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The Gingerdead Man
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The Gingerdead Man 2005

An evil yet adorable Gingerbread man comes to life with the soul of a convicted killer - this real life cookie monster wreaks havoc on the girl who sent the killer to the electric chair...

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love thus movie love the other two also
I don't get it. I leave this afternoon for work and my journal views are around 49, 800. I arrive home 8 hours later, and what do I see? A count of 50,589. That's around 600+ views in that span of time. Who the hell are you people? Is this just one person refreshing my page over and over hoping I'll post something cool (and if so, please-oh-please be a hot chick)? Or are there actually 600 people reading this crap? Seriously....who the hell is reading this thing? I'm not that interesting by a mile. Side Note: No, Teresa dear. You don't count.
The one thing I drew from viewing this film, is learning that director Charles Band has done a lot of films for Full Moon Entertainment. When I was younger, this production company meant something to me. Sure it produced low budget schlock, but it was entertaining schlock! That can't be said these days. Lately it seems more embarrassing to rent or buy a movie from this company. And Gingerdead Man is a prime example that this once decent studio has settled on producing any cornball idea that is thrown at them. Gary Busey plays a man named Millard. Millard has been recently sent to the electric chair for the murder of a father and son who own a small town bakery. The only survivor of the massacre is Sarah (Robin Sydney), who is the daughter of the slain bakery owner. A shipment arrives, that unbeknown to the bakery contains the ashes of Millard. And after one of the bakers cuts himself and bleeds into the mix, Millard comes back to life as a gingerbread man. I know I should have know from the DVD cover that this was going to be bad. But I thought it was going to be Jack Frost kind of bad... I mean the horror film and not the Michael Keaton one. I like bad movies every once in awhile, but they have to be entertaining. And this film isn't. It is filled with your paper thin characters that couldn't figure their way out of a revolving door. And the humor is just as dead as everything else. I'm not sure why I watched this, but at least it was only an hour long. I couldn't see myself spending anymore time with this.
So, a whispering, spaced-out criminal with huge teeth (and bearing a striking resemblance to Gary Busey) goes on a murderous rampage, for which he is executed by the state. He is cremated and his ashes are secretly sprinkled into a monstrous tub of gingerbread seasoning. The gingerbread seasoning is left by a mysterious stranger dressed in a black cloak at the delivery door of a local bakery, where it is discovered by Sarah, a bakery employee. Sarah is the only girl who survived the criminal's murderous rampage, and now she is working in her local bakery ("Belly's Bakery", if you must know), attempting to assuage her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by cathartically baking an assortment of flaky pastries. Sarah has this real ass-clown of a co-worker who cuts his arm with something, and he subsequently bleeds into the open tub of gingerbread seasoning. Sarah sees the whole thing, but decides to use the contaminated gingerbread dough anyhow, since this is a local bakery, and federal sanitation laws aren't readily enforced. Sarah forms the bread dough into a 2-foot gingerbread man (it says "12 inches" on the front of the DVD box, but fuck that, he was 2 feet tall, easy) and bakes his ass up. When he emerges from the oven he's totally evil, wants to kill people, and is voiced by Gary Busey. It goes without saying that if you want to hire a B- or C-List actor to voice your evil, man-shaped cookie, Gary Busey is automatically your first thought. I mean, somebody give the casting director 20 minutes of head; talk about a job well done. In case anybody out there isn't aware, The Gingerdead Man is one of those P.O.S. films that Full Moon Pictures puts out on a regular basis. Oh, okay, so some of you really dig "Killer Dolls Vs. Demonic Muppets" or whatever the fuck movie director Charles Band decides to shoot and release, and that's cool, there's an audience for that shit. Hey, even I watched Doll Graveyard when it came out on DVD a couple of weeks ago. In any case, The Gingerdead Man is working with the budget of your average American Legion Christmas Dinner, Busey's salary notwithstanding, so the actual gingerdead man himself is conveyed through the use of a very stationary and very humorous cookie-shaped puppet. Usually the gingerdead man appears, say, on the opposite side of a kitchen island, so the Production Assistant working the puppet has somewhere to hide. Some innocent civilian will approach the gingerdead man, understandably curious. The gingerdead man will lure the innocent closer by speaking a nearly inintelligible sequence of Busey-voiced one-liners. Eventually, the victim will lean in close and there will be this slicing sound effect and maybe 2 or 3 frames of a razor, and then the person struggles around the floor, spouting blood all over the place. During the entire sequence, the puppet doesn't move from it's sanctuary behind the kitchen island. No special effects required. Just a puppet, a P.A. with catcher's knees, a foley artist with a slicing sound effect in his library, and Gary Busey, preferably alive. Sarah is (arguably) the heroine of The Gingerdead Man, and she doesn't act as much as she does just stare off into space. If they're going to hire a bad actress, can't they at least hire a hot bad actress? I know they're all over the place in L.A. I've watched Entourage. I can't recommend this movie to many people, because it really is a movie entirely lacking artistic merit, but I would be lying if I told you it didn't make me smile. I mean, come on, Busey voicing a huge, bad-ass Christmas cookie? Those of you who know what you're in for, well, I'm sure you'll be pleased.
