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How can you guys not think this movie is cheezy af? I totally agree with Jungleboy1

The barkeep with turrets.
Defoe in drag.
The entirety of the Rocco character
"they had a FIRE FIGHT!!!"

Not to mention that the whole movie is predicated on the Defoe letting the guys go scott free in the beginning and thinking they had nothing to do with the others.
It's kinda like a John Woo movie.

That being said, people like these kinds of movies (I like them too, just not this one), these were like the modern era B movies. Nothing against it, but don't give me cheese and try to pass it off as a work of art. It's aiight.
This movie is a legend. I'm watching it again after 5 years of night seeing it.
I didn't actually watch this until about 10 years after it came out. No clue why. Somehow it slipped under my radar. After watching this for the first time, I remember asking myself how in the world did I miss this??... Classic, gritty, humorous, hidden gem. 8/10
(and the second one is great, as well)
@whitestwhiteever- cheesey, as in corny, whack, lame, hokey, z-grade,etc. @c-beams- it's cool that you guys like it, but for me the emperor has no clothes and i thought i'd provide a counterbalance to all the praise. hey, thanks for staying polite yall. Peace.
Give it another shot man....
It has it's moments.
@Jungleboy1 This is one of the greatest movies ever. It failed in the Box Office due to poor marketing but did so well in dvd and tv showings that they made a sequel. Sure it took 10 years for the copyrights to die from the original owners due to lack of confidence in a sequel but they made it and now Boondock Saints 3 is on its way. No clue what you mean by cheesy btw, this movie is action and comedy done right.
This movie is so incredibly cheesey and awful i remember feeling totally duped after watching it a while back. I don't even think i made it a half hour in. A much better and more interesting watch is the documentary they did on the bar owner dude who wrote and directed this mess.
@c-beams *bowz to C-beams* It has some of my favourite line in movie. Ummm that I jus remembered I can't repeat. Lmao caught it that time.
Great movie. Must see for all. 9/10
3rd time watching, just as good as the 1st.
@Pnshr88 Thanks again for excellent're the movie dude.
Plot, theme, characters, acting, entertainment value...all top notch.
Very interesting part for Norman Reedus(Daryl from Walking Dead)
Check it out.....again.
Oh man, if you haven't see this one, watch it right now. It's just purely fantastic. One of my all-time favourites.
@Flicker2013 .....sure did my kid and I are duking it out as to which is the best .... 1 or 2???? Trying to tell grasshopper that you can't compare Artistry.
Btw......hilarious is an understatement....cranking
P.s. Need to get jeans and coat and boots ..... Don't you just love the combination?
For the last 12 years, my local $$$ fantasy football league squad has carried the name "The Boondock Sinners" as a homage to this movie. My team logo image is The Duke, with pistols in both hands...

Great movie...
@Shadow46 One of my all time favorites! I hope ya r going on to The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. OMG Hilarious fun action packed film! Cheers...
10/10.......20/20..........Get The Movie!!!
"Beers and Homies Hookup"!!!!!
"You Won't Want Your Time Back"
Awesome awesomeness. @LivingDeadGirl They are hot aren't they?
awesome movie. ty uploaders
have u seen his older movies? Dark Harbor,Floating,Sand,and Til The Night are all pretty good!
Then you will like The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day too. 8.9/10
This movie is great, it is a must watch movie, I totally enjoyed it and had a good laugh, a good emotional moment and some OMG moments XD