of film that doesn't seem to know what it is. Tries to make a statement but it is completely lost. Some people state this is Lee's worst film. It's close to it.