Gingerdead ManStarring: Gary Busy, Robin Sidney, and Ryan LockeDirector: Charles BandSarah (Sidney) and her friends must fight off an enchanted gingerbread man that is being animated by the spirit of a mad killer (Busy) who murdered Sarah's father and brother.It's a given that one shouldn't expect high art (or haute cuisine) from a film titled "Gingerdead Man", but I expected better from the studio that brought us other films featuring pint-sized horrors, namely the excptionally creepy creations in "Puppetmaster."What we got here was a very dumb, badly acted, and simply badly conceived movie with a monster that was both unfunny and unscary, and a horror film that was pretty much completely devoid of scares. (The one chilling moment came toward the very end, following shortly after the one truly funny--if completely predictable--moment.)This Full Moon effort was a dissapointment; not as big a dissapointment as "Witchouse" (review here ), but still nowhere near the studio's output from its early days.
Mission: Impossible III Story Development/Believability: 8 Sound Design/Musical Score: 8 Cinematography/Editing: 8 Actor Performance/Connection to Audience: 9 Directing/Achievement of Goal: 8 Entertainment: 9The Gingerdead Man Story Development/Believability: 1 Sound Design/Musical Score: 2 Cinematography/Editing: 2 Actor Performance/Connection to Audience: 4 Directing/Achievement of Goal: 6 Entertainment: 6
First of all let me say that Gingerdead Man is a horrible movie. Everyone involved in Gingerdead Man should hang their head in shame SHAME! because there is not a single element of Gingerdead Man that doesn't suck hard. Seriously they just tilted the camera slightly, put a light on one side of the non-actors face, and let them say their crappy dialogue. However, you should see it, because I doubt there will ever be a movie this fun to watch with your friends. And be sure to watch the Behind the Scenes feature on the DVD which shows that the people making it are as stupid as you would expect them to be. Except Gary Busey. He's just crazy. Featuring Gary Busey in his most humiliating role yet!
I'm surprised at the filmmakers not taking such a potential idea, an EVIL gingerbread man voiced by Gary Busey, to heights of delightfully EVIL proportions! HOW DID THEY SCREW IT UP!!! I don't understand! It's FOOL proof!Now, when looking at this movie, one might say, " Oh, they purposely made it bad, it's a parody comedy." You're wrong in saying that. Nothing is sadder than seeing the director in the "Making Of" think that what he did had a creepy element. He treats his idea like it's actually GOOD! NO NO NO NO!!! The worst part is... this guy had the crew and equipment desired by most amatuers today, and he uses it like child trying to use can opener. I just hope this child cuts too deep and gets tetanis and can't move in making his next crappy film.Terrible. Absolutely terrible. Though the cheese and corny lines were somewhat tolerable and made you laugh because it was so bad. The best line is when the kid bites off the head the GingerDEAD Man, wipes his mouth off and then asks casually, "Got milk?" You remember the curb stomping scene from American History X? I think Edward Norton possessed my soul for a moment when I heard that. UGH!!!1.0 This is truely crap... I wanted more Gary Busey and I want more senseless gore (which would have easily risen this to a 3).This could be Saw 4. Have Jigsaw possess one of his puppets and have more stupid background story that doesn't need to be there. It's perfect! It'll gross an easy 30 million on it's first weekend!!!
I don't care that The Killing Fields won best picture. It has serious problems. It began the main relationship between the two male protagonists with more intimacy than the movie was prepared for, and thus came across as terribly melodramatic in places-- not to mention the fact that the movie turned into a giant bore because we didn't have enough emotional investment in the characters yet. Aside from those things, the movie is choppy, slow, and the asian guy is a horrible actor. It was, visually at least, precise and engaging, and it does pick up a little bit in the second half (after Sydney leaves Cambodia) which is the only reason it makes it up to a 5. The Gingerdead man needs no review, because it's hardly even a movie. Children of the Corn is cheesy, poorly acted, and basically altogether ridiculous (not to mention unscary), but some parts of the movie are convincing. Not bad for its time and genre, but certainly not good either.
