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good film, but Kevin Hart more like Kevin Fart, baboosh.
Can we get a putlocker link :) or clicktoview?
Love ths mf movie
I'm not even going to pay money to see this one...the previews were enough to make me roll my eyes. :rolleyes: Dumb dumb dumb
It lacks any redeming quality. tired. lazy and redunlant humor rehashing jokes and bits that have never been funny with folks that really CAN'T ACT is bound to SUCK!!!! could've been much better.
Soul Plane succeeds on some of it's comedy but thats about it. I laughed out loud at much of the first half of the movie, but the rest of the film is to unrealistical in just about every sense that it fails to capture the viewer. Oh yeah it's pretty crude too. Ginger Snaps 2 is a great movie. The first was very effective aswell but in that attempt the movie appeared cheaper and there was a depressing feeling of teen suicide in it. This instalment was just great, and the addition of the character Ghost was great. If you like horror, watch this movie and show it to your friends. Creepy, and I believe a true classic.
*1/2 / **** :rotten: It's not like me to attend a film that bypassed most critics, but buddies wanted to, so... (and they really liked it... sigh, the shame). Apart from the few original ideas shown in the trailer, there were times during the screening when my mind drifted through the theatre walls and went somewhere (I'm not sure where)... Oh, and somehow the number rating still seems too high...
:rotten: :down: this movie sucks. And I gave it a 4 because I had a few chckles, and their are really hot actresses. But otherwise dont bother.
Last night I went to go see Soul Plane. I really laughed pretty hard. It was a goofy movie, with a lot of sight gags, street goofs, gang jests, and rap. They didn't need a story, so they didn't use one. Sort of had a back story, but it really didn't matter. Tom Arnold was even good. As good as he could be I guess. I really laughed hard though. I was due for some mindless fun. We were token white folks in the audience. It was similar to going to movies in Oakland at Jack London Square. The audience yells at the screen, talks to the camera man, and sings to the music. An older well dressed black couple sat behind use, and they were just on the floor laughing. I'd hear "Oh no he didn't", and the lady would laugh this demonic giggle that just tore into my funny bone like a zamboni on an ice rink. CW would look at me and just give an "oooh geeezus" look, and just roll his eyes and laugh. There was a long line for the midnight opening of Harry Potter just next to the theater. It was twisted. All ages... all hair colors, skin colors, the scent of bonnie bell, clearisil, and pocket protectors equaling that of clove cigarrettes, patchoulli, and crayons. I never saw a single HP movie or read one of the books. My niece and nephew could cite a single line and verse as one would cite a bible scripture. At dinner the comment was made that the really cool thing about this particular storyline is that it pissed of xtians. I almost bought the books when I saw that, but just couldn't conform.
Ok yea coming into this movie you didn't expect much but it was worse than i had expected. While it had funny parts somethings just plain weren't funny. I guess it was black comedy and i am white so thats maybe why i didnt like it as much but snoop diggy dog was funny and same with tom arnold it had funny parts but not enough to where it would be at all conisdered a funny movie.
Today's PurchasesDVD - Star Trek: NemesisDVD - Jason XStar Trek: NemesisA good finale(?) to the Star Trek series. Picard and Data have great storylines going for themselves, and its a great addition to my DVD collection because it has both wonderful and poor examples of lighting to enhance your story. I also love the ending, which I won't give away to those who haven't seen it, but let me tell you that Tom Hardy's final moments are really cool.Soul PlaneThis movie really sucked, but it made me laugh more than any movie I've seen in a long time. The editing was monsterous... a real rush job... and they really shouldn't have attempted storyline. The plot was worse than the editing, and the way it was incorporated in with all the funny was horrendous. It was really great to see Godfrey, though, a talented comedian I've only seen once on Premium Blend, in a supporting role as Snoop's African co-pilot.Imagine a bunch of little Jasons falling from the sky. Or big ones, for that matter.
Soul Plane Good*The Plane looked cool. Bad*Not Funny*Bad acting*Stupid*Boring Overall: Don't even bother to see this movie unless someone pays you to see it.
I went to this movie expecting the worst, and I was almost let down. While the movie was indeed horrible, it was actually worth my time. Doesn't that seem strange? Yes it is strange indeed. So what is this movie about anyway? Were you confused like I was? I thought it was a horror movie and then I found out that the word Soul meant soul as in, the funk. A hip hop movie about a guy who sues Eminem and gets 100 million bucks. He spends his money on an airline. That's right folks, this black guy who gets 100 million bucks after he sued McDonald's buys an airline. Oh, and he gets one plane to. The one plane is quite amusing since it is purple, and it "blings" all through the sky. Looking past what this guy bought, the movie is chock full of racial stereotypes. It was rather amusing in a sense, since nothing offends me, but I know someone would be offended eventually. It was interesting, the cast of characters was quite entertaining. Tom Arnold was a worried white father, who was generally worried about his potentially super sexy daughter who is actually a super duper horny chick. He has a girlfriend who is kind of sexy, but she ends up slutmongering on him with some black super model guy, who was, in my opinion, kind of cute. He also has a son who gets down with the funk, the biggest stereotype in the movie, a "wiggah". It was generally amusing to see. There were a great big handful of people in this movie, which just blew my mind, because the movie was not great at all. The general idea of the movie, poor guy gets wronged, and he sues an airline for 100 million bucks. Then he actually attempts to make airlines really cool by pimping them out. While the movie carried nice sentiments, I was left in awe as i realized how unfunny some things are. And they use a big handful of not funny things. I will not go into great detail over it, but I will say this, wait for the DVD.
