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The Edge 1997

An intellectual billionaire and two lesser men struggle to band together and survive after getting stranded in the Alaskan wilderness with a blood-thirsty Kodiak Bear hunting them down...

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Solar rating:8.2 /10


Imdb rating: 6.9 /10

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Thanks to Bart the Bear for his fine acting. Only one human died making this film. Yum...
This is one of my favs..I love Mr. Hopkins in most everything he does..such a fine actor. A sad movie. It holds up even after all these years..a great watch..
@oldshuntr YES INDEED, sir.. One helluva "Sleeper",

well ,because this--> is such a GREAT film overall!! ;-)
An oldie that has stood the test of time. Hopkins always delivers!
Entertaining survival thriller, solid acting from Hopkins.
a fair 6.5/10. Tks to linkers.
Great film!
This weekend the free public TV channels turned all gooey with teen-nostalgia-type films, like Karate Kid and Happy Gilmore. These two films are essentially the same. Vladimir Propp grimaces quietly in the ether... These films are not necessarily of the same "teen" era, but they have the same sort of feel, and it kinda makes you want to... (I was going to say "pick up your BMX" but I realised grown men make their living from doing that these days, so...) I flicked between the two, mostly preferring Happy Gilmore (because earlier that day I'd shot my lowest score at my local mashie course. Gimme a break!). A film I'd never seen before, The Edge, turned my Friday night sour. Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin "star" in this total throwaway, along with a bear. The bear must've fired his agent after watching himself chasing down Hopkins in a fast-forwarded attempted geronticide that still couldn't generate excitement. I'm not an Alec Baldwin fan. Even without this bias, I would've been hard-pressed to enjoy his portrayal as a good guy gone bad. Or bad guy gone good. It was hard to tell -- Baldwin is from that Woodenface School of Acting that produced emotionally choleric stars such as Harrison Ford. This is why Baldwin's best performance has to be in Team America... All in all, a very lame story, and more crappy research: at one stage, they set off towards a mountain Hopkins has identified as being due north (by rubbing a needle on "silk" (really, his sleeve) and creating a compass), and they're all horrified when, many hours later, they find themselves back where they started, at the dead camp fire. Now, I know this has been known to happen to people who try to cross deserts without landmarks, but when you're aiming at a mountain? How stupid could they possibly be? Did they try it blindfolded? Oh, and the black guy gets it about a third of the way through the flick. I think the bear was the only one who was really committed to the film -- he stomped a log with total authority halfway through.
The Edge: 7/10
The Edge is a survival movie taking place in the cold Alaska mountains when a plane crashes, leaving billionaire Charlie Morse (Anthony Hopkins) along with his two companions, one named Bob, played by Alec Baldwin. Bob and Charlie actually become enemies of eachother when Charlie learns that Bob had actually been in an affair with his beautiful wife, played by Elle MacPhearson. However, the two men must settle their differences for the sole fact that they need eachother to survive. Unfortunately, they will have to overcome the rocky terrain, cold weather, and an angry grizzly bear who plays as the real nemesis of the film. The bear must be the most intelligent one in Alaska as it chases, sneaks, and pretty much goes to any length to kill these men. The entire time I was thinking to myself, "why doesn't it just kill a moose or something?" The chase scenes are pretty ridiculous and the overall plot with the hole bear just got stupid toward the end. The conflict between Hopkins and Baldwin is pretty interesting, as they must trust eachother despite becoming enemies, but that doesn't save The Edge from being a fairly unexciting and repititive film.
Made for TV probably, Baldwin can't sell it. Boring.
(***): Easily the best Anthony Hopkins starring man vs. bear film ever made. Tense and thrilling with phenomenal cinematography and enough bear maulings to please your palate.
My roommate suggested this one-I kinda find it hard to believe, not that the film hasn't serious, or engageing, but something about it didn't sit right with me. It was probably the poor casting. let's face it, Alec Balwin is worthless, and just brought the whole movie down. Anthony Hopkins wasn't at his best, but I contribe this to shoddy writting. Don't get your hope too high, but worth a peek if youre into a "survival" type movie:down:
- Anthony Hopkins is great in general but he's also awesome in this movie. Man vs. man vs. bear. Sweet.
Well shot, but the good thing about this movie is it's two person ansemble! Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins are a dream together and make the movie very entertaining! The scenes with the bear are some of the best in movie history, no joke!!
When I saw that David Mamet wrote this I was kind of in shock. There must of been some serious meddling involved and plus the direction of Tamahori is lacking. It's beyond why this guy gets to keep directing films.
A grade A guilty pleasure. The Edge is probably one of the worst movies I have seen in a long while where in its attempts to be dramatic, it turns out comedic. In this movie, I laughed more than any comedy I have seen this year. So what is so funny? 1) Bears. Every bear fight in this movie is over the top and flat out ridiculous. On top of that, you have Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin battling it out with the "MAN KILLER!". Of course there's a mauling... you can't be without a good mauling. 2) Alec Baldwin's lines. His character can never stop saying "CHARLES!" and repeatedly drops in inappropriate use of the name in all circumstances. This would be a good drinking game for the students at Chico State, take a shot whenever Alec Baldwin says Charles. They would drown themselves in merely 2 minutes, I kid you not. 3) Alec Baldwin's face. One wonders what exactly this man is emoting when you look at his final monolog in the movie. It's a mix between pained, happy, confused, about-to-bust-out-laughing, and total fear. It's one of those things wear words fail and you just have to experience what his face looks like. I was on the floor and my sides were aching and it felt like I had just ran 10 miles. Hilarious. Is the movie bad, oh hell yes. It is enjoyable, yes, but more in the sense of shaudenfraud. The only really good thing about it was Anthony Hopkins. Even in a shoddy movie like this, he is able to maintain a well performed character. Just looking at him you can see what his character is like. A stark contrast to Alec Baldwin. A 3.5 out of 10 for this one. However, if you feel like laughing at a bad script with the most ridiculous plot twist, I highly recommend "The Edge".
This movie is fantastic!!! What an exciting thriller!!! If you enjoy Hopkins you'll love this movie
i'm not gonna lie, it was a little un entertaining at first, then at this one momment, where anthony hopkins says, so how are you gonna kill me. i was pulled strait in at that momment! it got quiet good and got to a mildley good climax and it worked. but something else. anthony hopkins is the hero, and we've seen him a good guy some times, but it really worked this time and i liked him as the good guy, but alic boldwin to me makes not the best villian, just doesn,t work. i say watch the film alot!