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Teeth 2007

Still a stranger to her own body, a high school student discovers she has a physical advantage when she becomes the object of male violence...

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Imdb rating:5.5



i gotta give this a 7.5/10 its a great watch
That was the weirdest thing I have ever seen in my life.
Pretty silly movie worth watching if your really bored wouldn't say its Oscar material tho
The plot of this movie is hilarious and the execution of the plot is fabulous. It's a very good movie. I laughed my ass off.
watch out guys; you just never know ;)
@meeksbam I actually bought this at at Blockbuster Sale for like $3. I thought it was really funny. It was also a hoot when I tried to type in the full anatomical term in my orig comment & got a RED watch your language warning! bwaah
@weeze1 Watched this for the first time a few hours ago. last year during my October horror/scary/halloween flick-a-thon I passed this one up, and opted for watching, "Prowl", want to kick myself now... this lil film really impressed me. kudos for story and highfive for a solid execution of said story. there were also some pretty dark comedic moments that hit the bullseye, too. :-)
@weeze1 EXACTLY! That is all ;p
V*gina dentata. 'nuff said. 2 thumbs up!
The scene with the 'dog bone',
messed me up & I had to laugh.
Even the 'smoking' reactors...

This is a fantastic comedy horror! This movie probably makes straight guys fears all over the world come true! I think they should make a super hero spin off of this one!

teeth is like JAWS
A bluntly unmetaphorical remake of "Rabid" without even the much maligned rare mainstream appearance of Marilyn Chambers.
Teeth is not a horror movie meant to be taken as a serious, thriller horror movie. True, the situations might be horrifying, but at the same time a part of you can't help but laugh at the absurdity of it. It reminded me a lot of Slither in the sense that it doesn't try to be the classical "someone goes on a killing spree" horror. PS- The "no nukes" undertone screamed of ignorance on their part however.
My friends and I went to this movie as a total joke, we could not actually imagine this movie being real!! However, we were surprised at is, as it was very entertaining and totally "watch-able" I would reccomend going with a group of friends and not expect anything too serious....what a laugh we all had!
this movie is so ridiculous. the only thing you can really do is laugh at men's stuff hitting the floor. i read the back, thinking i'd give it a chance.... but i really didn't see too much "women empowerment" in it, especially since she was *****, taken advantage of, etc. and all she could do was cut off the guys' you-know-what. please don't bother with this stupid stupid movie.
This movie is very strange and disturbing.
this movie turns me on. i love it. watch it. when they were in the cave i was starring it up. for an amazing cheep price of one dollar ( i love george bushes they are soo sexy! ) buy it. NOW!
I say... rent it, or better yet, BUY IT. it is one of thee most entertaining movies i have ever watched. & i have watched it over and over again. the shock factor in this movie is insane. the only reason i could see this movie being stupid is if one of your friends told you about it, and ruined it for you. & as for not seeing the "woman empowerment" jussjessjess, take the end when she sleeps with her step brother, she is getting back at him like no man would be able to do. thats woman empowerment. its straight up in your face entertainment.
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