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@ByteMyAss...watched this 'cause of your comment. this genre normally doesn't suspend my disbelief but this one did. waitin' for right time to watch DEAD MAN. thanks for pointing it out. jim jarmusch always stupefies me. wanna achieve full stupefaction. if ya haven't, check out MYSTERY TRAIN.
The Crow has been and always will be one of my favorite movies of all time. It combines action, cinematography, and drama all in one wonderful package. This is one of those cult classic movies that grew into a main stream after the death of it's leading actor. I don't know if it would have done half as well if Brandon Lee hadn't prematurly died making it. (kinda like his previous flops) But the Crow is worth watching. This is one of the first movies that was originally a comic book. It preceeded Batman, Spiderman, and Xmen, before it was the "thing" to do in hollywood. It stands up there with the top comic book adapted movies. Watch it.
mood: munchy aiya, that tazo chai at starbucks is pretty damn good. it's replaced the caramel macchiatos as my tri-weekly allotment for purchased warm drinks. it doesn't get me as hyped up as coffee and it's a lil gentler on the tummy for those days when that's all i have time for until dinner. new addiction. also, vitamin C, thanks to stephen, gotta make that a regular thing so hopefully i can kick this stupid lingering bit of lung-sickness. i'm not coughing madly anymore but at night i still feel like i have weights squeezing my lungs. stephen warned me that they tasted really bad, but for some reason i decided to start sucking on one of those mega-super-1,000,000% RDA pills. at first it just tasted like a sour hard candy, but then it started to burn...ouch, and i think i vitaC'd some of the taste buds off my tongue before i doused it with super sweet grape juice. haha...real smart. i was going through movie soundtracks to put clips to my TOMATO vs. CELERY slideshow (a monster celery attacks a family of tomatoes), and i realized that i have a lot of movie soundtracks. i used to get them a lot, dating back to when all i had were cassette tapes. good times reminiscing while i was scrolling through the tracks (damn but i only had indy jones on cassette), i think i will need to start buying them again. oh right, so i thought i'd finally start rating movies, this being hosted by a movie review site and all. so, looking at my crow soundtrack made me think of how much i liked the movie. when it first came out i thought it was the most romantic movie ever - he frickin' comes back from the dead just for it was brandon lee. :D when i watched it the first time i cried really hard because it was so sad. (i was 13...that kind of explains a lot). but still probably one of hte best movies made from a graphic novel/comic book ever.
Don't you just hate being bored?
Somehow "simple" but great with very rare atmoshpere.
Whether it was Brandon Lee (RIP) or just the movie itself, from the very first preview this movie had me hooked. I was always a fan of James O'Barr and when word of this came across in a movie magazine I subscribed to at the time, I was excited. The day it hit theatres, I was there. And I came out without an ounce of disappointment. From beginning to end the movie had me in its grip. Lee's portrayal of Eric Draven was just phenomenal and proved he wasn't just another martial artist on the silver screen...he could actually act. Unfortunately, his career never got the chance.The rest of the cast was so wonderfully put together. Michael Wincott just made you want to hate him as "Top Dollar," while Ernie Hudson was amusing and sympathy creating in a sidekick kind of way...not to mention Jon Polito as Gideon.If I had to say what defines the term "dark movie" this would be my definition. It's morbidly depressing, yet it's tale of vengeance is rewarding in an entertaining fashion. Too bad they got greedy and ruined the image with those pathetic sequels.
Watched The Crow for the first time ever last night. I had heard things about this movie for just about all of my life, but just never felt like picking it up. I had heard about how dark the art and story is, and about how Brandon Lee died during filming, but I knew absolutely nothing about the story, and did not know what to expect when the movie started playing. I think this is probably the best way to go into a movie, and I was very pleased. The movie's artistic direction, along with Brandon Lee's performance, make The Crow enjoyable for the entire 2 hours, and the action and violence keeps you glued to the screen. My only complaint is with the story, which I understand they had to cut character development scenes and rewrite other scenes to finish after Brandon Lee's untimely death. It is a typical story mostly, of a man who comes back from the dead to avenge his girlfriends death. The story is mainly just there as a reason for him to be going about killing various people. However, it is told well through good dialogue and well-directed scenes, and remains very enjoyable. If you haven't seen this movie, be sure to pick it up sometime.
