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The Man Who Knew Too Little 1997

Wallace Ritchie is mistaken for a spy and must stop a plot to assassinate international leaders at a banquet...

Release Date:
94 min
Jon Amiel
J.E. Freeman, Anna Chancellor, Donald Pickering, ...
Thriller, Comedy, Crime, ...
USA, Germany

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Solar rating:8.6 /10


Imdb rating: 6.6 /10

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Suuuch a good movie. I remember watching this as a kid. About to return to the past with this gem.
I've never seen an episode of Kids in The Hall, so this was my first encounter with their style of humour. I'm not impressed. The story's actually pretty clever, and it should be applauded that the makers decided to write a semi-coherent one instead of just making a movie filled with sketches. The comedy itself is the biggest flaw. I admit I chuckled at times, but more than often the humour was infantile and unfunny or plain predictable. Cancer Boy is also one of the sickest creations I've seen in years. I don't care about being politically correct but I just don't see anything funny about a kid dying of cancer. Go watch South Park: The Movie or some Monty Python flick instead.5.1/10
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Not only is Peter Gallagher HOT (for an older man) but Bill Murray is extremely funny. The movie is about Wallace Ritchie (Bill Murray) who surprises his brother James (Peter Gallagher) by visiting him in England. When James has a important business dinner, he gets rid of Wallace by giving him a ticket to the Theatre of Life, an audience-participation show where many mistakes and confussion happen. This movie is full of jokes, cool camera shots and great acting.
Bill Murray is the movie. He stars in this planned comedy and it starts out and ends as expected. Its good for a luagh or just to fall asleep to. Unless your a Bill Murray fanatic I wouldn't recommend buying it. I lucked out however and got this one for christmas along with the Bone Collector. Which I will post a review of it soon. That is when I finally watch it all with out drifting off into a deep slumber. lol. I'm also enjoying my new 14" LCD moniter with another stick of 512 ddr ram. OH my computer is the shiz nit now, lol.
Here's my first entry. I saw "Anchorman" last night, and it was damn funny. The only thing I didn't like about it was everything except for Will Ferrel (and actually Steve Carrell was good too, but a little beside the point). Then I started to think about other movies that were total garbage, except that they contained one incredibly funny actor who couldn't help but make the movie rad. I came up with... "Meatballs"... "Quick Change"... "The Man Who Knew Too Little"... hmmm.... Now that Bill Murray is Art Movie Bill Murray, I vote for Will Ferrel to take over being Regular Bill Murray. Here's a little meditation to end on: The idea that one day Bill Murray will be dead is at least as difficult to accept as the idea that one day I will be.
Here's another film rating.
The Man Who Knew Too Little is quite funny at times, and is a very interesting comedy. The only bad thing concerning the Man Who Knew Too Little is not very well put together and focuses more on making the audience laugh with Bill Murray's great performance than putting together great editting.
guilty pleasure time! i know not everyone liked this film but i just think everything bill murrays in is funny. the story was cool and one that i think could be remade and be even funnier. really funny at times i loved this movie though i know it wont be everybodys taste.
I do not recommend The Man Who Knew Too Little for anyone, and that includes Bill Murray fans. The story is just not original and comes off as boring right out of the gate.
Bill Murray is now something of a God in independent film. This film was made, unfortunately, before the transubstantiation of his career when his grab bag of tricks was still limited to a smirk, a receding hairline and whatever credibility he had left over from Ghostbusters.
This is probably a terrible movie but I can't tell cuz Bill makes me laugh fro the start. If your looking for artistry, look elsewhere. If you want to laugh and not care why this movie will do the trick.