Since it's been so damn long since I last posted I've seen a few films, and they all suck. Except Shrek. TDAT - I like Jake-boy in anything, and Dennis Q doing more Frequency moments was great. Shrek 2 - Liked the first better, but the 'Knights' sequence was genius. TCOR - Not bad, liked Vin, liked the visuals, thought the premise was interesting enough. But still bad, and Thandie's boobies didn't help suprisingly. Soul Plane - Shitty. Lacey Chabert - I want to marry her.
Oh, yo man, shht, mothafucka, hella kool, yall, dude. I couldn't finish watching Soul Plane, it just started to bore me. I mean, the soundtrack was good, and it wasn't complete trash, but the jokes were forced too hard on me. I just got tired of it at some point. Tho yall watch it if yall into dat kinda shtuff, yall mothafuckas, aight.
How do you post a picture. I want to post the picture of my sweetheart ring, but I can't seem to figure it out. LOL boy do I feel dumb. I'm going to start my internship this week. That means that I will be done with school like origionally planned. It's scary and exiting all at the same time. The sucky part is I won't be paid for it. So the extra 300. I bring home a month is gone. ACK
Two airline-themed movies in one night sounds like a double feature to me. The Terminal went on a bit long and was too preachy and sentimental, but then look who directed it. He can't help himself. I enjoyed Hanks' performance, but the actor who took show was Kumar Pallana, whom Speilberg borrowed (or stole) from Wes Anderson's stock company. I enjoyed his character, the janitor who mopped the floor, set up the slippery-when-wet signs and then would watch to see people fall on their asses when they ignored the signs. Also noteworthy was the photography, especially the use of backlighting. It was especially effective behind Stanley Tucci's character in one scene. Soul Plane was harmless good fun, though too cliched to be truly funny. Next time I'm in the mood for an airline movie, I hope I have Airplane! or Airport 79 on hand.
This weekend i watched soul plane at my cousins house. it was really funny. I didn't expect it to be. Kevin hart is hilarious and i also love that fat women who plays on the parkers. She is great in this part. The virgin suicides made me very sad. I didn't really like the movie that much for some reason. It was good but it made me think about sad things. Soul plane was better. This song is in my head I got the cd yesterday. THIRD EYE BLINDHOW"S IT GONNA BE I'm only pretty sure that I can't take anymoreBefore you take a swingI wonderWhat are we fighting forWhen I say out loudI want to get out of thisI wonderIs there anything I'm going to missI wonder How it's going to beWhen you don't know meHow's it going to beWhen you're sure I'm not thereHow's it going to beWhen there is no one to talk to, between you and me'Cause I don't careHow's it going to beHow's it going to beWhere we used to laughThere's a shouting matchSharp as a thumbnail scratchA silence I can't ignoreLike...The hammocks by the doorway we spent time inSwings empty, don't see lightning like last fall when it wasalwaysabout to hitmeI wonder how's it going to be when it goes downHows it going to beWhen your not aroundHows it going to beWhen you found out there was nothingBetween you and me'Cause I don't careHow's it going to be.Hows it going to beWhen you don't know me any moreAnd how's it going to beWant to get myself back in againThe soft dive of oblivianWanna taste the soul of your skinThe soft dive of oblivianOblivianHow's it going to beWhen you don't know me any moreHow's it going to beHow's it going to be
Soul Plane deserves a poor rating. Before I watched the film, I knew this was going to be a stinker. After the film, I was more than convinced. It was not my choice to watch this film, I did not have much of a say in the matter but still I was curious. The film stars Kevin Hart as a low-income young black male who has a disasterous experience on a flight, which results in the untimely death of his pet dog. As a result he is awarded $100 million dollars by the courts and he decides to spend the money on a new Airline - the aptly named, "NWA". The airline caters to "soul" culture but of course, the film finds a way to bring in a white family into the airline. The aim of this is to draw laughter from a goofy middle-class white family trying to understand black culture. It fails, and it doesn't help they casted Tom Arnold in the role of the patriarch. The plane is probably the best part of the film. It is really over the top "pimpin" that borders on cheesy but hell, I'd love to fly in something like that. Snoop Dog plays a pilot, who can't really fly and smokes too much pot. Method Man plays Hart's cousin who likes to have fun and smokes too much pot. The biggest problem with this film is that there are not enough cheap laughs to keep the viewer entertained. Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back is not a great movie but at least it had a few moments of hilarity that sticks in your mind. Soul Plane lacks that pinnache. No doubt that this was going to be a bad film but it just did not even try to showcase any talent. Instead it relied on racial stereotypes to draw laughter, and in this case, it just was not funny. The issue of race in this film is disturbing because it is obviously racist but it does not do so in a manner where it is making any comment on the issue of race in America. It was offensive, although, not as bad as you might think, I can see how blacks and musilms would be offended by some of the material presented in this film. If you're looking for cheap laughs, Soul Plane will fail you. If you plan to watch this film because Snoop is in it, don't. That's why I watched it and I will never get my money or my time back. If you need to see Snoop on film, do Starsky & Hutch instead.