2/10 I wasn't really sure what to categorize this as. On one hand, it's technically supposed to be a horror movie, but on the other, it's hilarious. So, I filed the little guy under Comedy and Horror. Works for me, and it can work for you too I suppose. Another problem I had was, how do I go about rating this? Do I critique it from a serious, technical standpoint? Or do I rate it solely based on how ridiculously fun it was to watch? For the sake of not skewing the Tomatometer results, I'll give the movie what it deserves, technically. But bare in mind, for sheer comedic value the movie deserves more than that. Okay, onto the review. Your basic premise is this. Millard Findlemeyer (Gary Busey) is a serial killer. After sparing the life of Sarah Leigh (Robin Sydney) in a store robbery, she gives the police details needed to arrest him. Findlemeyer is given the death sentence, but (without spoiling too many plot details) returns in the form of the evil Gingerdead Man to seek his revenge. Eat your heart out, Citizen Kane. The plot is, to be completely blunt, pretty freakin' dire. It's illogical, it's silly, it's something that anybody over the age of five could not watch with a sense of suspended belief, and yet, that's what makes it so darn hilarious. It's so silly, and so terrible, that there's a certain sense of charm to it. The acting is, of course, not good. In fact, it's far from good. Alexia Aleman, playing Lorna, managed to annoy me some seventeen times more than the police officer that fiddles with his gun in Plan 9 From Outer Space. And when your acting skills are compared to an associate of Ed Wood's not named Bela Lugosi, it's probably time you switch career choices. Robin Sydney and, obviously, the veteran Gary Busey, are the two saving graces on the acting front. And since Busey only actually appears in the movie for about three minutes (although he voices the Gingerdead Man for the later half), the bulk of it is on Sydney. Her performance is by no means great, but it was at the very least believable. The Gingerdead Man himself is just riddled with horror movie antagonist clich
A slasher film where Gary Busey plays a murderous ginger bread man. What more do you need to know? It's awsome
Full Moon Full Busey Full B This week we decided to give you our thoughts on The Gingerdead Man staring Gary Busey. This is the prototypical B movie ladies and gentlemen. It had it all! Awful acting, special effects that could have been topped by a third grade art class, ridiculous dialouge, and for an added bonus: rednecks! Note an added star was added due to an accidental appearence by a stagehand hiding behind a ladder. Good work Full Moon! Just when we thought you disappeared off the face of the earth, you totally redeem yourself gaining a star below the one and only DEATH RING. So, once again, we definately recomend The Gingerdead Man if you're in the mood for a good old-fashioned B-horror. A hands down recipient of the Sid the Elf seal of approval.
You would think a movie with this stupid of an idea, and the wisdom to cast Gary Busey as the titular character, would at least lead to some sort of so-bad-it's-awesome schlockfest, but instead it can barely muster enough pulse to find its way to its own ending. When the violence shows up, it's off-puttingly gross and juvenile, but even that is a welcome turn of events from the plodding, soap-opera-style conversations that pad out the rest of the movie. "Bad acting" doesn't even begin to cover what you see here, but instead of being fun or campy, it just looks like a bunch of bored college kids showing up to the set because the studio posted an ad on Craigslist. Charles Band makes a living out of these cheap video un-classics, and he has his fans, but watching this movie tells me that nothing is on his mind whatsoever except tricking a few people into renting his movie so he can get a check. I almost want to give it one point for the initial concept being so fucking absurd, but the way they carry it out is so nonsensical and joyless that it pretty much cancels it out. It's fun to see Busey act like a B-movie wackyqueen in the first scene, but that's the only one they could pay him for before he gets delegated to the cheaper task of voicing a fucking cookie puppet (end even then, I have my doubts that he was reading the whole time). Movies like this are what makes it incredibly hard to make a hobby out of direct-to-video horror.
Words cannot describe how stupid this movie is...its a stupid ideaits a stupid actor for the jobits filled with the most terrible punsthe worst acting i've ever seen.hell, even shark attack 3 has better acting than this!This is quite simply, THE worst movie I've ever seen.
I'll agree with everyone that words cannot describe how stupid this movie is. I'll disagree that I wasted my time watching it. I mean, c'mon, you can't REALLY expect a good movie titled Gingerdead Man starring Gary Busey. Seriously now.
While campy and poorly executed, this movie is fantastic if looking for a funny, cheaply made horror movie. this is definitely not to be considered a well done movie by any means, but for a good laugh I give it a solid B.
This movie is an okay horror, it had a little scariness in it. I guess this movie is pretty good.
This one was fun to watch, and one that deserved a sequel.
Just one of the many terribly good movies out there.
As a cinematic film it is so bad its untrue but as a so bad is good film its allright. you actually find yourself nearly laughing at the awful continuity and poor directing the acting is over the top and stupid and dialogue is poor. Its so cliched that it actually gets boring at a point. The CGI for the gingerbread man was terrible which is made even worse by the directing. Overall as a film it is a 1/10 but as a so bad its good movie ill give it a 5/10