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The Goonies 1985

In order to save their home from foreclosure, a group of misfits set out to find a pirate's ancient treasure...

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Imdb rating: 7.8 /10

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Great movie ! I heard of this movie all my life and I finally got the time to sit down and watch it and it sure is a classic ! Pure 80's movie with all the comedy of that era. 8/10
R.I.P - mary ellen trainor
Looks like there might be a sequel being made

"It's been teased at before, but now the director of the 1985 film "The Goonies" is saying he will make a sequel to the venerable comedy/adventure and he wants to bring back the entire cast."

source : tmz and knoxville . com
This movie has marked my childhood
I watched this movie in my childhood years...and here I am still watching it can't get enough of the goonies this is a excellent film old is gold.
Ahh the Goonies. How could I not write about the Goonies. Only ranking behind Back to the Future 2 and Ghostbusters in number of total lifetime viewings. Man I love this movie. At this point, I know I would go to see a sequal but Im not sure how good it could be. In any case, how can you not love a movie that features a bunch of misfits going on a treasure hunt and a giant pirate ship in a secret cave with a killer waterslide. And no matter how much Corey Feldman fucks up, he will always be cool just for making this movie.
The Goonies is one of my favorite movies ever. If you don't like it, I'm sorry, I don't know what your problem is. Try pulling that stick out of your... oh, nevermind. Anyways, back to the movie... All of the characters are familiar and loveable, and no matter how many times you see it, you will find yourself laughing hysterically as Chunk (Jeff Cohen) does The Truffle Shuffle (it deserves to be capitalized by now). Mikey, Data, Chunk, Sloth, Andie... Do yourself a favor and go buy The Goonies on DVD... You cannot have a childhood without this movie. You just can't. And I cannot do justice to this movie with words.
BEST DRESSED NOMINEES:Charlize TheronSophia CoppolaDiane LaineNaomi WattsWINNER: Sophia Coppola WORST DRESSED NOMINEES:Uma ThurmanUma ThurmanUma ThurmanUma ThurmanWINNER: Uma Thurman CELEBRITIES WHO COULD HAVE CHOSEN A BETTER DRESS:Scarlett JohanssonNicole KidmanWINNER: Nicole Kidman BEST MAKEUP: Scarlett Johansson WORST MAKEUP: Charlize Theron MOST FAKELY TANNED WOMAN THERE: Charlize Theron. (I'm sorry, it had to be said.)
Been a while since I felt like writing anything. I've been a bit down of late, with the job search going so poorly, money being so scarce. and work being so annoying. Today when there I had a long chat with a coworker where I basically spilled all my concerns when she asked how things were going. I felt like such a whiner, but I had to get things out. I don't know where I'm living next year, firstly. I applied for a job as a residence hall director at the University, which would give me a free apartment, free food, and 24-26,000 dollars. I'm not overly qualified, but it's worth a shot. Plus I'd also have free high speed internet. But, if that doesn't work, I'm in a pickle. I would then need to start searching for a new apartment. My goal for two freakin' years has been to get my very own place when this time comes, but now I'm being questioned from every angle. My roomate who I'm good friends with is graduating this spring, but has a possible job lined up nearby. So he might be sticking around, and seems certain that I'll be living with him if he does. I'm not sure if, or how, I can say no to that. To make things worse, my other roomate who's more of an acquaintance than friend's girlfriend was asking me today if I would live with him instead of getting my own place. So now I might have someone else to face. As for my third roomate, he's an asshole and I don't like him much, especially since he pretty much ended my relationship with my former best friend. He can go fuck himself. Wow, I ranted just then. This has been a long weekend. Friday night, I expected to see Goonies on the big screen, so I spent most of my night (after viewing Starsky & Hutch, which rocked) waiting for a friend's call. When she finally got ahold of me she informed me we weren't going till Saturday night, so instead we rented movies. She wanted to see Thirteen, so we got it. It was OK, but nothing special, and the camerawork made me nauseous. Luckily the first disc we got was scratched, so we took it back, got another copy plus a free one, which was American Splendor, a movie I watched Saturday morning and loved. That's right, I said morning. For some reason unbeknownst to me, despite being up till three AM on friday finalizing the Axis list, I woke up at 8 AM and couldn't get back to sleep. I had to be at work at noon anyway, but I was worn out when I got there. That led to saturday night, which was more waiting for others to call. They didn't, though, so I just sat around till it was Goonies time. That rocked. Plain and simple. One of the most fun in theater experiences of my life, helped by the fact my recent crush showed up and sat next to me. God, I'm such a dreamer. I need to fix that. Today I woke up around 11, which gave me time to watch most of After Dark, My Sweet before work. I dozed a little, so I need to see it again for a rating. But I loved what I saw. Then I worked a long shift, came home pissy cuz I'd been thinking about all my problems, and then had my mom call up and shove them all in my face, just in case I didn't notice them. On the bright side, I found out my little sister got a job in Virginia working for the FBI, which is really really cool. Finally, it was relaxing time, which I did with two solid acquisitions from the Wal-Mart bargain bin. First up was Mute Witness, which I expected a lot from due to all the praise I'd heard for it. It wasn't spectacular, but was damn entertaining, though I hated the musical score. I followed it up with Peggy Sue Got Married, which was a great treat, if only to see Nic Cage, Jim Carrey, and even Sofia Coppola making fools out of themselves and thinking of how much they've changed for the better. Well, at least how much Nic and Sofia have changed. Sorry Jim. ;) And I feel good now. Sorry to pour all my thoughts out on this, and god bless anyone out there who actually reads this. It's good to think that someone listens to what I say, so I thank you all. EDIT: I've come to realize that my longest entries in which I let out the most have come on Sunday's following midnight shows. Weird.