This movie was awsome. Great action and it also had some emotion. I just wish all those bad sequels didnt ruin this series. This is definetely one of the best comic book to movie adaptation.
The CrowStarring: Brandon Lee as Eric DravenRochelle Davis as SarahErnie Hudson as Sgt. AlbretchDirected by: Alex ProyasWritten by: David J. SchowBased on the graphic novel by: James O' BarrThe Crow is one of the best comic book adaptations ever. Eric Draven is brutally and his fiancee are brutally murdered on October 30th. The next year Draven is resurected by a crow to avenge his and his fiancee's deaths. What really stands out is the atmosphere this movie creates. The movie oozes with such style and moodiness. However, for all the style, the movie is a bit by-the-numbers at points. Still, the film never disappoints by creating strong characters and good development for those characters. Sadly, this was Brandon Lee's first big film and his last. He died while filming this movie. A stunt went the wrong way. A gun that contained blanks went off and killed Lee. He really looked lie he could have carried either action films or dramas. That's another thing this movie does so well. It's a gothic/action/revenge/crime/drama film. On all those fronts, it delivers. Jon Polito is great as Gideon, the pawn shop owner. Sarah: People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right. "It is a stunning work of visual style - the best version of a comic book universe I've seen - and Brandon Lee clearly demonstrates in it that he might have become an action star, had he lived."-- Roger Ebert, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES
(TV)(First Viewing, 2 Proyas films seen) A man brutally murdered comes back to life as an undead avenger of his and his finacee's murder. It is essentially another version of Kill Bill or The Toxic Avenger, but it holds its own because of its tremendous style. Proyas has proven to be nothing less than visually riveting - The Crow and Dark City are remarkable films to look it, while the latter is more thought-provoking. I haven't seen Garage Days yet, but I haven't heard anything good. And I expect nothing from I, Robot.
The Bourne IdentityProyas' style is very different, but it really works here. Probably not for everyone, but I love it. Would've preferred more of a traditional score, but the music works in this anyway.Film:9Video:7Audio:8Extras:7Overall:8
Still one of my favorite comic book movies of all time. Brandon Lee is's such a shame he died - and so young. He really had talent.Beautifully shot, great acting and story as well as a very touching romance. Very underrated and underseen movie.
Great movie. Brandon Lee is awesome, it totally sucks what happened to him ,he would have made a great Neo, as Meg pointed out to me. Great story, good characters, great action, just all around a great movie. 9 on 10.
EDITED TO ADD: I wonder what it would have been like if they had shown more of lee and his girlfriend before the murders. Also wonder what the creator of The Crow thought of the film...
I do have a spot for darker comic book adaptations, I admit that freely. I admire their ambitions for harder and more graphic material along with their brave spirit generally. Though, that does not mean I let them off the hook so easy just because they satisify me. Here, The Crow is a role model for what a darker comic book movie should be. It is gritty, stylish, and well placed moments of relief make this movie one that has been used as inspiration for many other films. The story is that a crow is somewhat like an escort to the realm of the dead. However, should one be sympathetic enough, The Crow will grant someone a second chance to someone so tortured. This actually reminds of a certain Greek fable that I cannot seem to remember at the moment (an informative belives it is the story of Orpheus.) A year after the murder of a couple before their wedding, Eric Draven is granted such an oppurtunity by this crow. He journeys into the true grotesque world into the city he once lived in. Despite being made all the way in 1994, The Crow is one heck of a great visual spectacle. In the city, is often dark and cloud and has this very blackish tone to a lot of things in addition to raining frequently, giving a drenched unclean look on top of the rising smoke from the streets. In adddition, it has my favorite thing - you guessed it, different color lights. Here, they seem to have a bit more of an emotional power. Action and violent scenes in red, sadder scenes are in blue, and quirky ones are in an orangish shade. The lighting is essential in other scenes were there are lots of candles and explosion - great amounts of fire like a blazing inferno make the lights flicker, as do some events where it seems there is a lighthouse making a periodic flash. The lightining in these fires, rain scenes, and moments give great shadows with a camera that frequently observes far back like a horror film. The film looks like the city is a construction