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The Bourne Legacy 2012

An expansion of the universe from Robert Ludlum's novels, centered on a new hero whose stakes have been triggered by the events of the previous three films...

Release Date:
135 min
Tony Gilroy
John Farrer, Prue Lewarne, Edward Norton, ...
Mystery, Thriller, Action, ...

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Solar rating:7.7 /10


Imdb rating: 6.7 /10

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Bourne movie without bourne :(
Boring movie
LUDLUM really knows how to craft suspense and with excellent filmakers/actors she comes alive - the BOURNE trilogy is by far better but this one is ok MATT is perfect for the role and that makes a lotta positive difference - still worth a watch has some good moments

This movie doesn't even come close to the Bourne trilogy with Matt Damon. If this is the best they can do they should never have made this movie. An insult to Bourne movies.
Great; absolutely nothing to envy the originals.
good work but
THE BOURNE = Matt Damon :)
I think I have just gotten way too used to seeing Matt Damon. This movie was awesome, but I have to say I liked the previous 3 movies a little more. Renner had some big shoes to fill and he did not disappoint. 8/10
dafu was this about?
This wasn't like the other Bourne movies where it gets your heart pumping and adrenaline rushing. I know, i felt it in the last 3, but not this one. This was too much running not enough action, 7.7/10.
@c-beams I agree 100% on this one. I'm not even sure how I missed it, but it is a good one! The motorcycle chase at the end should make most watchers fall out of their seats!
I thought this a really good action flick 8.5/10
I enjoyed this more than the previous 2 Bourne movies.
A stand alone story without a long history and lotsa characters to remember.

Bourne and Cross...that was probably / hopefully the plan.
I like the ones with Bourne better.
This was just, escaping all the time.
Not fascinating.
Just a normal action movie.
Whereas Bourne was, Bourne. One of a kind.
Now, if Bourne and Cross meet, this can be nice.
But I will not be interested in another Cross solo.
They deff kept the quality for no 4, waiting for no 5 i hope...9/10
It's not often a 4th in a series surpasses the previous installments, but this one definitely does. 9.5/10

I took away .5 point because this would have been the PERFECT origin story for Hawkeye, and they blew it by not having Nick Fury show up and recruit him for the Avengers Initiative. :D
I thought the 26 minutes of ending credits was a bit much. Otherwise nice flick
IT Looks nice! I'm definitely watching it!
Loved the movie! 9/10
Superb movie. 9/10
I don't favor Bourne or Cross. For me it's at an even scale of pure coolness.
Matt Damon said he's onboard for another bourne movie or 2 now, and Jeremy Renner claimed we haven't seen the last of Aaron Cross as well. Hoping there's a crossover of the 2 seperate(but equally gripping) franchises after their next couple of films. Pure Thriller Mystery. Pure satisfaction.
i can't believe i waited so long to see this. jermrey renner was a good step in for the bourne installment. great movie.
greate movie, that was awesome!