Welcome to the 10 Spot. All 5 of the films I rated today are excellent in one form or another. Fight Club: For its ingenious plot twist, film splices, concept and acting by Norton and Pitt. The explanation of airplane emergency procedures brought about good points about what our society has come to. Blue Crush: This movie really brought surfing into the main stream. Female surfing specifically. Although it in no way tops the ultimate surfing movie Endless Summer, this film glorifies surfing in its own way with a plot that isn't too far fetched or too lame. Spider-Man: This film fucking ruled, there is no way around that. I went to two back to back shows, something I've never done before even with Star Wars. Everything about this movie was cool. Spy Game: Robert Redford kicks ass in this movie as a clever CIA agent working to save Pitt from certain doom 5000 miles away. The best part is he does it all without leaving the office. Suspenseful and well shot. The Goonies: This film needs no review or explanation. It was like the flying butress of the 80's! I'm about 20 pages in to my script so far for the movie of summer 2004. I will release the title tonight or tomorrow. I'm going for an hour run time and an occult horror/action genre. This side project uses two characters from my BIG movie and serves as a way for me to practice my characterization and experiment with my filming techniques. More soon.
What kid doesn't love The Goonies. This is a classic childrens adventure movie filled with comedy, and action, and is one of my favorite movies from when I was younger. Now that I have grown up, I watched it again, and although it wasn't as magical as the first time I remember watching it, it was still a good, funny, adventure, though not at all logical. It's funny now to see where all these actors went after this movie, and the only ones that actually "made it big" were Sean Astin and Joe Pantoliano.
Comments pending.
The Goonies is one of the best 80's Adventure/Comedies of all time. One of my top three favorite movies of all time. Anyone who disagrees is a mega-tard. Oh and this afternoon in school this girl Amber, who sits in front of me in homeroom, ran her fingers through her hair and one strand came out and landed on my desk. I saved it and put it in my pencil box. Later at recess I took the hair out and played a game of tetherball with it. We were having a great time until Amber came over and saw us. She started laughing and pointing at me. Oh my god I could have just DIED :eek: I was so embarassed I played sick, just so I could go home early. I'm so glad it's the weekend. I think tomorrow I'll give Hairietta (that's what I named the hair) a perm.
Really loved this movie when it first came out. Yeah it's kid stuff, but at the time us preteens loved it. The Goonies are certainly good enough for me. Look for Sean Astin (Sam the Hobbit) as Mikey, Data the Chinese guy from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Chunk the fat kid who never worked again, Malph aka Corey Feldman, and the hot chick from Lucas. At the time Cindi Lauper was huge and so was wrestiling - what a friggin decade.
THE GOONIES (1985)finally got the boyfriend to watch this. damn, i love it. it rocked when i was a kid and it still holds up today. sure it's cheesy, but it's the good kind of cheese. it's just plain fun."goonies never say die!"
One of the better family films ever. Just a fun movie with memorable characters. Typical and ordinary kids, being mischevious and being put in an extraordinary situation. I haven't met too many people in my generation that don't like The Goonies. There aren't really any stand out performances here, just plain old fun.
Another film that got shoved on us. Just because a film has the name Steven Speilberg on it, does not make it a good film. Bad acting abounds here. Maybe I was to old when this film came out to really get into it but I was board to death with this.
Best in Show: Sean AstinOne for the future: Sean AstinStand-out scene: Pirate shipBrainer or no-brainer: BrainerStands up to one viewing or repeated?: RepeatedDVD commentary any good?: Fascinating - the 'hidden treasures' are footage of the cast in the commentary studioTwenty years on from my first viewing of the adventures of the juvenile residents of the Goondocks I revisited the film to find it as good as I remembered. As a purchaser of the soundtrack and a reader of the adventure book (to turn left go to page blah, to turn right go to page blah) I was a bit Goonmad myself, and in the days when cinema admissions were 50p a pop I saw this two or three times upon its release. As is common with a lot of childhood movies, there were vast tracts of this i'd completely forgotten (i.e. anything before the adventure proper began) so it almost like visiting it anew. Also with the DVD I got to see the fabled deleted scene with the octopus...i'm now looking forward to immersing myself in the commentary 'with hidden treasures'. When developers plan to build a country club which will obliterate the Goondocks community, a disparate group of kids find a treasure map which they hope will lead them to enough riches to halt the development. Cue mini Indiana Jones type adventures which culminate in the discovery of a pirate ship. The filmmakers prevented the young cast from seeing said ship before they saw it for real during the shoot in order to capture their wide-eyed reactions. When they put their plan into action and expletives were uttered they had to reshoot the scene. A treat from start to finish.
again, another flashback to my early teens, but i LOVED this movie and still do. its like a teenager's version of Indiana Jones. besides how can you not love sean astin and josh brolin??