of hell itself at times because of the energy behind the art direction. It is such a delightfully mature, diverse, and elaborate one. We get the perspective of the criminal layer to it with the criminal organizations in older parts of town, an eccentricness with punkish rock bands with black makeup and love for recreation drug use and bondage outfits, gothic architecture and an incredibly well developed satanic rituals for upper crime leaders. I especially love the behaviors of the top villians because they are given a lot of thought. They are not so much just added, more than these people assimilate these qualitifes into their personal lifestyle. The Crow impresses because it does a job that I have not seen few (if any) type movies in its category do. Rather than coming out and explaining everything such as feelings, processes, and events, The Crow does more a lot more showing than telling and that is where it gets a lot of its power from. Rather than being an over preachy and a bit too direct, The Crow shows us what people are thinking by flashbacks and small talk that sidesteps the questions and concerning issues. For example, a girl comes home to a rotten mother who is making amends by making her eggs and before she gets rid of them, she tells them how she likes them done finally. Or the time a cop is having a strange conversation and he sees Eric holds a picture of his wife who is not there, but nothing more is really said. There is a type of mystique and unspoken relatioship especially with the crow that is never spoken, but you know more or less what they are communicating. I personally love that crow, wish I had one of my own. What further impresses me is how the film perfectly provides humor without going out of its way to be this really dumb circus in the process like I occasionally feel in the other comic book adaptations. The jokes here are usually a result of someone being a clever smartass and usually, these jokes have a type of offensive shock value that give a great laugh. One scene involving a girl at a bar where her mother works and the bar tender tells her she is typically off work at the moment and the girl has such a firm grasp on her mother she makes the perfect statement. The action scenes are surprisingly well choreographed from time to time considering that that Eric's abilities are not incredibly strange. He seems to possess regeneration and is basically invincible. I also am given the impression that he may have greatly increased strength in addition to having a connection to the crow. Often times the camera will switch to the perspective of the crow and Eric will be right behind him when he sees someone he is after. The film utilizes slow motion towards the ends along with hand to hand combat, sword play, and guns as well. Leading me to my final comment on The Crow, is that is served as an inspiration for many other sources. Right off the bat I see the unmistakable reassemblance behind Underworld for its dark and dreary look with gothic style buildings and people in tight out black outfits. DareDevil is similar with some of the styles of the city and the darker material, along with The Punisher as this vigilante is no hero but truly an avenger from start to finish. Finally, there are similarties between this and The Matrix for the intimidating feel, slow motion effects, and multiple ways of fighting. The Crow perhaps could be linked to all of these movies. The Crow rises where some of the grimmer comic book movies do not quite reach the level of art because The Crow has a sense of not letting the material weigh it down and picks a style that does such and manages to make the compliment material at the same time - something the others still have a bit of progress to make. For not only a great film but one that many movies tribute, The Crow is simply a delightfully evil ride.
I loved this movie, Brandon Lee plays the ideal crow. This movie has so many good things about it. It was very well done, considering that they must of had problems finishing it because the main character died.
A Mighty Wind is quite a good movie. I really didn't know what to expect but in another one is Christopher Guest's 'Mock-u-mentary' I decided to watch it. I'm glad I did. Guest did another wonderful job, the movie has a lot of good laughs. It's not Spinal Tap, but still is well worth the watch. The Crow is great. Action packed, as they would say, good story, the acting was good too. But of course, Brandon Lee stood out, he seemed to be born to play the role, he did a great job. And sadly it was his last role. RIP
The Crow (1994)
The Crow
Life Aquatic was a very funny movie. i expected more from wes anderson but still a good move. fockers had the same gags. the crow is awesome what more can i say, and i haven't even seen it but i know it sucks considering in 2 days it went from one of our biggest theatres to our smallest because nobody is going to see it. sad sad. serves marvel right for making every stupid movie they can think of.