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This was a good film, some criticize the ending but knowing the story it was the proper ending in my opinion. It's a true story based on a place actually refereed to as the "Texas Killing Fields". There are plenty of documentaries out there on this and the fact that they haven't actually solved these murders which are rumored to be as many as or at least 100. There is also a book based on the source material and it's many theories it's an interesting read if anyone cares. 7.5/10 for me.
Really loved this MOVIE. And that is what it was a MOVIE not full of alot of pyrotechnics or anything just a good old movie that i would watch again.
Watched "Texas killing fields". This is a good suspense crime drama set in rural Texas. The story revolves around a Texas law man and his partner from New York who are trying to solve the murders of young girls in the Texas bayous called the killing fields(where a string of unsolved murders have occured over the years).The story and acting are very good and keep you guessing and interested throughout.You might be able to guess the ending but there is a good twist also. Not a bad watch overall. I would give this a 7 out of 10 stars.
yah, mahn.. gritty swamp crime/drama.

"ah's raised n' swam wi' th' crocodile.
snake-eye taught me th' mojo style.
sucked an' weaned on chicken bile.
ah'm a lover of th' bayou."
(roger mcguinn/the byrds - tom petty/mudcrutch)

intense neo-southern gothic flick.. dis a goood wahn, mahn.
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