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Starman 1984

An alien takes the form of a young widow's husband and asks her to drive him from Wisconsin to Arizona. The government tries to stop them...

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Solar rating:8.5 /10


Imdb rating: 7 /10

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Oh, and anyone who loved Starman - Check a new one by Jeff Nichols called Midnight Special.
Amazing movie!
Same 70s' sci fi feel.
Same idea (-+) as Starman.

Highly recommended if you enjoyed this one!
This movie is a total classic.
I think the last time Ive seen it was about 25 years ago. Still works, and still is as powerful..

@dealerman = I completely agree with you, but a Remake is unfortunately already in production...
I would have loved to see a well made sequel to this excellent movie...but all we got was a awful and dopey television series that lasted only one season...this was a great classic and one of my favorites...
A rare example of how to make a movie that needed only one installment. NO SEQUEL NEEDED!

This one is on my short list of my personal all-time favorites.

10 out of 10.

I will not comment on the TV show.
A classic, never gets old.
Still dealing with the fact my closest friend is sleeping with my asshole roomate. I've rarely been so confused. Today, after 8 hours at work, a scalding popcorn kernel jumped at my throat. Damn, those things are viscious. Got a burn where it first hit, and a crater where it landed. It looks like I got bit by a vampire. Watched Starman to forget my worries. So beautiful. I almost cried.
Comments pending.
An extremely cheesy 80's sci-fi movie that runs along the same lines as ET, or, strangely enough, Short Circuit. An alien comes to Earth, is shown around by the girl, gets chased by the government who view him as a threat, and tries to make it to some place in Arizona where he is supposed to be picked up. The thing I ask, is why did he come to Earth in the first place, if right after he landed he is immediately attempting to get back to his home planet. It's got bad video and sound effects, cheesy dialogue and acting, at yet it still manages to be mostly interesting and fun. A decent movie for sci-fi fans.
Comment on this film, and my rating.
A lot of things make this movie work - the wonderfully well developed characters, the humorous touches throughout, John Carpenter's excellent direction, a good score, outstanding pacing, a great screenplay and a superb cast. Jeff Bridges is amazing, Charles Martin Smith gives excellent support and Karen Allen is perfectly cast.
Starman (1984) I can honestly say until I got this DVD as a gift I had never really heard of it. I just got finished watching it and I really liked it. It's kind of a slow sci-fi movie but it was really good. From the start you really sympathize with Karen Allen's character and that made movie so much better. Without adding spoilers or anything, it's great to see the relationship between the two evolve throughout the movie.
Starman (1984): 6/10
Here's another film rating.
I just found Jeff Bridges monotone (on purpose) performance annoying. Karen Allen's performance is the strong one here. I didn't find any kind of chemistry or believability in their relationship. Plus I just didn't care about Bridges character.
Starman is a classic movie and heartwarming. I enjoyed this story immensely as it had all the out of this world elements I look for in this type of movie and it held me captivated until the end. Kudo's also to the movie's music. Wonderful
Who'd have thought that shockmeister John Carpenter would make a sweet, gentle, very mature romance, but make it he did, and ever so beautifully. Passed off as an adult "E.T." in its theatrical release, "Starman" has rightly gained a nice reputation in ensuing years, thanks in large part to Carpenter letting Karen Allen and Jeff Bridges carry the load as a Wisconsin widow and her regenerated husband.
3/4--"Starman" delivers a terrific late-night love story that is simply sad, enjoyable, and touching.
A great fantasy sci-fi film that is profoundly moving and mysterious all at once.
superb john carpenter film that delivers one the better sci fi films. great story telling and the score helps lift the film into classic status. john carpenter creates an unique film that begins oddly but soon develops as does the central character. very impressive and one film you can watch over and over again