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Storm Warning 2007

A yuppie couple lost in a thick brush filled marsh seek refuge at an isolated farmhouse only to discover they've jumped out of the frying pan into the fire...

Release Date:
86 min
Jamie Blanks
David Lyons, Robert Taylor, Nadia Farès, ...

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Solar rating:5.8 /10


Imdb rating: 5.9 /10

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5.5/10. Familiar tale, but it is done generally well. The acting is fine and it has an eerie atmosphere and setting. It's not very original unfortunately. It is comforting to know that other countries have crazed backwoods citizens and that it is not just in the USA.
STORM WARNING*may contain spoilers* This received pretty high marks on the net, so I figured I would give it a go. Storm Warning is a Dimension 'Extreme' title. I'm not sure (yet) what the extreme part means, it seems pretty formulaic from the cover and description. So, I'm 35 minutes in and..............nothing. A yuppish couple is lost at sea after being carried by the tide on a fishing trip. They find themselves trapped by some local yokels with a penchant for drinking cheap booze and brandishing knives and sawed offs. K.... At first, our protagonists simply ask the men for help, but they soon realize they are part of some type of twisted game. FINALLY.. 45 minutes in, the couple escapes the house, they discover a dead body and a shotgun wielding nutcase and business starts to pick up. I'll pause for a minute to say that at least this looks good, visually. No DV crap to suffer through, this is an actual (gasp) movie in terms of film quality. I will also say that the actors are doing a good job conveying emotions and, in general, playing their roles. The yokels are especially entertaining and unpredictable. So while the lack of action is kind of annoying.. it's good annoying. Maybe I'm expecting something from this that it's not. From 45 mins in, business starts to pick up in a serious fashion. Our male lead begins 'fighting back' and gets the business end of a shotgun to the face (a few times) and legs, rendering him .. for the time being.. useless. Our numero uno nutcase shows up and the focus comes fully upon our leading lady. Then all of the sudden.. lag. Nothing. I'm not certain if this is to build suspense or what? Our lady tends to her fallen fellow and begins messing with stuff (setting traps, presumably) in the shed they are confined to. Whatever she's doing, it's prolonging my increasing boredom with this movie. But wait! Whoa! Ol' girl sets up a dope booby-trap (ta-doomp psssh) and snags the dumber of the hostage-holding duo via some fish hooks to the face and a cranium full of hammer. With some rage. You go girl! The number two cat comes looking for his brother (who's from another mother..fittingly) and I'll leave the recap at that, as the movie's almost through. Thoughts? Visually the film is good compared to what I have become accustomed to (mostly DV and grainy film). The acting *is* good and the (little) gore is well done. Every character is done properly visually and stage-wise, and the female lead is quite the looker. My main problems with this is that it is purely one-dimensional. In other words, it's incredibly boring. This fails to build sustainable suspense until the last 10 minutes of the movie and even at that point, it's predictable. I'm not sure why this received so much praise on IMDB and Amazon. It's a decent looking movie and the acting, admittedly, is good.. however the terrible pacing and prolonged period of absolutely nothing significant happening seriously hamper the movie.
BRings Good Horror Home
Loved it! Beautifully filmed and edited. Great dialogue and excellent performances from the cast. I found the movie to be very tense, scary and gory with top notch make-up effects. A rootin', tootin' damn good horror flick! Killian Gore (author of Before Halloween and The Pallet From Area 51)
bloody disgusting