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The Grey 2011

After their plane crashes in Alaska, six oil workers are led by a skilled huntsman to survival, but a pack of merciless wolves haunts their every step...

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Solar rating:7.3 /10


Imdb rating: 6.8 /10

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This is one of those movies that goes against all the rules of film making, which is why I liked it I guess. Raw and Bleak, this movie is survival of the fittest on steroids. Just so you know, there is no moral in this story, so don't go looking for one.

"Once more into the fray..Into the last good fight I will ever know...Live and Die on this day. LIVE AND DIE ON THIS DAY."
I thought this to be a very good film even though like @spotflare said wolves do not act like this said it was still an interesting film until the end that I hated
WOW guess I'm on the other side of this. I was not a fan, I found it long and drawn out.....perhaps removing the flashbacks to his wife or minimizing those might have made it better.
Nice Movie take a snow ride
still one of my favs .. a must see for Liam fans .. also check out "The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins .. :)

Stay warm everyone..
Not bad for a one time watch.
Great entertainment, Liam Neeson carry this movie (he always does)even though his job in this film (a wolf killer) is probably very politically incorrect and disturbing, however the survival story work well, the end is disappointing and frustrating at best. 6.5/10
Although this is a movie showing survival in the wilderness while being preyed on by wolves, it's not really about wolves or being stranded in the wilderness. The director did a brilliant job portraying different aspects about facing death, from mourning to fear, and that really was the point of the movie. So don't over-analyze about whether this or that part could happen in reality, and you'll be wowed by a few scenes that, imo, were simply beautiful. (There's a scene after the credits, so don't miss it.)
A movie about survival of the fittest, and a understanding of how wolfs work as a group to survival, hunt and protect.
Bluntly based on the first part of Jack London's White Fang.
you have to ignore the fact that wolves do not behave toward humans in this manner unless they're rabid. neither do they collect in packs this big. their survival depends on operating in small packs. if you want to see a BELIEVABLE wilderness survival story, watch THE EDGE with anthony hopkins & alec baldwin. bears DO act this way.
Great video! I love Liam Neeson, so he made it for me. It really gets kind of sad at times, but overall a good film. It did load really really slow for me the first time though. The second time around it seemed faster though so I'm not sure if that was the upload speed of the stream or my bandwidth.
Like the movie, Hate the ending. It sucked.
lol that is the full ending, that's why I wouldn't reccomend anyone watch this film. Seriously all that happens after the ending shown on here are the credits. No dodgy links missing the end, just a terrible terrible ending to an otherwise decent film.
great movie need 2 c full ending like evrybdy.thanks in the futrue
please add a link with the ful movie. Including the full ENDING
Says the movie is 1hr and 45 mins long in reviews and the beginning kinda just comes in real fast so im wondering if you cut out the first part of that and also the ending seems sort of short and cuts out in Liam's face.
ok yall i just read on another site, that there isn't really much more to the endind of this movie. all that is missing is him and the wolf getting closer then credits. then someone ealse added that after the cridits there is a small part that does put an ending to the movie, not just leave us all hanging.
hope this helps yall some
doesn't have the verry end eather
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